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He sat forlorn

Upon a bench

Weathered grey

Murky water

Lapping at his

Worn out shoes.

Thunder rumbled

In the distance...

A chilling wind

He pulled his

Tattered coat

Around him.

He closed his eyes

A brilliant light

His Mother's arms

Reached out to him


His old dog

Sam was barking...

It all was there...


With his last breath

He murmured thanks...

by Kesti©


Trees now bored

With summers green

Await Frosts brush

New color scheme

Of orange and red

Vibrant pink

Before they shed

Their lovely gowns

And naked bare

Suffer winters

Fridgid stare...

by Kesti©

'Memorial to War'

Thunder heart

Eye of Tear

Bonded Brothers

Blood and Fear


Masters call

To Dust

And names

Upon a Wall...

by Kesti©


Hate filled words

Jackals gnawing

Flesh from bone

Stop the pain

Please...Stop the pain!

Their echo haunts

My wounded brain.

Hate filled words

Hidden in

Dark corners of her mind.

Once turned loose

Winged bats from hell

Cought me in their

Wicked spell

I'm Angry...Hurt

Pushed way off track

I want my loving

Spirit back...

by Kesti©


I have come to a place

Where my soul

Truly lives

Not of this world

Or any other.

But my own

For I am of

And beyond

And All

Of everything

I am unique

Non other is

Or was

Or ever will be

As I.

A planet

Unto myself.

by Kesti©

'Puppy Luv'

I know you're


In the closet!

Come on out

Come on now...

Yes...I found my chewed up slipper...

I didn't want it anyhow.

by Kesti©

'Fly Away...Fly!'

Depression comes

When someone

Covers your cage


Your song annoys them.

by Kesti©



Nothing brings you pain

Like love

For Nothing's bold enough to dare

Nothing can be sure you'll take

What Nothing wants to share.

Nothing takes you by surprise

When he walks out the door.

Dry your eyes...dear one

For soon...

Nothing matters any more.

by Kesti©

'Smokers Beware!'

Microphone held tightly

To her throat....

She waited with her answer.

I had asked....

"What happened to your voice"

She rasped..."It died of Cancer."

by Kesti©

'The Hurt'

The hurt won't go away

And That's the thing...

I pretend it isn't there

But it won't ring

of truth

Because my Heart can't sing.

by Kesti©





Gives Power



by Kesti©



Cruel..cutting words

Vultures of her will

Swooping at my spirit

Hoping for the Kill!

by Kesti©


It Still

Astonishes me

That message in a glance

The split-second


by Kesti©


'Only Fifteen'

He kissed me


My young heart

Galloped 'round the bend

I could not reign it in

The whole night through...

I'd waited for that moment

For what seemed a long long time

My first loves tender kiss

My dream come true.

by Kesti©


How oft' I've wondered

At your beauty....Rose.

With dew drops nestled

On your velvet cheek

Shy bud awaits

The kiss of Sun

Your Prince...

And then unfolds

Your elegance for all to see.

You garden Princess

You may take a bow

And revel in your glory...

It abounds.

An encore will await you

On the morrow


Dew drops there

An omen to foretell

tears will come too soon

As your reign ends

As age comes swift

no mercy

Does it show.

And now your Prince the Sun

Withdraws your life

Sipping precious

Moisture from your velvet cheek

And leaving parchment drying

In its stead...

Harsh life!!!! When beauty fades

Will we feel dead?

by Kesti©


The sound that you hear

If you pay close attention


Tapping into

The next dimension.

by Kesti©



She was thin

And frail

and old.

Yet they struggled with her coffin.

Filled with troubles

That spilled over on the lawn.

As her spirit rose above them

Freed at last of earthly woes...

She smiled and waved goodbye

And she was gone.

by Kesti©

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