"Fresh Produce MAGIC"

Keep your produce FRESH for a long time!

Updated On May 18, 2008)

See how long my cabbage stayed fresh below!

I am still in shock!


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This may sound complicated at first, but it makes your entire week of cooking easy, time saving and very rewarding!

I have been doing it for over three months and it has saved me so much cooking time and we always

have a big supply of ready to eat raw veggies and fruit.

The water has also improved the flavor of everything I have tried to date!

I discovered this wonderful way to preserve FRESH produce on October 1, 2007.

Update December 15, 2007

Newest UPDATE January 12, 2008

Update Update, Update!

I am even moree excited about this page now that

I have tested my discovery for over three months!

Most of you won't even believe it, but those of you who try it will have

fresh, CRISP produce at your fingertips at all times. No more waste.

Cucumbers don't work for some reason. Celery will turn brown on the

ends but stays crisp and wonderful. The tops seem to grow.

(I just snip the brown off)


The secreet is simple. You boil one cup of mineral rich volcanic "gravel" in


of water.

It woks better if you let it set for three days.

The gravel then can be put on your plants to fertilize them with minerals.


1. Buy some volcanic gravel

I bought mine at this link.


(yes, it is used to remove odors in the home, etc;)

2. When the "gravel" arrives, measure one

cup into 8 quarts water and boil for fifteen minutes.

(leave it sit in the gravel three days if possible)

Then store water in glass containers.

You can boil the same gravel many times and pour it on

your plants to feed them after it cools.

3. Buy some half gallon size heavy ziploc bags.

(Easy fill bags are best)

4. Wash your produce in water with a cup of

magic water added. (I use a four quart bowl

and change water as needed)

5. After washing and preparing (I cut up my brocolli, cauliflower, and celery , peppers and carrots) (I leave tomatoes, whole, but I split head lettuce in four pieces)

Place one vegetable type in each bag and add

1/4 to 1/2 cup of ice cold "magic water". Seal and put in Fridge.

Don't add more than 1/2 cup water.

(veggies are now ready to eat or cook)

(after two days flavor improves)

(Put date on bag)

(Remove some excess air before closing)

6. Prepare to enjoy the freshest veggies and fruit that

you have ever had.

I have found that produce that feels limp at purchase, is rejuvinated in the

bag in two days.

It tries to grow in the bag.


I have broccoli that has been in a bag for 9 weeks

at the time of this posting.

(fresher than the

day I put it in the bag)

If you are still reading...here is a bonus

I like to just cut the very tip ends off of broccoli

for my omelets.


Use some Apple Cider vinegar (1/4 cup to 4 quarts city

water to kill any mold or mildew you cant see on spinach, cauliflower, kale, broccoli, etc; after washing and cutting.

With cabbage, just pulloff a few outer leaves and trim the

bottom stem so it is fresh.

So far I have tried these:

Broccoli <-----nine weeks still fresh

Cauliflower <------3 weeks

Radishes <------4 months (they get better with age)

Apples <-----4 weeks (ate them up)

Red Cabbage <------six MONTHS!!

Fresh as the day I purchased it!!

Green cabbage-----six MONTHS! Fresh as the

Day I purchased it.

Celery <----4 weeks (see above for tips)

Iceberg lettuce <-----four weeks

Avocados<--------Two weeks

Grapes <---two weeks Only (will remove stems next time)

Carrots <-------9 weeks still fresh (I think carrots

will last forever)

Onions <-----I use them up fast but they work.

Beets <----three weeks (ate them)

Tomatoes <----two weeks (used them up)

Red bell Peppers (I used all my peppers in three weeks)

Orange bell Peppers

Green Bell Peppers

Parsley <------8 weeks

(apples are so much crisper and more flavorful)

(For some reason, cucumbers do not stay fresh for more than a week)

I will continue to experiment with all fruit and veggies and

keep you posted .


Produce actually tastes better than I have ever

remembered it tasting after a few days in the


Organic farmers should find out about this as

well as supermarket produce managers. They could spray

the produce with it.

(For those of you who saw my brocolli growing experiment, All went well until I planted it

in soil and then it died) :(


'Super Foods"

Eat these for Great Health!


Beets (call it red spinach)

Red Cabbage



Swiss Chard

Pomegranate juice


Tea (green or black)















Eat or drink  a lot of the above for Great Health.

When I was experimenting, I put 1/2 cup of the magic water in a heavy half gallon bag.

Then I put in a large jar of stuffed olives,(drained) 2 cans of ripe olives (drained) , and a small jar of drained sweet gherkin pickles.

In a few days, I tasted them and what a treat! I think this would be a great party addition.

You can add some of this to garbonzo beans and pineapple but that should

be eaten in a few days.

Makes a nice salad.

My dishwasher is spotless inside, from using the water, no calcium buildup at all. I put in six ounces with each dishwasher load. (after the pump stops pumping out the last water)

I also bought a shark steam mop and use the water in that for removing odors on my carpet and tile floors.

See what else this Australian Gravel can do.


If you are dizzy, drink more water. When you don't drink enough, your brain suffers and you get dizzy.

See my Blog for almost daily ideas on lots of things.



Whenever you feel sick with a headache, tummy ache, any ache, drink lots of water before you

start taking OTC drugs.

It is cheap, quick, and has no side effects/

It has been proven to work in many incidents in our family.

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