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 Kesti's Burn Salve Formula

3 cups vegetable Shortening (Crisco)

6 Medium sized dried Bay leaves

2 Level Tablespoons Pickling spice

1 Teaspoon Ground cloves

2 Teaspoons dried rosemary

2 cups Solidly packed FRESH picked green marigold leaves..(from plants that are in bloom..small bloom variety)


Melt shortening in heavy 4 quart aluminum pan.

(yeah I know..(aluminum) but that is what I use) (If it works don't change it)

over low heat...Add all of the ingredients except the marigold leaves. Turn off heat..Set aside.

Pick the leaves...the tiny stems are ok..throw the big stems away...Place the leaves in colander and wash thoroughly under cold running water...

Pat dry with paper towels...Add the leaves to shortening mixture...Stir with a wooden spoon...only wooden...this will break down the leaves...as you stir...Turn heat on low...When it begins to boil...watch closely and stir and boil for twenty minutes....(you don't have to stir the entire time) Just often...Turn off heat ..set to back of stove and leave uncovered for sixteen hours. This is very important!!!

Next Day: Sterilize one quart jar and several small jars...Re-heat salve to boiling point...stirring all the while...then pour into jar through cloth bag or jelly bag. When the bag cools just enough to handle..(it is amazing how hot you can handle it without it burning you) use your clean hands to squeeze all of the liqued into the jar. Discard bag and contents. Pour mixture into your smaller jars and tighten covers...It will set up as it cools.

The salve should have a nice light green color.

ALWAYS store this salve in fridge or freezer.

This next line is VERY IMPORTANT!!!!

Apply salve GENEROUSLY but gently to your burned area until ALL pain is gone...should only take a few minutes... 15 at most AS THE HEAT FROM THE BURN MELTS THE SALVE..RE-APPLY NEW SALVE. It stopped all pain from a third degree burn where all the skin had been broken and burned from a bad battery cable that exploded with fire. Pain entirely gone in fifteen minutes...(took a lot of salve tho) (about a cup of salve) The entire palm of hand was burned.

The hand healed with no scarring.

I have dozens of wonderful storied about this salve.


It works for Nettle burn...fire burn..sun burn..rug burn...anal burn..(from mexican hot pepper sauce)

(Insert tiny amount in rectum) electric burn..acid burn..any and all burns....

A friend of mine decided to pull 6 foot tall burning nettles from the back field adjoining his yard with only cut off shorts on... I warned him..he didn't listen...His entire body was covered with giant nettle blisters...Luckily I had given him a pint of my salve. I put it gently on the blisters..they were gone in minutes with no signs he had ever had them...Like a miracle...I missed one by his thumb..it opened up and was sore and weepy all the next day...He would have been a sorry mess. Now he respects burning nettle plants...LOL

There is no reason to suffer any burn pain..This stuff WORKS!!!! It was my first successful formula...and one of the reasons I am soooo interested in herbs......Kesti16

This salve seems to pull heat out of a fever or infection inside too.

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UPDATED On March 17, 2007

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