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With Perimenopause..you often get PMS symptoms...and you will feel pretty awful during this transitional time.

The book recommends diet of low fat high fiber vegetarian based diet with whole grains legumes raw seeds and nuts fruits and vegetables making up the core of the diet.

Avoid salt..sugar..dairy alcohol and caffeine of all kinds. (in any products)


Recommends Vit Bcomplex..especially B6 vit E vit C and biflavinoids...magnesium..evening primrose oil and borage oil.

C and biflavinoids reduce heavy bleeding.

biflavinoids are available in supplements but are also are plentiful in soy products...buckwheat ..grapeskins and cherry skins...and the inner part and pulp of citrus fruits. They are also weakly estrogens and balance out the estrogen levels when needed. Asian and African cultures seldom have breast cancer or menopausal problems because of their high intake of these biflavinoids.

Natural Hormone Therapy: Recommends the natural supplementation of natural progesterone for Perimenopause symptoms like water retention...loss of libido..weight gain...moodiness...and irritability..depression as well as fibrocystic breasts breast cancer or endometrial cancer.


Chastberry is recommended...1/2 tsp of it and 1/2 tsp each of st johns wort for depression..motherwort for palpitations...and hot flashes and skullcap for anxiety.

Eating onions will help create bone density so needed in Women after menopause.

Homeopathy..pulsatilla is suggested for women who are weepy and has changeable moods.

When hot flashes extend all the way to the hands and soles of the feet...Sulpher is recommended.

Bryonia can help with drying and thinning vagina.

Apply vitamin E directly on dry vagina.

Fresh celery juice is good for the hot flashes.


Normalize hormones and build bones.

Make a tincture of two parts chasteberry

one part black cohosh one part horsetail one part oats and one part alfalfa...

Take one teaspooon three times a day. To use as a dried herb...infuse two teaspooons to a cup of water and drink the mixture three times a day.

Calcium and PMS

Doctors have given women yet another reason to

get plenty of calcium - it helps relieve the symptoms of premenstrual

syndrome, or PMS. A report published Wednesday in the American

Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology says women who take calcium

supplements report a 50% decrease in their symptoms. Researchers

surveyed 720 women between the ages of 18 and 45. They picked out 466

who said they had moderate to severe premenstrual symptoms on

regular basis. Half were given 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day

and half were given a dummy pill. Three months later, women who took

the calcium supplements reported a 48% drop in overall PMS symptoms.

(Don't take Tums or other forms of calcium carbonate, as we can't

metabolize it; go for a good chelated brand with magnesium.)

Don't forget about this if you are feeling awful.

Toxic Shock syndrome




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Soy products may help decrease menopause symptoms.

Dong Quai, Black Cohosh and Pro-gest for menopausal symptoms.

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Soy is Bad!

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