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 Someone came into chat and had this wonderful information to share.

Whether you have lupus or not...this is worth reading!!!

(lots on MSG too)

BizBrokerGirl: I have something I want to share with any of you in here who are holistic practitioners...


I have Systemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE)


And have recently been diagnosed with CNS (Central Nervous System) Lupus


It has attacked muscles, brain, EVERYTHING in my body.

I turned 30 on the 13th of this month.


Two days later I woke up with half of my face paralyzed...

it gets better though...just bear with me... it's very interesting.


We thought maybe it was Bell's Palsy

And it was, but was brought on by Lupus attacking my brain and inflammation around the 7th

cranial nerve.


And also...I have begun falling down from muscle failure..not MS but from Lupus as well.


This is something I didn't know about Lupus...even though I knew a LOT.

Well, the neuro said I HAD to go on CHEMOTHERAPY if I wanted to live longer than six months.


I am not willing to, but may not need to...


I'm sure you have all probably heard of SAM-e


Well, I began taking it 2 days after paralyzation started

only because I knew it was supposed to help with neurotransmitters


48 hours I saw some improvement


I thought maybe it was getting better on it's own so stopped taking it

I got worse

I started taking it again

I now have almost 80% movement in my face back!!!


This is something even my neuro and rheumies didn't know!


I actually believe I have stumbled on an unknown treatment for Lupus!!!



my case of CNS is very rare... only 5% in ALL Lupus cases.


Also....get THIS!!!

I didn't do steroids like they said to because my friend who had Lupus died after 6 months

of being on them.

They made her worse...

For 10 years I've been taking ALKA SELTZER for mine...

Why? Because...


it takes care of inflammation, pain, relaxes me, takes care of heartburn

AND thins the blood which reduces risk of stroke (It's just carbonated aspirin)

WELL, I had STOPPED taking Alka Seltzer a few weeks ago because I thought


maybe I was taking too much...

I was having ringing in my ears.




Taking aspirin as a natural anti-inflammatory in the form of Alka Seltzer

may be more beneficial than just regular aspirin (for me at least)

But I started taking it again 2 days ago and have seen more improvement!!!


I also want you all to know, that CNS is usually fatal in Lupus but I have a feeling

it may not be for me.

Also, would you believe that there is something called Lupus Psychoses which causes


you to do strange things and bizarre behavior if the CNS is affected as in my case?

This actually explains a LOT of things I didn't know about!

Well, I'm trying.

But I want everyone in here to tell ANYONE who has Lupus about this PLEASE!


I'm building a web site, and have done some lecturing of rheumies in the past on Lupus issue


I am going to really go crazy with this now! It's awesome!


Yes you may use the story and my screen name.

Please include my e-mail and e-mail me where I can see the page.


I am not doing anything else at this time although I'm going to start Candistroy again....

and cleansing formulas, etc.


ALSO something you should know...

I'm doing some research into hidden MSG in foods in relation to auto-immune diseases

and also yeast candidasis (sp?)

and am finding so much that makes sense....



I have a list if anyone wants it e-mail me and I'll let you know when I get it on the site.

Natural Flavors is a PRODUCT containing MSG


and 40 other ingredients have it


Your body also naturally contains ARSENIC


but in too much quantities it can kill you as you know

so can MSG we are finding


Would you believe that the other day I forgot to check ingredients and ate a frozen dinner


and started getting numb all over


checked ingredients and found that it had "natural flavors"

More on MSG

One reason many people view MSG as a hazard to their health is that it

has become so ubiquitous in our food supply. It isn't as if we were

exposed to minute amounts once a year, for most people it's more like

several times a day!!! And the effects are cumulative. It targets the

nervous system, where it does its mischief, until the liver can

metabolize it, that is, break it down.

Let's just look at the three most common symptoms of an MSG reaction -

headache (often severe), numbness, and tingling. The numbness and

tingling can occur anywhere but is most common around the mouth or in

fingers or toes, arms or legs. All of these manifestations represent a

reaction to an irritant of the nerves serving that part of the body. The

ultimate reactions are seizures and anaphylaxsis, with possible death.

Take a moment to study the list of symptoms.



Immediate or within hours:

migraine and other headaches

numbness or tingling sensations often with flushing of skin

stomach upset


nausea, with or without vomiting


irritable bowel

asthma attacks

shortness of breath

anxiety and/or panic attacks

heart palpitations

heart attack-like symptoms

partial paralysis

balance difficulties

mental fog and confusion

inability to concentrate (children and adults both)

depression and/or mood swings

behavior disorders (especially in children and teens)

any allergy-type symptoms

skin rashes

runny nose

bags under the eyes

mouth lesions


. . . and more!


Retinal deterioration, loss of brain cells and other (mostly neurologic)



Notice how the symptoms reflect the involvement of the nervous system.

Since our nerves run to all parts of the body, the possible symptoms are

diverse and widespread. A firm and objective diagnosis is made more

difficult by the fact that each of those symptoms can also be caused by

other things, they are not unique to having ingested MSG.

The national acceptance of MSG at first blush seems astonishing, then

disappointing and alarming. And the more we learn about the many ways in

which it can harm the human body, the more incredulous we become about

it being allowed at all. The very powerful food industry has embraced it

with total enthusiasm, as it works to their advantage. To help you

understand why, I'll quote from a brochure put out by an activist group,

NoMSG: "MSG 'tricks' your brain into thinking the food you are eating

tastes good. Thus manufacturers can use inferior ingredients to make

their products seem tastier. Inferior products and higher profits

prevail at the expense of consumer health."

To read more of this article..go to link below:

Watching out for MSG


I thank you BizBrokerGirl...for letting me put this page up with your

Story....I think we all should be careful to check ingredients

on all of the products we buy...and as consumers...demand

what we want and don't want in our food....Kes

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