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Yes!!!!! Molasses...Black Strap Crude


I am so excited about the book I just read on it.

According to the book molasses can do many things to

cure and prevent disease in the human body.

I am taking one Tbls per day followed by water.

You can mix it in hot water if you choose.

The author recommends 1 tsp three times a day just

before meals. He says to mix it in hot water..add some

cold after it is mixed and sip it like fine wine.

The following is a list of things the author

claims to have witnessed that it healed.










High Blood Pressure

Angina Pectoris

Weak heart




Pernicious Anemia

Bladder Problems

Gall Stones





Healing after Surgery

This is a fourth edition and was printed in 1948

(I found it at an Estate sale)

It is called:

Crude Black Molasses

A natural "Health -food"


Cyril Scott

He tells of a woman who knew a plantation owner in

India...She said that some of the workers were so

poor that they were obliged to live on and to feed their children

Sugar cane exclusively...They ate all but the fibres...and on this mono diet...were able to remain healthy.

Well..I am sold ...it will remain part of my diet ...

You decide.


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UPDATED On March 16, 2007

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