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 In 1500 Bc they had recognized diabetes as a disease. Ancient egyptians suggested to make cakes from fresh grains...Wheat grains green lead earth and water...let stand moist..strain and take it for four days. (You know that sounds a lot like "wheat grass formula")

You can read about it at the following page:


Paraclesus who is recognized as the medical genius in history suggested diabetes was caused by an accumulation of too much salt in the body...He suggested fasting for two days and drinking "Julep" to rid the body of salt. I don't know what julep is but I think it is lemon and fruit juices.

In the seventeenth century...Thomas Willis began tasting his patient urine...he discovered that it was sweet as honey. The combined thoughts are that it is caused by something else wrong with the body that throws the pancreas off. The Rollo diet...which favored protein instead of carbohydrates...was the first thing that worked before insulin was found.

At one time diabetics were made to drink their own urine to replace lost sugar...Yikes. The allen Diet was so strict that he only allowed vegetables that had been boiled three times before eating...A young boy who was skin and bones because his parents had him on this diet...was secretly eating his toothpaste and bird seed meant for his pet bird.

They estimate that out of every four cases of diabetes...three are unrecognized or untreated.

Cut back on salt...drink lemon water...take wheat grass juice....eat more protein but not in excess...eat apples... I would drink aloe juice 2 oz per day. I would religiously massage my pancreas reflex points.

See Foot chart

Click on either foot to get a reflexology foot chart to print and keep.

I would keep stress to a minumum. I would drink green tea...If it cures cancer it must be good. Fresh air lots of sleep...try to laugh a lot. I really wish I could have been more help ..I never realized how little diabetics have to go on in the herbal world. I am so glad you are a strong woman with strong attitudes as I think the brain rules the body.

On one of my pages I have a healing pod


It works for pain and other things. Putting one over your pancreas area may stimulate it into working properly. Also wafting..which is simply waving the side of your hand over the pancreas 200 times per day in one sitting.

The liver is strong and can rejuvinate itself readily...so I think the damage can be overcome. Yellow dock herb is what I think is best to help liver help itself. Dry powder..dip a spoon into it...lick it off...if you need it you will crave it after the first day...When you don't need it you won't want it.


Read SUGAR BLUES by William Duffy

Diabetes... would go with dandenlion root and 1/2 adult dose of chrom for kids giving kids with diabetes evening primrose am and pm will help.


An essential oil : Dill (Anethum Graveolens) oil has been proven, through research at Cairo

University, to help lower glucose levels by normalizing insulin levels

and supporting pancreas function.

Diabetes Cure ?

There's more evidence a procedure pioneered at the U of M could lead to

a cure for diabetes. Last november, we showed you an islet cell

transplant at the U.

Basically, doctors take tiny cells from a donor pancreas and inject them

into a diabetic person's pancreas. It rejuvenates the organ, and

eliminates the need for insulin shots.

Dr. Bernard Hering/ISLET CELL EXPERT; "It can be done on an outpatient

basis. It is an injection of new insulin producing cells and the whole

procedure can be completed in lets say 15 to 30 minutes."

Now doctors at the University of Alberta in Canada have successfully

transplanted insulin-producing cells into eight patients.

They were all insulin-dependent type-one diabetics, who no longer need

insulin shots. But the patients do need anti-rejection drugs. A larger

clinical trial will start this summer in Canada. The U-of-M plans to

start full-scale testing of the operation it developed within a couple




The following is a link where you can go to find recipes



At the above site near bottom of page...you can access lots of information such as foot care...Juvinile Diabetes...hypoglycemia...etc;


Treating Diabetes with Good Nutrition


Juvenile Diabetes:




Managing Diabetes and Helpful Information:



























Diabetes in Pregnancy:


Diabetes Insipidus:


Educational Software:


Recipes for Diabetics:




















Go to: http://www.dogpile.com or http://www.alltheweb.com or http://www.google.com/ and search for

"diabetes", or "sugar free", or"diabetic recipes", "diabetic health", etc.

Most of all, take care of yourself. Make sure your doctor is as serious about your condition as

you are.....if the doctor isn't......then move on to another doctor.

See your doctor often.

Don't forget: No sugar allowed.

Please direct any questions about the following recipe to:


Hi, I took this brownie recipe and made it into the lighter version.

I use sucanat instead of sugar because my son is diabetic. You can

easily get it at any health food store. It's a little lower in

carbohydrates than regular white table sugar and it comes from the

liquid part of the cane. These "brownie's" are light in color and

absolutely delicious! And dead easy to make!

Goldies (serves 18 pieces)

1 cup Sucanat

1/2 cup butter, melted

2 eggs

2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. salt

1 1/2 cups flour

1 cup walnuts, chopped

Preheat over to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients well. Grease 2 8x8

aluminum pans. Pour half the batter into each of the pans, bake until

golden brown, about 25 minutes. Cut into equal 9 pieces for each pan.



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