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The only herbal cataract cure I have ever come across was an old

pharmaceutical preparation from dusty miller. The solution must be made

weak because the solution is caustic. The solution was used as eyedrops

to dissolve the cataracts. I do not have the name off the pharmaceutical

off hand, but you may want to search the Internet under dusty miller to

find more detailed information.

Vitamin E will help prevent the reformation of cataracts in many cases.

You ought to check to make sure you are not diabetic, since the

cataracts will come back if you do not treat the diabetes as well.

This is not an herb, but I do know by seeing it

from my Grandfather do it and it worked.

He received this thru

a relative in an old folk tale book in the family.

This may sound gross and I could not even believe

he did it. You take your first morning urine and

you put drops in the eyes. He had them so bad

he could not even read a newspaper any longer

and he was not a candidate for surgery years ago

due to Diabetes. He did this for a month. I went

there one day and he said :" look I can read a paper".

I said okay I need to see this. My gosh, he was

cured. The haziness around his eyes were gone.

and he did not even need his glasses to read.

Milk may cause cataracts

Steroids may cause them.

Imbalance in vitamins minerals and protein can cause them...Also excess toxins in body.

A colon cleanse and taking Apple pectin tablets..

may clear toxins from the body.

Beta Carotene...a natural product..great for eyes...helps night blindness too...

Eyebright: An herb for eyes...I make a tea from it and soak cloth in warm tea and apply to eyelids.

Eye exercises help strengthen eye muscles...

If you get something in your eye..washing it out with milk

seems to soothe and clear it.

Rub hands together to form heat friction and quickly cup over open eyes...(an old Indian trick for eye health) Repeat several times...when you think about it....

Putting a bamboo piece over your closed eyes for fifteen minutes is supposed to draw out impurities.

Bilberry and grape seed (get at herb store..) are said to help eyes for glaucoma...night blindness and general...

Eat carrots for eye health

Eye reflexes are on the first two fingers next to your thumb..massage deeply and see if there are any tender points...If there are Massage daily until they are gone...This will bring blood to the damaged parts of your eyes. The reflex points on your feet are the two toes next to your big toe..Massage those also.

Your ear lobes represent your entire head so massage them since your eyes are in your head

Food sources for natural vitamin a are: Apricots...asparagus..beet green algea...butter..butternut squash...cantaloupe..carrots..cheese..dandelion liver and yellow fruits and products papaya..parsley..prunes red pepper..snap beans spirulina..spinach sweet potatoes.

B vitamins are also good for eye health...A teaspoon a day of black strap molasses is the best...cheapest..and quickest way to get your B vitamins.

Warm To comfortably hot tea bags placed on the eyes for 5 minutes.. is said to stop conjuctivitis...(pink eye)

Also good to bring circulation to the eyes for healing purposes.

A healing pod tent could do wonders for your eyes...Sounds strange I know..but works soooo well for me.

You fold a 5" by 5" peice of poster an angle so you have a triangle...then fold again and you have a square with four sections...cut from one end point to center along one crease...then move one side to double over and the object looks kinda like a tepee...staple it or tape it...make a small hole at top...hold over eye and relax...if you feel anything at is working...Keep on for five to ten minutes...repeat before bed each night until eyes are healed. For ailments in other parts of body make a larger one...22" by 22" same directions....Always buy Hot pink or purple or lavendar colors of poster board...(they work better)

See Page below for better instructions.

Buy some pinhole glasses and use them for reading for about fifteen minutes a day. They work silently but steadily.

Lie in sun...close eyes...face right into sun.. Keep eyes closed.....five minutes...tops.

Focus eyes on a near object out of doors...then look as far away as you can see...repeat about ten times. (Strengthens focus ability)

Extra Hot Horseradish fumes....will clear sinuses and eyes....just breathe in fumes..carefull really gives you a jolt!

I wash my eyes out with diluted aloe stings a little but really clears them.

Never put boric acid in eyes. If it is mixed too strong it can be dangerous.

Boiling red pepper and chili powder....1 tsp each in cup of hot water on stove...and breathing in fumes...clears eyes...and sinusus and lungs....It will permeate thru the house so you don't need a breathing tent...

Blinking eyes rapidly occasionally is a good way to wash them and rest them.

If you get something in your eye...blow your nose..for some reason this will usually get the foreign object out of your eye.



Caused by aging process...eye injuries.eye surgery...certain medications..steriods..and eye tumors. Two Million known cases in the u.S. Glacoma may be linked to deficiency in the retina and optic nerve and to excess toxins and metabolic wastes.

Blindness and cataracs are linked to diabetes, a metabolic disorder and reduced night vision is often due to impaired liver function.

Gastrointestinal disorders such as candida and parasites often contribute to vision problems because they interfere with the normal absorption of proteins vitamins and minerals.


Dr. Hoffman treats cateracts with an eyewash with an infusion of

eye bright or equal parts of eyebright and golden seal.


Ginsing may be helpful in helping color blindness.


In treating macular degeneration..they suggest using ginko bilboa.

In addition to ginko....Drs recommend ...billberry 100mg...milk thistle..100mg..three times a day.


For conjunctivitis Dr. Joseph Pizzorno recommends using 1 TBLSP golden seal root powder...1 tsp salt and 250 mg of vit c in a quart of water...after mixing and let it may use clear liqued to rinse eye several times a day.until healed.


I use a very warm tea bag on my eye lid for conjuctivitis....Kes

EyEYE Twitching

It's been six days, now it's to the point where it's

really visible. I had an great aunt who had an eye twitch all of her

adult life, but it finally went away when she was about 87 years

old...after she fell and broke her hip. It's a mystery to this day.

Thanks for the magnesium tip.

: : : It almost sounds silly, but my eye has been twitching almost every

day since the week before Thanksgiving 1997. I've had my eyes checked

and have healthy eyes and perfect vision. No headache or anything, it's

very annoying. Could this be stress? Or what can I do to make it stop?

: Stress will cause it and proper stress management will help to

correct it. Read Jon Kabat-Zinn's book, "Full Catastrophe Living."

Biofeedback will probably be useful. Often low magnesium levels are at

the source of muscle twitching also and this needs to be considered.

Taking a high quality multiple mineral supplement with 400 mg of

magnesium malate per day might be a good way to start. A high potency,

nationally reputable, health food store brand of multivitamin would also

be good.

* Beta Carotene: In the last few years increasing numbers of reports have

suggested that the use of Beta Carotene may act to prevent the

development of various malignancies. Beta Carotene and other similar

compounds have differentiating properties that appear to affect cell

growth and maturation. Beta Carotene is not toxic to the liver even in

high doses in contrast to Vitamin A. Large doses of Beta Carotene will

increase the body's demands for Vitamin E; therefore, those of you on

50,000 to 100,000 units of beta carotene per day will need to also

increase your vitamin E to 1,000 to 2,000 units per day. The definitive

role of beta carotene/vitamin E is yet to be understood, but there is

sufficient reason to use beta carotene in a dose of 50,000 units per

day. There is no need to supplement this with carrot juice or vitamin A.

Beta carotene, like vitamin A and E is stored in the liver. Current

clinical trials in prevention of cervix cancer and cancer of the lung

and breast are using beta carotene. This may also be helpful in the

prevention of colon cancer and melanoma.

* VITAMIN E: Please read the above. Vitamin E is an important

anti-oxidant. It acts as a free radical scavenger to prevent the

byproducts of chemical-cell interaction to cause cell damage. Free

radicals are likely responsible for all or most of the degenerative

diseases e.g. arthritis, heart disease, cancer, senility etc. The

absorption or scavenging of free radicals would protect our cells from

this type of injury. Other free radical scavengers include zinc, vitamin

C, and selenium.

Studies have reported vitamin E to protect against some of the

toxicities of ionizing radiation. Vitamin E may help to decrease the

toxicity of certain chemotherapy drugs. Adriamycin is an important

anti-cancer drug with potential major toxicity to the heart. The use of

1000 to 2,000 units of vitamin E per day may help to decrease this

toxicity. Vitamin E may decrease some of the harmful effects of solar

radiation on the skin. As cited above it works well in conjunction with

beta carotene. Vitamin E appears to have stabilizing effect on the

vascular system and is useful in decreasing menopausal and premenstrual

symptoms. It is useful in decreasing leg cramps occurring especially at

night. Vitamin E can be used in lotions or creams to protect the skin or

to treat for burns. It is also helpful to treat burns secondary to

radiation therapy. I have also used it with good results in patients

with dermatitis resulting from poor blood circulation i.e. stasis

dermatitis. It is commonly prescribed for topical use in pregnant women

to prevent stretch marks on the abdomen. More recently it has been used

to prevent or treat mucositis resulting from chemotherapy. I advise

patients to bite into a 1000 unit capsule and swish the vitamin E around

the mouth and over the mucous membranes lining the cheeks. This is done

three to four times a day. You can also use liquid vitamin E to do this.


* B COMPLEX: The B complexes are important membrane stabilizers. They are

natural tranquilizers or anti-stress vitamins because of this property.

They are important vitamins to help nerve function. The B complex

vitamins contain PABA which is important in protecting the skin against

the harmful effects of Ultra-violet radiation. PABA is an excellent UV

screening agent and helps to protect against the development of skin

cancer or sun-induced skin damage e.g. wrinkling and solar keratoses.

Fair complexioned people should avoid sun exposure and should use sun-

blockers with at least a 15 factor as well as use B complex orally. Such

people are actinic or sun sensitive and are at a greater risk for the

development of skin cancers of all types. People with red hair, blue or

green eyes tend to be sun sensitive (actinic sensitive). Women using

oral contraceptives increase their utilization of the B vitamins and

need to supplement their diet with B complex. Patient under high stress

should do the same. The B vitamins are water soluble. They are not

stored in the body as are beta carotene and vitamin E. B complex must be

taken with food already in the stomach. If taken on an empty stomach,

pain and nausea are not uncommon. The use of B complex in a dose of 100

mg once to three times a day with meals is recommended per patient

tolerance. If the B complex is being absorbed the urine will be bright

yellow and have a pungent smell due to the riboflavonoids present. This

is to be expected and should not cause alarm. If no change in urine colo

r is noted then suspect that your brand of B complex is not being

absorbed by your body- change brands.


* VITAMIN C: This vitamin is important for tissue healing. Patients with

peptic ulcers will heal faster on vitamin C than those without extra

vitamin C. As mentioned previously, vitamin C is an anti-oxidant. It is

also water soluble as B complex. I advise that it be used in doses of

2,000 to 6,000 mg after each meal to take advantage of its anti-oxidant

effects. I would start with 1,000 mg after each meal and increase slowly

up to 6,000 mg after each meal. Side-effects of large doses include

diarrhea and flatulence. Studies in Canada show a decrease number of

colon polyps in patients taking high doses of vitamin C. Such polyps are

precursors for colon cancer. If we can decrease polyp formation with

vitamin C perhaps we can decrease colon cancer as well. The use of

vitamin C in this capacity should accompany a very low fat diet that is

high in dietary fiber. Smoking and alcohol consumption will increase the

excretion of vitamin C. Alcohol will actually deplete all of the water

soluble vitamins. Vitamin C has been touted by Pauling and Cameron to

decrease cancer growth and cause remissions in cancer patients. I have

not seen any evidence in all of the studies published to warrant that

conclusion. The studies published by Pauling and Cameron were

scientifically unsound and poorly controlled. Major trials using high

dose I.V. vitamin C fail to confirm any anti- cancer effect of this

vitamin in patients with established cancer.

High dose vitamin C may be a problem in patients with a tendency to

kidney stone formation. Check with your physician if this is your


In patients receiving iron supplements to help treat iron deficiency,

the use of vitamin C taken at the same time as the iron medicine will

greatly enhance the absorption of iron. Vitamin C will help with wound

healing and healing of burns. It improves the strength of the walls of

the blood vessels and may help decrease the easy bruising seen with some

patients. Vitamin C in topical form to prevent sunburn and to absorb the

ultraviolet rays will soon be available.

Vitamin C may help people with low back pain and arthritis due to its

anti- oxidant effects. This and other vitamins need to be taken over

long periods of time. These substances work over time -- be patient.

* SELENIUM: This is an anti-oxidant with activity as a free radical

scavenger. Populations with high blood selenium levels are found to have

lower death rates due to cancer. Mormons have high selenium blood levels

perhaps related to their diet. Cancer patients have low selenium blood

levels. Selenium works in harmony with vitamin E. Selenium toxicity can

occur and the dose of selenium should be close to 100 MICROGRAMS (not

milligrams) per day.



* CALCIUM-MAGNESIUM: Calcium is deficient in most of our diets. This

deficiency is most prevalent in women who have had children and have

never supplemented their own diets with calcium. Calcium consumption

along with exercise is the best means to prevent calcium deficiency. O

nce calcium is lost and signs of osteopenia develop the medical problem

may be hard to reverse. Collapse of bone and fractures commonly of the

pelvis may occur in such individuals. When people "shrink" with age it

is due to vertebral compression fractures caused by osteopenia, commonly

referred to as osteoporosis. Bone density studies will detect patients

having osteopenia. Calcium, like B complex acts as a membrane stabilizer

and natural tranquilizer as does magnesium and potassium. Calcium and

magnesium should be taken together in a ratio of 2:1. A daily intake of

Calcium of 1,000 to 1,500 mg is reasonable. Calcium/magnesium may be

taken at bedtime to promote sleep. Magnesium in the form of magnesium

oxide in combination with vitamin B-6 has been shown to dissolve certain

types of kidney stones (calcium oxalate stones). This preparation is

called Beelith and is taken twice a day. It is also helpful in patients

with chronic constipation since magnesium salts act as cathartics.

During pregnancy the intake of calcium and magnesium should be increased

to prevent deficiency in mother and child. Patients with potassium

deficiency should always be checked for magnesium deficiency. In the

presence of magnesium depletion, it is very difficult to replete

potassium stores. I have used a calcium citrate source containing

vitamin D to enhance calcium absorption. This is an effervescent

formulation and it is taken as two tablets dissolved in a glass of cold

water per day. Calcium citrate is better absorbed and utilized than calc

ium carbonate. The use of fluoride in a liquid formulation (potassium

fluoride 180 mg/cc) help bind calcium in the bones. Fluoride drops are

taken as 1 drop in juice or water three times per day. This is a

prescription item and must be made up by the pharmacist. The dose can be

slowly increased per the physician. Fluoride in this concentration can

irritate the gastric lining. Slow increases in dose are important to

prevent this side-effect.

* ZINC: This element is important in wound healing. It also functions as

an anti- oxidant. It is helpful in the treatment of acne. It hastens

healing of peptic ulcer disease and burns. The recommended dose is 100

mg per day. Chelated zinc will not cause the gastrointestinal distress

the inorganic zinc will. Therefore, request a chelated zinc rather than

zinc sulfate.

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