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People with MS usually very sensitive to carbon monoxide...(gas stove - car exhaust)

B 12 very important..

1000 micrograms daily..

Selenium and manganese very important...

will make a difference....try it..

Increase your C and E

There are a few pionts just next to the belly button--2 finger widths out--to press for constipation.

Use lemon balm for cold sores.

Recipe for cabbage decoction...It fights the candida

Blend up the raw cabbage in a blender of GOOD water and make soup of it...Set it to

ferment for 3 days and when it smells and tastes like sauerkraut...strain and refrig it

Sip it in small doses...It puts back the good organisms that the antibiotics killed.


Arnica cream is for trama and muscle discomfort.

Monosodium glutamate kills the poison from insect stings.

Quercitin is found in yellow and red varieties of onions ...it is a powerful anti-oxident.

It is not found in white onions..

A Great book to read.

"Food Your Miracle Medicine" by Jean Carper

Pumpkin seeds provide the right way to counterbalance

too much copper in the body either raw or roasted.

Use lots of olive oil and flaxseed oil.


Manual lymph drainage is a great help for it.

Bentonite clay and/or Jason Winter's Intestinal cleanser will eliminate mucus from intestine.


Parasite zapper in book by H. Clark called Cure for All Diseases

Someone from chat said...

"The 'Handbook of Alternatives to Chemical Medicine'

by Mildred Jackson and Terri Teagues.

has suggestions that worked wonderfully for me."

When making soap add a little grapeseed extract good for skin and a natural perservative.

If you make golden seal with emu it is so much better than petroleum jelly for healing sores.

I've read that combining St. Johns wort with regular anti-depressant meds- can be fatal.


The Soap Book..."Simple Herbal Recipes" by Sandy Maine

Eat Cherries for Gout .

For Sinus infections... tumeric and goldenseal with a little neam powder

Macular Degeneration

The macula is nourished by luten....the things that help luten are

Grapeseed extract with maritime pine bark

( you can get at any Health Food store)

also bilberry herb

nourishes the luten

it opens/strengthen the veins...particularly up behind the eyes.

Carrot juice is chock full of calcium.


There is more calcium in a cup of swiss chard than a cup of milk.



For Comfort...Mix sea salt, lavender and sage in a muslim bag.

Chops fresh onions each day and put in Fridge in a jar..breathe in fumes before bed...put back in fridge...next day..use in cooking. You will sleep like a rock.

And onion sandwich or hot milk before bed will also make you sleepy.

Lavender helps one sleep also.

Comfrey has many uses--as a tincture, a tea that we drink, and as a

poultice. It's a remarkable plant and one everyone should have growing

in their herb garden. The best way to get some is by root cuttings.

Comfrey is very resilent to part of its root being taken and planted

somewhere else. It is hardy and not picky. It does not do well in the

Southwest--so plant it in the shade and it must have a daily drink of

water or it will wilt! The flowers are collected and made into

candy--they taste excellent!

For congestive heart failure...Atrial Fibrillation

Arthritis... High blood pressure..anxiety... water retention and magnesium deficiency ...




For Seborrhea or any skin disorders, take Wild Oregano.


For Shingles take comfrey, aloe, chaparral, sagebrush.

Use Colon and gallbladder cleanse to get rid of allergies.


Speaking of allergies

If you can find a local beekeeper

start eating lotsa local honey

early in spring and not bothered by allergies anymore.





If you think you have Fibro or Lupus, maybe you should check out the link below to see

If you could possibly be allergic to corn and corn products.... let me direct you to this marvelous site below.

My Corn Allergy Symptoms and History - Corn Allergens


My allergic reaction symptoms include:

· Migraine headaches of levels from annoying to emergency room

· Tingling sensation at the base of my neck that lasts for hours

· Asthma attacks and/or shortness-of-breath

· Tongue and face swelling

· "Raccoon" eyes and lines from my eyes down across my cheeks

· Rashes and hives, especially if something's applied topically (like sunscreen)

· Intestinal issues, such as stomach discomfort/cramps/pain, diarrhea, nausea and/or vomiting

· Lethargy varying from tired to (literally) not able to stay awake

· Joint pains and Muscle pains...., especially overnight and in my legs

· Weakened immune system; sinus infections



During this time of cold and flu season, yogurt helps to build up

healthy bacteria in the intestines. 3 cups a day is recommended to

assist in fighting viruses that are in the air now.




Basil has the property of clearing the head and a stuffy nose. Make a

little sachet of it and use it for headaches or sinus problems. In

Italy, a sprig of Basil is an emblem of love and fidelity.




Echinacea is used as a "blood purifier" - an agent to cleanse the body

of toxic materials. It is helpful in treating infections. Echinacea is a

natural antibiotic, helping restore normal body functions. It boosts the

immune system.


Garlic & Onions:


Garlic and onions have always been a popular remedy for colds, sore

throats, and congestion. Eat raw or very lightly steamed or sautéed.


Pick plaintain...tear and put juice on insect bites.

Take green barley for high blood pressure.

Use oil of oregano to get rid of abscess.

Good Book.."Evening Primrose Oil"... by Judy Graham

Tells about using Primrose oil for MS.

A drop of Rescue Remedy with water in spray bottle good to spray in room to raise energy levels.


For burns..First make my Marvelous Marigold salve http://kesti16.com/KestiKard/KestiBurn.HTM

...if you don't have that..try honey ...or try Magnets...(hold over burn) or Emu oil.

Or ice.

Grapefruit seed extract.

take with acidolpolis after you have been taking anti-biotics.

it's also great for yeast infections...warts and kills parasites in the intestines.

INDEX of Poisonous Plants


Apple (Balsam)

Apple (Bitter)



Bryony, Black

Bryony, European White

Bryony, White

Cabbage Tree

Calabar Bean

Calotropis Cherry Laurel


Coca, Bolivian

Cocculus, Indicus

Dropwort, Hemlock Water



Hellebore, Black

Hellebore, False

Hellebore, Green

Hellebore, White Hemlock

Hemlock, Water

Hemp, Indian

Ignatius Beans

Ivy, Poison


Laurel, Mountain

Lovage, Water

Mescal Buttons

Nightshade, Black

Nightshade, Deadly Nux Vomica

Paris, Herb

Poppy, White

Saffron, Meadow





Wake Robin, American


If you are bothered by too many thoughts and getting restless, here is a Himalayan technique: touch your tongue to the palate and thoughts vanish.

There is a substance in Red pepper...capsicium that helps people with fibro...African Bird Pepper is best.

Nettle is good for headaches and allergies. Also reported to be good for spraying on poison ivy.


"The Farm Vegetarian Cookbook"... edited by Louise Hagler




(Cerebral & Peripheral) ANTI-INFLAMMATORY


Vascular Fragility

Varicose Veins




Grape Seed Extract provides a treatment option in many disorders where

there are few, if any, effective drugs available. Certain bioflavanoids

in grape seeds (called OPC's) have vascular strengthening ability. This

is useful in the treatment of a wide variety of cerebral and peripheral

disorders such as atherosclerosis, vascular fragility and varicose


Fybromyalgia is a disease caused by lack of sleep and short periods of exercise.

It is an acid condition in which the liver is toxic.


The use of Essential Oils is known to help people with Fibromyalgia. The oils which help the most and work the fastest are Birch, Spruce, and a mix of other essential oils in certain blends. The oils must be 100% pure. Most oils found in health stores are to be of cosmetic standards...therefore not as potent as pure oils. Most have chemicals and things added to produce more commercially.

A poem is an echo asking a shadow to dance!!

Try spraying Plantain tea on poison oak and ivy.

You can also mix this with aloe juice.

Lavender oil around outside of ear

for earache.

For Tinnitus :Use niacin as it will cause flush bringing circulation to the ears...

also Ginko... 4 capsules 4 times per day.


EMAIL...CANYONSPIRITNEWS@AOL.COM to subscribe to newsletter about Native American cures.



> About 37 million people in the US suffer from chronic sinusitis. Most are

> being treated with antibiotics which provide a temporary relief, but the

> problem invariably comes back, often worse than before. Sometimes

> antihistamines are used, usually with similar results.

> According to this study, the reason these medications do not work is that

> the problem is caused not by bacteria, but by a fungus. Out of 210 patients

> with chronic sinusitis, 202 had fungi in their mucus.

> The authors think that the majority of patients suffer from a fungal

> infection and an immune reaction to this bug. Since antibiotics are not

> effective against fungi, they are not only not helpful, but may even be

> harmful because they destroy the beneficial bacteria (Lactobacillus

> acidophilus, Bifidobacterum bifidus, etc.) that protect us against the

> fungus.

> Mayo Clinic Proceedings 1999;74:877-884.



> Many studies have demonstrated various cardiovascular benefits of red wine.

> The reason red wine is so good for the heart and the arteries is because it

> contains antioxidants called flavonoids. But what about people who do not

> like wine? No problem, they can drink purple grape juice instead.

> Patients with known coronary atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries in

> the heart) were asked to drink purple grape juice for 2 weeks. This

> decreased oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol by 34.5% and increased

> dilation (increase in diameter) of the arteries by 6.4%.

> The authors mention previous studies that have demonstrated the ability of

> grape juice to decrease the "stickiness" of the platelets, reducing the

> risk of blood clotting. They suggest that grape juice should become a

> regular part of our diet.


According to the current dietary guidelines from the American Heart

> Association (AHA), calories from fat should not exceed 30% of the total.

> But the report from the AHA Nutrition Committee seems to challenge this idea.

> They have come to the conclusion that Mediterranean diet, which is high in

> monounsaturated fats (mostly from olive oil), reduces the risk of heart

> disease, even though the calories from fat are much higher than 30%.


> In other words, it is the type of fat you eat that determines

> cardiovascular risk, not the total amount. Monounsaturated fats can

> increase the HDL (good) cholesterol and reduce the tendency to form blood

> clots.



> If you have some free time, be sure to visit the NYDocs site at

> http://www.nydocs.com. You'll find a lot of information about medical

> conditions, treatments (both conventional and alternative), vitamins,

> minerals, herbs and much more - even medical humor:)


> Adult-onset diabetes, also known as non-insulin dependent or type II, is

> the disease primarily of overweight adults. Unlike the type I, where

> insulin is not produced at all, patients with type II diabetes have enough

> and sometimes too much insulin. But blood sugar not controlled because the

> body becomes less sensitive to insulin, a condition called insulin

> resistance. Doctors treat type II diabetes with medications that make the

> pancreas produce even more insulin or with insulin injections.

> In this study, 7 diabetic patients were placed on a vegan diet for 12

> weeks, eating only plant-based food. All animal-based products were banned,

> including eggs and milk. Their results were compared with other diabetics

> who ate the usual low-fat diet (control group).

> Fasting blood sugar decreased by almost 30% in the vegan group (12% in

> control group). The vegan patients lost on average 16 pounds compared to 8

> pounds in the usual diet patients. Thre vegan patients had to reduce the

> dose of their medications dose and 1 patient was able to stop them

> altogether. None of the control group patients was able to reduce their

> medications.

> The study was small, but promising. If you suffer from diabetes that is not

> well controlled, vegan diet could be the answer.

Gum Healing.....


Someone on a mailing list that I am on gave me this

recipe. It is helping me alot so far.


5 tablespoons arrowroot, 5 teaspoons goldenseal powder,

5 teaspoons myrrh powder, and 5 teaspoons sea salt.


I mix this all together in a jar and it should probably last a while.

What I do is put alittle toothpaste on my toothbrush and then dip

it in the powder mixture and brush my teeth with it. My gums

seem to be healing with it. Thought you might want to pass this on. : )




> Preventive Medicine 1999 >

Ingredients (in equal Proportions):

* Ground Ginger

* Cinnamon

* Nutmeg

* Ground Sage

* Ground Coffee


Put in an ornate small bowl or container and set near air flow in room.

Traveler's Spice is a gift that is left as a blessing in a room where

travelers stay. It is used to bring harmony to the environment.

From someone in chat:

I make my own cashew milk....not bad

almond milk tasts most like cow's milk

Blend water and cashews....couldn't be easier


Virtue and genuine graces in themsellves speak...

what no words can utter. Shakespear





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