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 Hi Guyz...My friend asked me to tape Oprahs show for her so I did. I decided to watch it since she seemed so excited about it. So many come into the holistic room with weight problems that I think this would be a good synopsis of the program to give to them. I wrote the "high points" while it was fresh in my memory.


If you have struggled with weight...you may be what is called a carbohydrate addict. More than 75% of overweight people are.

It all boils down to chemistry. When you have that first glass of orange juice in the morning...you are on your way!!! The orange juice triggers insulin response in your body INSULIN MAKES YOU CRAVE CARBOHYDRATES!!!! and you begin craving. Stress triggers insulin in your body and you crave... crave...crave!

The more you try to eat right and you fail to lose the more stress which causes insulin to pour out and you begin hitting the carbs and they cause more insulin which causes more cravings and round and round it goes. Are you getting the picture???

It is an ugly picture! But there is a bright side. It seems there is a way to re-train without hunger or without food denial.

When you drink diet anything...your body is expecting a satisfaction from what it thinks is sugar...It is waiting and nothing happens...so it is stressed..and it pours out the insulin and you have to eat FOR SURE NOW....because you CRAVE!

Here is the secret if you are determined enough to do it.

In the morning ...instead of eating fruit or drinking juice or having cereal..you eat eggs and bacon or anything you want as long as it is all protein.... For lunch eat only protein. For dinner you may have ANYTHING you want including dessert as long as you eat the same amount of Protein...vegetables and carbs.

This is your "Happy Meal"....If you eat your salad...meat... green beans and carbs

and you want some cake...guess what ..you can have it but you have to eat as much meat and green beans first. Equal amounts to the cake (carbs) you are eating. Balance on the "Happy Meal" is essential.

In three days you should become balanced and start to lose your cravings for food. Stay with the plan. Until you have lost to your desired weight. By then you may have re-trained your natural body balance. If stress is still making you trigger insulin you should start a journal until you work out all your stress problems.

Do not buy low fat foods. They are full of sugar. They have to be to even be edible. During your happy meal...start with a salad and regular dressing. As time goes on...you will balance out and eat normally. Not getting weirded out on NEEDING to EAT because of Cravings that are not your fault and are TOTALLY out of control.

Your Weight Problems have NOT BEEN YOUR FAULT!!!

It is PURE CHEMISTRY!! Make the necessary adjustments now that you have the formula and be finished with your weight issues that plague so many in today's society!!!

(The balanced "Happy Meal" can be any time of day as long as it is only one meal in any 24 hour cycle)


The Oprah show will show the results of what the audience experienced with this plan in 30 days which will

air around 11/4/99...Watch for it!!!


The Authors of the book and the book title are as follows:

"The Carbohydrate Addict"

Richard Heller, PhD, and Rachael Heller, PhD, authors of seven books on

carbohydrate addiction, explained that for many people, "eating certain

foods is (like) doing drugs for drug addicts

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A real habit breaker.

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http://www.bloodph.com <--------relates to weight loss

Just added on 8-27-2000

An herbalist from India claims that if you put two garlic cloves in 10 ounces of water

Keep in fridge overnight...drink in morning...and do it for 40 days...your weight will normalize!!!

Cabbage Soup Diet


1 large head green cabbage, cored and chopped

8 very large onions, peeled and chopped

1 entire large stalk celery, sliced thin

1 good size bag carrots, peeled and sliced thin

1 entire large pod garlic, peeled and sliced thin

2 cans cut green beans (or 1 can green beans and

1 can yellow wax beans)

1 can Hunts (28 oz) CRUSHED tomatoes

1 large can tomato juice (or V-8 juice)

1 envelope Lipton's dry onion soup mix

4 packets Herb-Ox low sodium beef bouillon powder

(this dissolves instantly)

Salt & pepper to taste

About 1/2 cup dried parsley



In one or two large soup pots, place all the prepared cabbage, onions,

celery and carrots; cover with water; bring to boil and then reduce

heat and cook until water is reduced about half way. Drain the liquid

from the can beans into the soup pot and while the veggies are

cooking, check over each green bean for any bad spots, then cut each

one in half. When the veggies are tender, add the green beans and all

other ingredients. You may want to adjust the seasonings. Cook on

low for about an hour to blend the flavors and enjoy!


Note: This recipe actually called for 2 large chopped green peppers,

but I like the soup better without the green peppers. It also called

for 2 big cans of tomato juice, but I find one can is enough. Hunts

CRUSHED tomatoes is fairly new and wonderful to use. It's a cross

between tomato sauce and tomato paste and no waste. I know when I

open any can of tomatoes, I have to cut out the core ends and there's

always pieces of skin to discard. Crushed tomatoes has a more intense

taste as well.


At only 34 calories per cup, this allows you leeway to enjoy some

other things you normally couldn't eat on a set diet for weight loss.

If you can eliminate most starchy foods or carbohydrate foods, you

will lose weight more quickly. You can even have broiled fish,

chicken or steak with this soup and still lose weight, but you will

lose faster if you eat NO starches or sugar foods.


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