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This holistic page is full of suggestions to help you feel better without invasive measures or drugs.


Disclaimer: All information on this page has been gathered from articles..books..personal experience or testimonials of others. I am not personally recommending use of any of the ideas presented here...It is for your information only. Information contained here may be subject to debate. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Kesti16 assumes no responsibility for how information presented is used by the public.

Laughter... as it is after all


An apple a day keeps the Doctor away!

Foot...Hand and Ear reflexology have helped me through

many minor ills.

The paperbacks on these subjects are inexpensive...easy to understand

and fun to experiment with.

Depending on the ailment...Vitamin C therapy is something you might want to check out.

Try smiling at yourself in the mirror...(40 smiles) and see if you don't feel better. It is because your body thinks you are happy...and gets in sync.

Meditation and quiet times...a drive in the country are all good relaxation moves to give your body a chance to "take a break"...I hug trees and feel their energy flow into my body.

I suppose you are thinking...OK..That is IT!! She is a nut case....WRONG!!!

Never make a judgement about simple techniques that can't possibly hurt you without trying them.

Remember...Your brain is powerful...it is like a giant computer....You can work with it or it can crash.

Negative thoughts make it crash.

Smiles are like a "rebuild the desktop"

Laughter is like a "clean install".

I have a library full of herbal books but the only one you really need is "Back To Eden"...by Jethro Kloss.

Get the one he approved...not the one put out by his family after his death...they took too much out.

He has a formula mixing Golden Seal..Myrrh and Cayenne with rubbing alcohol... that I find cures and heals so many things.

click below to see his formula.

Kloss's formula Plus

Green Magic

I have concocted one of my own that is a terrific

pain killer...External use only.

1 cup fresh comfrey leaves

1/2 cup pepperment leaves (fresh)

1 cup Plantain leaves...(that round leaf herb that

kills your grass as it suffocates it) Has tall straight seed pod.

Mix above with 1 quart of rubbing alcohol in gallon sterile jar...

I usually make a gallon at a time by multiplying all of the above by 4.

Let is set for a week or so...strain into sterile jars or put it back in the empty alcohol pint bottles.

Keeps at room temperature.

Put in sprayer and spray on anything that hurts.

Pain is gone in seconds... spray arm..leg or body in circle at painful point...so the spray surrounds the painful area. Example...if pain were near your navel..spray around your entire waist. Get it?

It makes a cramped muscle release before the spray evaporates.

Those two are the main herbal remedies that I use. I make a tincture from a brandy of Kloss's formula (instead of rubbing alcohol) for internal use..It doesn't take but a few drops in water to work. For instance ...it stops toothache pain in a minute.

I use Aloe vera for any mouth sores tho Kloss's formula works for that too.

Aloe on the scalp at night promotes hair growth.

I have about sixty concoctions but use these the most..

"If it works ...don't fix it" <---My favorite Motto.

Chicken soup has been proven to help you get over the flu more rapidly.

I have read that drinking beet juice kills cancer cells.

I love beets...see my page on "Cooking with Jars!


Red Clover tea is said to cure a lot of things.

Basil used in cooking keeps the intestines healthy.

A small bamboo stick laid over the eyes before you go to sleep...for five minutes is said to help your eyesight.

An old Indian cure for bad eyes is rubbing your hands together to create friction and placing them over your open eyes quickly and holding them for a minute. Repeat several times..

Tapping your breast bone three times once a day stimulates the thymus gland...for good health.

Your thumb tips...big toes..and ear lobe represent your head...massage for headaches.

Many allergies that cause migraines etc; are caused by the fragrances you surround yourself with...also the many cleaning chemicals in your home. I have no smells in my home except the smell of CLEAN!!

Soda for cleanser

Unscented bar and liquid soaps

herbal shampoo..(natural rosemary scent)...not allergic

Unscented liqued Laundry detergent..(Allens)

Unscented Ban deoderant.

Nothing in a spray can.

Use only natural products in yard for pest control.

Plant Marigolds around your garden.

I will be putting my famous Marigold burn salve

formula on a page soon.

Well that is enough to think about for awhile..

Thanks for stopping in.



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UPDATED On March 23, 2007

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