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Hi There!

I have had my website up for almost nine years now and I thought it was time to write to my faithful visitors. I have had over a million visits to this site alone and almost 50,000 to my newer site at (My Chevy counter on AOL kept reverting back and the Tripod Counter manager said I did something wrong, (so I was unable to read my stats) I decided to put a new counter and use it on both sites.

I am in the process of putting the new Carp Fish counter on all of my pages.

(I hope I don't have problems in the future with this one)

It has been my purpose to bring ideas, hope, and help to anyone seeking advice on alternative health and also to create a cheerful place to go for links on many subjects, tips on everyday chores, some photos and poems.

I have recently been updating it and pulling out the dead links, feeling bad for each one that no longer responded. Copying all data that you may need or that you love, is always a good idea. I plan on keeping my site alive as long as I am alive but many good ones have disappeared already. It also seems that many are beginning to want you to be a paid member to look at their information. I knew that would happen years ago. I have never been paid a cent for ads or anything on my pages. The ads are put up by AOL and Tripod for giving me the space to post my sites.

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Spring is almost here! YAY! Today's date is March 14, 2007.

I am awakened by birds chirping earlier than 6 AM as they are excited to see the advent of spring as well. I never care that they wake me up as I have loved birds forever. How free they are to sail easily through the sky and gather what they need without a thought except to be on the lookout for cats, bigger birds, and maybe an occasional dog. They stop at my home frequently as I have lots of feeders, houses, and bird baths around the yard. Some Robins will come close to me when I am watering my flowers. I talk to them and they seem to enjoy it and do not fear me close to them.

I fed a ground hog peanuts for three summers and he would sit by my feet, shell the nuts and eat them.

One time he sniffed my bare toe. I was glad he didn't decide to taste it. haha.

When I think of the gifts nature provides us so we can unwind and relax, I feel that heaven is at hand. I can stare into a tree, seeing the blue sky through the branches, hear it whisper to me as the breeze passes through it and feel loved and cared for by God, Himself.

I think about God a lot. I wonder what He thinks and how He created all of this splendor.

I feel bad when I think I have disappointed Him and I think that often.

When I get involved in life's problems and try to fix them, I naturally get into trouble as most people don't want you to do anything but listen. I like to give advice and solve problems.

I never seem to learn either. That is why I feel sad sometimes as I want to do the right thing, but always say too much, do too much, and then feel too much.

I almost want to tell you not to do that, as it has not worked for me, but I am not going to say it. ::::wink::::

I like to keep busy, and my mind seldom takes a vacation. I like to organize things, but I never seem to get that done. I have hundreds of little "almost" organized projects. A fortune teller (who was moving from table to table at a restaurant I was at) told me as he stared at my palm, that I am the type of person that will buy a room full of wax and make only one little candle. He was correct. I was amazed that my palm told on me. I am all over the board, doing this, doing that, my days fly by at an amazing speed.

I make a lot of herbal formulas, but seem to keep using the same four or five when I do need some. I don't like to go to the doctor and haven't gone for a lot of years. I see what drugs do to people and I want no part of it. I don't even take aspirin. I don't take herbs unless I really feel that I need to do something. I use Kloss's formula for most everything, My Marigold burn salve for burns or irritations, Comfrey root for bone aches. I have started taking my newest formula for energy, artery cleansing, and weight control but will have to wait to report my findings. I am going to call it "The Fountain". (hopefully of youth)


I plan on writing every day...(what a joke) and posting it about once a case you want to come back and see if I follow through or this is only going to be a "candle". I have very good intentions as you can see. I have hundreds of stories to tell that I think are interesting.

You can come back or not, as I would never try to tell anyone what to do. :::smile:::

Kesti16© 2007:


I will tell you one story before I go, it happened when I was 22 years old. I lived in the country by a lake and one day while driving to the nearest town, about 20 miles from where I lived, I saw some strange action on the side of the road as I came around a curve. I was driving a blue and white chevy that I loved. I slowed down and stared as I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It looked like a short gnome with gray hair, wrestling something out of a ditch. I came to a stop and got out of the car. It was an old short man with one peg leg, wrestling a huge snapping turtle and trying to get it up on the road. (no, I don't drink).

I said, "What is wrong? " "What are you doing?" He said, "I am trying to get this turtle home and he is too strong." I said, "Why do you want him? " He said, "For turtle soup!" I was shocked to say the least. Now this turtle was HUGE! I would say about four feet across on his shell and he was mad. All of his feet were flipping like he was trying to swim in air. The gnome guy said, "Will you help me?" I said, "I am not touching that turtle." He said, "No, I can do it, but would you let me put him in the back seat of your car and drive me home?" OH MY GOODNESS!

What? He looked so helpless and yet determined. I said, "How could you ever get him into the car?" He said, "Don't worry, I can do that." Now I was in a mess. I didn't want that turtle in my car. I opened the back door and somehow that little old man with a peg leg got that turtle into the back seat. I held the front door for him to get in and then I got behind the wheel. I wasn't prepared for the SWAMP SMELL! I wasn't prepared for the clawing noise that was going on behind my seat either...that turtle was fighting for his life and clawing the back of my car seat. I drove along thinking it must be close to where he lived...I asked him how far as I was anxious to get them both out of my car. He said,"Just a little further." (It was three more miles) Apparently he was going to wrestle, kick or carry that turtle all that way, if I hadn't come along to help him. Finally he said, "Turn here." OH was more like a path than a road.

I was afraid to turn but since I wanted the turtle gone, I did it. I went down this "path" for about the length of a city block and there was a little tiny house, (no it wasn't a gingerbread house either) and a tiny gnome like woman, smiling and coming towards the car. He opened the door and got out, she was so happy to see that he had a turtle with him. He somehow yanked the turtle out of my back seat and it began trying to run. The gnome guy thanked me and his wife invited me for lunch. I said,"No thanks, I am in a hurry." They both waved as I turned around and drove back over the grassy trail I had made coming in.

I opened the windows, trying to get rid of the swamp smell. I drove along in a daze, not even believing what I had just been through. If it weren't for the back of my seat being clawed and torn, and the smell, I would have believed it was a nightmare. I swear to you....this is a true story. I still have a hard time believing it myself! Oh yeah, the man told me that he set traps for the turtles in the ditch so they would always have food to eat.

Kesti16© 2007

March 16, 2007


Today is my lucky number day, so I expect good things. I have always loved the number 16, not sure why. It shows up a lot, so it must have significance.

I thought of another story to tell you. This is about my Mom and my brother Michael. My Mom was always a light sleeper and one night she heard a strange loud noise. My Dad kept on snoring as he never heard a thing when he slept, so she slipped out of bed to see what it was. In the hall there was a light fixture with a string that you pulled to turn it on. It was totally dark so she was circling her hand around trying to find the string...Suddenly a strong hand grasped hers in the dark. She screamed and heard another scream at the same time. They both pulled the string at that exact moment and she and my brother stared at each other...He was about fifteen years old at that time. He too had heard the noise and was getting up to investigate. Once they realized what happened, they both started to laugh, but it was a strange half embarrassed, half still in shock laugh. Both of them had been swinging their hands in a circle trying to find the string and clasped hands and the string in the dark.

They never did figure out what the noise was.

Kesti16© 2007

~The Helpless Frog~

April 21, 2007. Oh dear, I see it has been over a month since I wrote. I am incorrigible.

I have been busy tho. I do have another story for you. When I was about eight, I was at my Gramma's farm, walking down the long driveway towards her mailbox. I heard a noise and I saw a snake by the side of the seldom used grassy drive. Ewwww It had a big frog stuck in its mouth and the frogs legs were flipping around trying to get out. Now I hated snakes and didn't like to touch frogs either, but he looked like he was suffering. I found a big leaf and I held the snake down with my foot, wrapped the leaf around the frog and pulled him out. He was dazed for a minute but started hopping away. The snake took off as soon as I took my foot away. I even interfere with the laws of nature. :(

Kesti16© 2007



The more you remember, the MORE you REMEMBER!

I started walking six blocks to school when I was five. When I was six I figured I could walk to Sunday School by myself. Everyone in my family slept late on Sunday but as usual I was wide awake at the crack of dawn. I got ready and walked up to my school.and I thought I knew the way to our church which was seven blocks further. I walked and walked and couldn't find it. I was busy being careful not to "step on a crack and break my Mother's back" ( I would truly like to know who started that silly superstitious verse to make conscientious little girls like me watch where we stepped instead of watching out for cars, dogs, and other threats) Some days I would find our church just as Sunday School was over and all of the children came bursting through the doors and would almost knock me down the steps. I liked to go and get the pretty papers with pictures of Jesus and lambs. I loved the stickers and the gold stars for attendance too. Once my Mom found out I was getting up early, she would ask me to brown the roast and put it in the oven to bake. When I got home from church, the rest of the family was just getting up and the roast smelled good. I was really too young to be making a roast, but I had followed my Mom around the kitchen from the time I could walk so I guess she thought I was ready. I never burned myself or the house down, so I guess I was. She made great Sunday dinners. (The roast was always tender)

Kesti16© 2007



On the way home from Sunday School, I always walked on the side of the street where the people who lived there grew lots of peonies. When in bloom I would stare at them for a long time but I never took one. They also had an old fashioned white wooden swing that you could sit in with a seat across from you and when you pushed your feet on the wooden swing floor it would swing so gently. I would stare at that swing too. One day the Daddy in the house asked me if I would like to swing in it.

I said, "Thank You, Yes I would." He went into his house and I was so happy swinging on the swing. I could hear them inside, talking, laughing and eating dinner. I wanted to stay there forever in that swing, but I was taught to be polite and so I didn't want to overstay my welcome. My Mom taught all of us so many manners that we really didn't enjoy life as much as we could have.

I still to this day always worry about little things concerning manners and overstaying and stuff like that. Lately it seems like manners are going out of style, but mine will die with me I am sure. (still intact) Probably worrying if I am dying

I have had tree swings, tire swings, plastic swings, playground swings, and none were as nice as that old fashioned wooden swing I was invited to try that special day on the way home from Sunday school.

Kesti16© 2007

APRIL 24, 2007

~Peasy and Beansy~

(or correctly spelled )



My little brother, my older sister and I would always climb onto Gramma's lap before bed for stories. She had lots of them but we always asked for "Peasy and Beansy" It was our favorite and we would ask for it three times in a row the same night. The third time she would say, "OK, Bedtime after this one." I have searched the net hoping to find the story. No luck. If anyone has it, could you email it to me at (or tell me where I could purchase the book?) Thanks. What I remember of the story is this: Two little girls named Peasy and Beansy walking along a stream carrying a picnic basket. They were approached by quite a few animals with problems. Peasy was the nice one and she always helped them. Beansy was the bad girl and was selfish and didn't care about the animals. The theme was that if you are good, good things will happen to you and if you are bad, bad things will happen to you.

That story, I just realized, is what I base my moral code on more than what I learned in Sunday School! I believe that lesson to this day. Good brings good and Bad brings Bad. I think we need to revive that story. :)

Kesti16© 2007


June 28, 2007

A nice person wrote to me and found the lost story. Here is the url so you can share it with your loved ones.

A GREAT BIG "THANK YOU" goes out to Eric Miller "AKA" Uncle Buck. for finding it!!



~My First Kiss~


We had about fourteen kids in the neighborhood who hung out together after dinner.

The ages ranged from about eight to thirteen. We had gathered this evening at my girlfriends house and it began getting dark. My dog had followed me over there and I noticed he was gone so I went around the side of her house calling him. He wasn't there but on my way back, I saw Bobby walking towards me. I had liked him from the first time I laid eyes on him. He actually looked like Brad Pitt only even more handsome. (Yes, that is possible)

We were both thirteen....(this is after the dance event mentioned in one story). He walked up to me and hugged me and kissed me on the mouth. For a split second I was ecstatic ...then I heard my younger brother (age ten and a half) hollering out, "Hey, everyone, Bobby just kissed my dumb sister!"

All of the kids quickly came around the corner to stare. By this time Bobby had moved a few steps away from me. My brother was now rolling on the grass holding his stomach and laughing...he kept repeating his comment. (little brothers are a menace!)

I didn't see much of Bobby for a couple of years after that...One night I was walking home from another friends house, who lived on top of a big hill. I had lost track of the time and it was getting dark...I had about six blocks to walk. I heard a noise behind me and it was Bobby on his bike coming over the top of the hill. He hit the brakes and pulled along side of me. "Wanna ride?" he asked. "Sure," I said. I sat sideways on the bar in front of him. He started to pedal and I was wishing it was a hundred miles to my house. I could smell how clean he was...feel the strength in his arms around me as we thundered down the road. I could feel his breath on my neck. We got to my house way too fast. I got off of the bike and he sat there smiling and looking at me. I could see him under the security light. I just stood there trying to cope with what I was feeling. Every cell in my body was pulsating. I began shaking inside. He just kept smiling...a beautiful twinkle in his eyes. (my brother was no where in sight, why didn't he kiss me? ) I think it was because I had been called "little Christian girl" in the neighborhood as I always talked the kids out of doing anything that would get them into trouble. (do I hear Beansy laughing?)

He finally said, "I guess I should go home." I didn't say anything. I was still coping with my pulsating. I swear, if he would have grabbed me and kissed me the sheer vibrations we both felt would have molded us into a rocket and we would have sailed into the universe never to be seen again. As I am typing this, I can feel those pulsating feelings once again. (my cells haven't forgotten either) Apparently, You never forget your first love.

Soon after that Bobby moved with his parents and brother to California. We wrote for about six months and then he sent me a picture of him and his girlfriend. (she was very pretty)

Kesti16© 2007

'The First'

He kissed me


My young girls heart

Galloped 'round the bend

I could not reign it in

The whole night through...

I'd waited for that moment

For what seemed a long long time

My first loves tender kiss

My dream come true.



Incidentally, I never said these stories would be in cronological order.



~Hold the Chicken's Beak~


My Mom was born and reared on a farm. My Dad was born and reared in the city. He was a brick layer and knew nothing about farming or farm animals. Several times a year, my parents would pile us kids into the car and we would go to Gramma's farm to help her butcher chickens. (I was five when this event happened) My Mom did all of the chicken killing and all of us would help pull feathers, burn off pin feathers, and clean up the mess. One day I followed my Dad to the barn while my Mom and Gramma were fixing lunch. I think my Dad was feeling emasculated as he never could help with killing the chickens. On this day, he chased one of the chickens until he caught it and picked up the axe and brought it over to the chopping block. Ewwww I didn't want to watch. He kept trying to get the chicken to lie still and of course the chicken had other ideas. Finally he called to me, "Kesti, come here and hold the chicken's beak for a minute." I very slowly walked over to the chopping block. I was scared to death but was taught to mind my parents. I took hold of the beak and held the chickens head on the block. I looked up, saw the axe coming down, let go and ran for the house. (I was born with a sharp sense of self preservation) The chicken moved, my Dad hit it, but not on the neck. Oh dear, there was a lot of flopping and squawking going on behind me as I ran.

I told my Mom what had happened and she quickly ran towards the barn. I hung back a little, but followed her. The first thing she did was pick up the axe and the flip flopping chicken, then in one quick motion lopped off its head. She turned to my Dad and hollered, "Al, What were you thinking, asking Kesti to hold a chickens beak while you tried to chop off its head?"

"You could have cut off her hand!"

Dad and I stuck to plucking feathers after that day.

Kesti16© 2007


I think I was about twenty when this happened. I was working as an enlarger in a Photo Studio and though I love Photography,

I didn't like my job. I learned a lot though before I moved on.

My best girlfriend set me up for a date with this guy she said was

very nice. She said he was

tall, blonde, had green eyes, a new car, dressed well and loved sports.

I hate sports, but told her I would go out with him. We went out with her and her boyfriend for dinner. I had ridden with them and we met him at the restaurant. He seemed quite nice. He offered to drive me home so I accepted.

He asked if I would like to go for a drive before he took me home.

It was a nice moonlit night so I said, 'Sure'.

He soon drove off of the main highway and onto a secondary road.

Few houses to be seen and soon no houses. It was now a wooded area.

The road seemed to narrow a little too. We drove along listening to music when suddenly he reached over and turned the music off. I looked over at him and he was smiling. He said, "You know, I could pull over and walk you into the woods and kill you."

Good Grief, my heart stopped beating!

I looked over at him and he was still smiling. I looked back, sighed and said,

"Well, at least I wouldn't have to go back to work tomorrow!"

Then he laughed, reached over and hugged me with one arm.

He said, I knew you would know I was just kidding and laughed again.

We never had a second date.

I hung up on the four calls he made.

Kesti16© 2007



~ The Dog's Eye ~


My Gramma Barry, who was my Dad's Mom, had two dogs

named Nicky and Toby. Those dogs had more energy

than ten average dogs. They spent the whole day chasing each other around Gramma's big yard. One day when I was staying with her with my sister and brother, Toby, ran into the road and a big truck hit him and knocked him into the ditch. Nicky was right behind him and ran to Toby. My older sister thought he was dead, but we heard him crying. We picked him up and carried him to

Gramma Barry. Toby didn't look too good. He was breathing and crying but his left eye was bulging way out of the socket.

My Gramma shook her head. If Grampa would have been home, I think he would have taken the dog away. (and not to the Vet's either) Gramma found an old brown blanket and made a bed for Toby. She gently placed him on it and Nicki went right over to him and started licking his eye.

I thought that was very strange but Gramma said, "Let him lick it, dogs know things by instinct." The accident happened at about two in the afternoon and Nicki wouldn't eat, he just kept licking that eye. Toby stopped moaning after about ten minutes.

We kept checking on the dogs and before we had to go to bed, we checked and sure enough, Nicki kept licking the eye. Toby just lay there not moving, just breathing. As soon as I woke up the next morning, I ran downstairs to see the dogs. They were gone.

Gramma was in the kitchen making breakfast. I screamed, "Gramma, the dogs are gone!" "I know," she said, then smiled and said, "Look outside." I looked out the door and couldn't believe my eyes. The dogs were back to chasing each other just like always, round and round one big oak tree, down to the road, back again and round and round. I went outside and called to them.

They came running. I looked at Toby's eye. It looked like it always did, no swelling, no bulging. Gramma smiled and said, "I told you, dogs have secrets that we don't understand."

Both dogs lived for many years but never ran into the road again.


Kesti16© 2007


This is a story that still makes me feel ashamed of myself. When I was little, we lived on the outskirts of a big city in a quiet neighborhood. A kid named Sonny lived across the street. The neighbors next to us had a pool and lots of kids would go over there when they weren't home even tho we weren't supposed to. It was about five feet deep. I walked over and saw Sonny, who was a round fat little boy with a round face, standing at the edge of the pool.

A few of the other kids were in the pool. I truly don't know what came over me but suddenly I pushed that poor, fat, little Sonny into the pool. He screamed and made a big splash and got to the stairs and got out. As soon as I did it, I felt terrible and was glad to see he was ok. He ran home crying. I went right home too and when I came into the kitchen, my Mom said, "what's the matter?" I started to cry and blubbered out the event that had happened. She was really, really, angry with me and asked me why I did it. I said I didn't know. Then she said, "YOU GO RIGHT OVER THERE AND TELL SONNY YOU ARE SORRY!"

I walked slowly towards his house, twisting my dress the whole time, I could hear him sobbing. He was sitting on an old trailer in the back yard. I said, " I am so sorry that I pushed you into the pool, Sonny." His round face was all red and tears were still falling. He said, "that's ok...I am just crying because my Mom spanked me for getting my clothes all wet."

Oh My God, if you think I didn't feel guilty enough before, then I really felt bad. He smiled at me (he had always seemed to like me) and I felt even worse. His name was Sonny Swanson. Sonny, if you are out there and you ever read this, know that I am still sorry and still wish I could take back that spontaneous evil moment that I had.


(no lie, I have tears in my eyes remembering it)

Kesti16© 2007


As long as I am confessing, I did do one other bad thing in my life. dang it. In eighth grade, we had been learning square dancing. I was always a good dancer and have danced all of my life. I still love it. Well anyhow, there was a boy in my class that wasn't very cute because he had big big ears that stuck out. His name was LeRoy. At the end of our two weeks of lessons, the teacher, said that anyone who wanted to pick their partner for the big outdoor dance from all the nearby schools, could pick anyone they wanted to dance with that night.

Everyone was embarrassed. Only two boys dared pick. LeRoy bravely walked across the auditorium and chose me. I wanted to die. I was totally in love with Bobby and of course he couldn't choose as he also had a thing for myself and another girl in class. Oh..young love, it is so painful. haha. (I was too shy to pick Bobby too)

Everyone laughed at LeRoy just because he had the nerve to do it.

He walked with me out of the hall and I whispered to him that if he showed up at the big dance I would hate him forever. I wanted to dance with Bobby. As it turned out, LeRoy stayed home, Bobby never showed up, and as I stood there with no partner. I figured God was punishing me for my horrid behavior towards LeRoy. Suddenly this handsome guy from a class two grades above me, Jerry Brazil, asked me to be his partner. I accepted and it turned out that he was the best dancer in the entire school. We danced and danced and everyone was watching us. Some would quit dancing just to watch. Our school won first place. I never have figured out why God chose for me to be forgiven for such a terrible deed. Maybe so I would learn forgiveness in my own soul.

(dang, I am tearing up again)


I think that was the last time I was bad. If I remember anymore, I will tell on myself.

Kesti16© 2007


Oh Yeah, I remember one other time, but I wasn't really bad, but got punished for sassing.

I stopped at a "hole in the wall" restaurant one time, between jobs, I worked two full time jobs at that time. I was cute and dressed up like a doll, with 4" white heels. I stopped for a sandwich and milk and sat at the counter as I was in a hurry. When the waitress brought the milk, I took a sip and it was really sour so I politely told her so. She gave me a dirty look and took it and walked to the kitchen. The next time I looked up, a big burly Chef was in front of me, arms folded and looking very angry, He had a loud raspy voice and said, "What is your problem?,Girlie?" Everyone in the restaurant turned to see what was happening. I was surprised, so in a voice that matched his attitude, I said, "What? I told the waitress that the milk was sour and asked for a soda." He grunted and said, "There is nothing wrong with the milk, I tasted it." I took ten dollars out of my hand bag and put it on the counter and with head held high, I clicked those high heels right out of the restaurant. All eyes were on me. The door shut behind me and I was outside with only one shoe on, the other had gotten caught in the door, I had stepped out of it and it was on the inside of the restaurant. Oh My...I scrunched down, opened the door, slid one hand inside and got my shoe and heard some laughter inside. I think I was being punished for the dance incident only some years later...haha. (it wasn't funny at the time)

Kesti16© 2007


Ok..that is it...I have been perfect since



"White Sand Pit"

When I was about six years old, my brother, sister and I would

walk to a nearby woods. Lots of trees, crocus, squirrels, rabbits and other fun things to see. Some days we would decide to go further where there was a huge Sand Pit...all beautiful white sand.

We only went there on Sundays when the big trucks were still and the digging machines didn't make noise. It was close to the train tracks and my Mom didn't want us going there. She said there were too many "Bums" stopping there to build fires and sleep.

We only saw two fires that were cold when we found them. It was scary to go there after she said that, but we did anyway.

We would go to the edge and look down. I didn't go too close, but when my brother was about eight, (I was ten at that time) he decided to not only go to the edge but to climb out on a tree that was growing out of the side of the pit. It had a robin's nest in it and he could see the eggs. I begged and pleaded with him not to go out there, but he wouldn't listen! I was totally frightened that he would fall off the branch and fall to his death. He wasn't worried at all. ("What is it with male hormones?")

By the time he took one egg and got back on solid ground, I was shaking with fear. He proudly showed me the egg. I told him it was wrong to take eggs from nests. Then he was going to climb back out and put it back in the nest. I said, "If you even try that, I am running home and telling Mom!" He knew I would too as I was a known "tattle tale".

I had nightmares of both of us falling to our deaths after that and I never suggested going there again.

Kesti16© 2007

"The Ring"


I woke up every day

Ready for the good fight

No one ever rang a bell

So I could rest

Between rounds.



I just took off the gloves.

Kesti16© 1-12-97


'Physic Gift'


Cover yourself

With the quilt I've made

Whose threads of gold

Came from my heart

Whose pattern of dove

Came from my spirit

Background of blue

From out of my eyes

And relish

The warmth

Of my love...

Kesti16© 12-9-95

'Truth Be Dancing'


I believe

And not believe

In the same


That I can't


I'm not



Kesti16© 1-8-96

"The Fire Ball"


When I was in the seventh grade, A boy named Al, who lived just a few houses away from the school had a terrible thing happen to him. It was a Saturday and he was in his garage. He found a gas can that had about a fourth of it full of gas. No one knows why but he wondered what would happen if he dropped a lit match into it.

He did it. The can blew up as he was looking into it. His face was burnt beyond belief. He ran out of the garage, all his clothing on fire....His Mom who had heard the explosion came running towards him and knocked him to the ground and rolled him, even covering him with her body to snuff out more flames. He lived, but his face was just one big scar. There wasn't a bit that didn't burn.

He didn't go blind, which was a miracle.

The garage burned to the ground.

It was hard to look at him, but I always said hi when he came back to school. They moved away a year later, so I don't know if he ever had plastic surgery. I hope so, he was a nice guy.

I think all of the children in the school district learned not to ever mess with gasoline as everyone heard the story.


Kesti16© 2007


"Thoughts on a Sad Day"


I can barely remember that sweet, innocent., happy girl ....I wonder where she went? Maybe she ran away and found a beautiful hillside that tapered down towards a brook..with crocus all around and a picnic lunch....baloney sandwiches and lemonade...a ginger cookie or two. Maybe she is calling me to come join her and watch the trout swim by as the white clouds sail in the breeze and the smell of the earth fills the air and a blue bird brings her a message from God that all is well....


Kesti16© 1998

"The Dog that Whispered"


I think I was about four when this happened. My Mom was sound asleep when our dog came into her room and touched her hand with his nose to wake her up.

As soon as she sat up, he growled in a whispered tone.

She got up and went to the door, following the dog. She peeked out the curtain and saw a man on the porch. He wasn't knocking. He just stood there.

She just stood there watching him. The dog was still growling in his whisper voice. She watched him for five minutes and then he just walked away. Maybe he could hear the threatening dog growl. She never knew. He never came back. My Mom had nerves of steel. I would have been loading a gun or at least on the phone talking to the police.


Kesti16© 2007

Another Dog whispering Story

I will call it :


"Let's Play, Fool Our Masters"


When I lived near a lake on a dirt road, many of the homes were cabins. One of the cabin owners had a big German Shepherd .

The dogs were free to roam around there unless you called and made a big deal out of a loose dog, and then they would give the owner a warning but no one ever complained.

Whenever the German Shepherd would stroll by my home, my dog would go nuts barking at him. He wasn't tied either, but would stand on the property line, snarling and barking at him.

The German Shepherd would hold his head high, looking forward, and march on by. My dog was a big black Labrador.

One night I heard the strangest sound. I got up to see what it was. It was a moonlit night or I wouldn't have known what it was.

It took me a minute to believe what I was seeing. The German Shepherd and my Black Lab were chasing each other round and round the house. As they chased, they did a happy whisper sound that I had never heard before. They kept going round and round and round. I went back to bed thinking they had made friends at last.


The next day when the German Shepherd walked by, my dog did his usual growling and barking the whole time he walked by my property. The German Shepherd did his usual, looking forward and ignoring my dog. They were both males, incidentally.

The next night I deliberately watched and sure enough, they were happily chasing each other around the house again.

Two lonely males finding out how to have fun and still do their daily duty.

At least my dog stayed in my yard every night.

Well, I think he did. Maybe they took turns.



'They Call it Death'


They call it "Death"

Which means no more

For 'tis a garment

That I wore

Whilst traveling in

A place called Earth

I've traveled many

Times before.


Kesti16© 2-18-96


"The Gum Wrapper"

I had been dating this guy for two weeks.

He seemed very nice.

He was a good conversationalist, and I liked that.

One day we had gone shopping for a small part for his car.

We were talking on the way back to my house.

He reached into his pocket for some gum.

He offered me some, but I said, "No thanks."

He proceeded to unwrap it and he threw the wrapper out of the car window.

Now this maybe sounds petty to you, but to me, littering is a huge sin.

I couldn't believe he had done that. My opinion of him plummeted to the ground.

To me littering represents a lot of things and they are all bad.

I have seen people at a stop sign empty their ashtrays out of the windows of their cars.

How disgusting can one get?

When he pulled up in front of my home, I didn't invite him in.

I think he felt the coolness but didn't comment.

I avoided all of his calls and he finally sent me this note.


I know I did something wrong, but for the life of me, I can't think of what it could be!

Please drop me a note, (if you can't stand to hear my voice) and just let me know.




Hmmm.....I you want to know?

I sent him this short note.


Rick....You threw your gum wrapper out of the car window.



Three days later, I received this in the mail.


Kesti....Maybe you should call the police.



That was funny, but I still didn't want to get serious with a litter bug.

Now you know why I lived alone for a long time.

Kesti16© 4-29-07


'The Process'


As we are lusting for approval

To fulfill our present needs

Our memories persistently

Purify past deeds.






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