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UPDATED On March 21, 2007

Many of you have written and asked me for Kloss's formula..so here it is.

Kloss's wonderful Formula...I call it Formula #28


4 Tablespoons gum Myrrh

2 Tablespoons golden seal

1 Tablespoon red pepper....(cayenne)

(African Bird pepper is best)

Put into a quart of rubbing alcohol and shake every day for ten days..


For internal use I use

4 Tablespoons gum Myrrh

2 Tablespoons golden seal

1 Tablespoon cayenne

1 Quart of E & J Brandy

Mix and shake once a day for ten days..strain

It is very healing to wounds sprains scalds burns and sunburns and should be applied freely.

Wonderful results are obtained in Pyorrhea by rinsing the mouth with the liqued or applying to both sides of gums with q tip or gauze.

This is from Kloss's book..."Back to Eden" by Jethro Kloss.

I call it my 'Herbal Bible"

A VERY good investment for your future health.

Ok..Guyz...these are taken from my notes...whenever I read something interesting

I jot it down...I read lots and lots of material on every subject...some of this

sounds weird to me too but my notes are accurate....Kes

Chronic Illness in USA costs 700 Billion Dollars per year.

Sudden Infant Death syndrome is believed to be caused by Immunizations.

Japan quit immunizing over fourteen years ago and hasn't had a SIDS

death since that time.

Ninety one Health Problems are caused by artificial sweeteners.

1/10 of your can of diet pop is rubbing alcohol.

Over 150,000 people per year die of disease picked up in the hospital that

are not related to what they went in for.

Dr. Bresenski in Texas uses a urine based cure for Cancer.

Jumping rope is the only "Perfect" excercise.

Cosmetic surgery can cause Gangrene plus ten other health problems.

(this includes lyposuction)

Laytex Allergies...(rubber gloves...baloons..balls..bandaids...etc;)

can cause swollen throat...sinus....and lungs...can't breathe...rash etc;

It can kill you.

The largest gall stone on record weighed fourteen pounds.

It was found in an 86 year old woman.

Nose picking is the biggest cause of nasal secretions...the nose

becomes filled with virusus.

Stay at least three feet away from anyone with a cold.

Wash hands frequently.

Keep your hands away from your face.

3 Billion dollars a year is spent on cold remedies.

Zinc is good to take when you have a cold or flu.

Vitamin C also..as much as1000mg every four hours when you have cold.

Earthworms kill cancer cells when you put them on cancerous open sores.

There are 200 different cold virusus.

You never get the same one twice.

1 Billion people per year get colds in US.

Squeeze firmly but not too hard on each fingernail and toenail for the count of thirty.

This will open all of your meridian lines.

Put thumb tips ..touching each other ..pointing right hand towards you

and left hand away from you to balance all of the systems in your body.

Right hand palm up...left hand palm down.

Burn lemon grass and orange to alleviate the winter blahs.

Men are turned on by the smell of donuts over any perfume...

And Pumpkin Pie.....A new study showed.....

Mix cinnamon and vanilla together...dab on wrists and see what happens...


To be continued.....

Send true items you have found to share with others...

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UPDATED On March 21, 2007

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