UPDATED On March 17, 2007


''Love Can'

Make You

Shake You

Ache you


Break You!

by Kesti©


'The Flask'

People are like grapes

They huddle together

In bunches...

Only to be crushed...aged

And made into something else.

by Kesti©


Let me climb upon the

Pinnacle of Passion

Ride wild steed thru

Torrents flashing light...

Succumb to all

That nature chose to fashion.

What e'er it takes

To get me through the night...

by Kesti©



I looked into your eyes

And saw the lie

Where love used to live.

My mind recoiled in denial

But my heart knew...

by Kesti©


'Pit Fall'

He lost what we had

For an evenings lark...

I can't help him find it

I'm stumbling in the dark.

by Kesti©



The fiddler plays

And I ride the

Strains of sadness

In his song.

He knows that he can

Carry me along

To re-live with him

The moment that we died

When love was lost

No matter what we tried.


Till our hearts have shed

And pool of sorrows bled

That I may someday

Ride with you

On strains of light

To new and awesome

Journeys in the night...

by Kesti©


'Electric Encounter'

Caught in its field

As our eyes met


We stood in the moment

Hearing just hearts

Primal beat

The ancient drums

That kindle

Love's sweet fire.

by Kesti©


'Cobwebs and Tears'

Who has the key

To fit the lock

That opens

The dusty room?

Who's not afraid

To reach inside

The closet

For a broom?

Who'll take the time

To sweep it clean

Before the day begins?

And clear the sadness

From the heart

Before the body sins?

by Kesti©


I won't fit

In any mold

For I'm unique

And I am bold.

I don't conform

In dress or style

The plague that makes

the rich men smile.

God made only

One of me

Gave me feet

To run so free

It's sad to note

That life's so hollow

When they can prance

Some choose to follow.

by Kesti©


'The Experience!'


Happy feet

Gone dancing

Tapping out the tune

Living in the rhythm

Soaring to the moon.

Stars from out

My eyes do shine

Caught in ecstasy divine!


'Til I nod


In the arms of God!

by Kesti©


You set my heart on fire

There's no one else to blame...

You poured the gas

You struck the match

You fanned the flame...

Your wild eyes danced

You watched it burn...till it was ash...

You have no shame.

by Kesti©


'Sea 'Scape'

When the wave came in

I was gone...

To a quiet place

Where noise and power and spray

Couldn't reach me.

To a dandelion field

Where pollen drifts

So gently to the ground

Where happy yellow colors

Reflected all around.

Where pungent smells

Said... "all is well"

And in my heart I knew

The pounding ...maddening...relentless waves

Were you!

by Kesti©



Depression is that

Lump inside of you

That only loud sobbing

Can dislodge.

by Kesti©




Find the place

Where morning

Sings her song...

Come to her with joy

And sing along.

For day composes

Shares of love or hate

And lyrics hide

As tone

Decides their fate...

by Kesti©


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UPDATED On March 17, 2007

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