UPDATED On March 17, 2007

Hi Guyz...So many have asked for poems that I decided to make a page where I just type them and not put them on backgrounds so they will be easier to read. They may fall in any order so your mood may change with them. I hope you like them..They are all from my heart... Kesti


'A Message from God'

Receive this day in all its Glory

It was meant for you.

I have painted all the flowers

Red and orchid...blue.

I've laid the vibrant

Carpet green

Over hills and vales

You must have seen its lushness

Just for you.

I've poured the flask

Of sparkling waters

From streams to drops of dew

I've rolled the sun

Into the sky

To catch your eye

And added violins of breeze

To play in trees...

But you ..you are my masterpiece

With haloed hair

And eyes of trust

And goodness rare

Who loves Me without doubt

YOU are what it's all about

Receive this day

In all its Glory

It was meant for you.

by Kesti16©


'Broken Tie

I expected that you loved me

But since I've talked to you

Heard all the hurt and anger

Perhaps that isn't true..

You have judged me very harshly

Reading wrongs in all I say

And all that time I didn't know

You thought of me that way...

I tried hard to defend myself

At least as best I could

But I don't think you heard me

Once the flame was set to wood.

I feel confused and lonely

Tho I've lost what ne'er I had

Deep down my heart still loves you

Broken dreams are very sad.

Great healer Time is summoned

I know he'll do his part

To soothe and solace ...lovingly

The wounds found in my heart.

by Kesti16©



Do not think of words said in anger

On a stress filled day

Come with me now

Let's dance in the meadow

Feel soft grass between our toes

And scare up butterflies.

Savor the sunshine..Laugh until we're weak

Falling down on bumpy earth

Watch the antics of the Kill-deer

Luring us from her nest.

The sky looks down on us with no jaundiced eye

God smiles and waves

As He passes by....

by Kesti16©


Poetry may take you

Tell me if it's true

To a place you've never been before

Yet..You're having dejavue.

by Kesti 16©

'Water...Water...Quench Fire'

Illness is a concept

Good health a reality.

As you think you are...You shall become!

A smile deystroys a million germs.

Some memories need erasing.

by Kesti16©

'A Lost Cause?'

'Twas the day before black and white

When the morning sky was night

He planned all the ages

And filled them with sages

But we STILL..can't get it right!

by Kesti16©

'Resting Place'

Bleached bones

Upon the desert sand...

Nothing can hurt you now.

The sun to warm you

As the wind blows away the sadness...

by Kesti16©


He kissed my neck and worked his way

Down my spine...

Then he licked them back on the way up...

He lay his full weight upon me

And snuggled his chest upon my back

His face in my hair

I could feel his warmth and his life in every cell.

We just lay there...absorbing each other.

Tears filled my eyes....Ecstasy!

by Kesti16©

'OJ...Rage of Torment'

He slit her throat

And as she died

Still couldn't make her see...

That he wanted her to love him

For the man he couldn't be.

by Kesti16

'Color it Black'

Who can help you

When the dawn comes?

Who can ever know your pain?

Sins of silence

Ever onward....

Passage on

The Devils train.

by Kesti16©


'Comrades in Lifes Grove'

Hate prefers to walk alone

But vengeance likes to follow

Down and down and down and down

Into the forest's hollow

I am sure tho you may look

That you will never find

Jealousy along the path

Without fear close behind....

Greed holds hands with malice

As they strip the forest bare...

Love will chase them all away

And Faith will keep love there.

by Kesti16©

'Another Day Tomorrow'

Being your

Own boss

Is Great!!!

Once you get the

'Hang it up"

of it...

by Kesti16©

'New Age Perceptions'

Be totally committed

To whatever happens.

Your companion is death.

You're alive by chance.

Life is eternal.

You're a stranger walking through.

by Kesti 16©

'Night Cry'

I want to hold you

In my arms again

And pat you on the shoulder

Rub my face against your neck

Heart secure as we grew bolder

Entangle both my legs in yours

And sigh contentment's sigh...

Tell you funny things and make

You laugh until you cry...

I want to pull the covers off

And throw them on the floor

Sit on you and rub your back

And make you ask for more....

I want to see your blue eyes twinkle

When I give a playful shove...

What did she have

That made you leave...my love?

by Kesti16



You must pass the golden wand

Lest the light it brings doth fade

Beneath the web

In corners folly

Forgotten neath the dust

Of Jealousy's parade

Instead each one take hold

And spread the word

Excitement lights

another and another

Until the world lights up

Like fireflies

As seen from outer space

And change is made.


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UPDATED On March 17, 2007

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