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I discovered cooking with jars last spring. It is a boon to time saving...good nutrition and flavor. It is easy...versatile and economical.

Use clear jars so you can easily see what is inside.

What you will need is Marzetti Italian dressing before you

begin...(no..i am in no way connected to their product)...Follow the directions...this will give you easy access to making salads...soups...sides....snacks and more.

Cook some frozen peas...carrots and Lima beans (together)..until done but firm.

Place in jar...add enough Marzetti to cover as you roll jar around...doesn't take too much. This gives it flavor and preserves it for over a week....cook some rotini pasta...done but firm...put in seperate jar...add Marzetti....You may add the dressing to anything while it is hot...then put in fridge.

Slice onions....cucumbers...radishes...celery...parsley...any vegetable you like...mix or keep seperate..add Marzettis.

Now you have your fridge filled with Jars.

If you want to make soup...use a can of Campbells Healthy Request chicken broth (all others are just too salty)....Add cooked chicken...and combinations from your jars. Done in just a few minutes..I add basil and california herb for added flavor.

Want a pasta salad? Take your cooked rotini and add what you want from your jars...add a little of your favorite dressing and in minutes you are ready to eat.

This is best for one or two people as a large family wouldn't have enough fridge space. But you could still make a lot of healthy snacks and sides for your family.

Below are some suggestions and combinations that I have tried.

*Sliced canned beets and mandarin oranges dried pineapple chunks.*


*Onions...green peppers*

*Peas...carrots...lima beans*

*Fresh green beans ...Ohhh Yummy for snacks*

*Water chestnuts...walnuts...apples... coconut*

*Mandarin oranges...miniature marshmallows..coconut and walnuts raisens*

*Corn..green pepper...onion...sliced almonds*

If you experiment and find good combos...E-mail them to me and I will add them to this page.

Some meats that I add to soups and salads are:

cooked beef...pork...(you can use chicken broth for base

no matter what meat you choose)

Corned beef lunch meat...salmon for salads..

tuna...turkey and chicken breast...this is so versatile and quick. The time spent putting your jars together is minimal and you have food for a week for one or two people.

I spend an hour a week preparing my jars....then mealtime takes only minutes...I LOVE IT!!!

Good Luck..

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UPDATED On March 21, 2007

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