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I discovered the healing Pod...quite by accident. I had heard about the healing powers of pyramids and so I tried to make one..Not so easy...ha ha...so I ended up with the "POD". Naturally I tried it anyway and it felt good...but since I wasn't sick I couldn't tell too much. I made a small one and kept it in my car...It sat on the dash looking pretty.

One day I was with my friend shopping in an antique store....The store owner accidentally knocked this Huge book from a shelf and it dropped four feet down and the corner of it hit me on my big toe...right on the nail....I saw stars ...the pain was so intense...then I nearly passed out...The book weighed over ten pounds. My friend and I went immediately to my car....I asked him to drive as I was so weak. The store owner called after me...saying..."You aren't going to sue me are you?" I shook my head ...no..and got into the car. My eyes landed on the "Pod"

I immediately put it over the toe of my leather boot...and decided I would soak my foot in comfrey when I got home. My friend and I began talking and in a few minutes the pain seemed to be gone. I left the pod in place and it took us an hour to get home. I expected to see a black and blue toe nail...I took off my boots and looked....I saw nothing...I pinched my toe and felt no pain...I thought maybe it was the wrong toe..so I checked the other one...NOTHING!!! It was then that I knew the "POD" had powers.

I know....I know....it is hard to beleive....I have been teased and ridiculed by my own family and friends about this idea.

Some have tried it with success...but mostly everyone thinks I have skipped a cog....LOL....

I have been using it for several years....I have cured many aches and pains quickly with it. When I am exhausted...it seems to give me energy. I think what it does is give you back the energy that constantly escapes from your body....your "aura" so to speak....I will never be with out my healing pod....I keep one in my suitcase and take it with when I travel. If you want to try it...here are the directions to make it. For some reason the bright pink and bright purple colors work the best.

Purchase a 28" by 22" Posterboard....the heavy ones are hard to find....I use two of the thin ones and so if they feel thin...buy 2. Take the upper left hand corner...and bring it down to the opposite side to 21 7/8"....Now it will look like a triangle Cut off the remaining 5 and 3/4 inches at the bottom of the posterboard... Pinch the crease tightly ....Now open it all the way up and fold it the other way...so you will have four sections....(looks kinda like a kite) OK...Now choose one of the peak ends and cut along the crease to the center...stop at the center!!!! The color should be on the top side....Now put the fourth section tucked into the third section...and staple it. If you are using the thin posterboard....make another one and staple them together at the bottom. Make a small hole at the top...Don't ask me why..but they don't work without the hole in the top...If this is sounding complicated...well it isn't...It is just hard to explain....Once you begin making it you will easily see what I mean. ....If you want to suspend it over your bed....(I do)

then purchase some gold or silver elastic string in the craft or sewing section....(target has it). Put a hook in the ceiling and suspend it from the hook...I use a small soft plastic circle one inch in diameter to hold the elastic inside the peak of the Pod. When you need energy or healing...reach up and pull the pod to you and hold over the area needing healing. If you don't want it hanging from your ceiling...just keep it handy...It is kinda big. For small areas...I make several small PODS out of the part of the poster board that is left over. These are good for eyes...ears...jaw...toes....or a concentrated pain in any area of the body.

They are a lot easier to make......Keep one in your car. If you have sinus problems put it on your head...You will feel your sinusus drain in a very short time.

Well...I have done my part...If you want to laugh....go ahead...I am used to it.

If you try it and it helps you...God Bless!


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UPDATED On March 16, 2007

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