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 Your skin...eyes...hair and nails...can tell you a lot about your health.

Here are some facts about skin and problems and hopefully some ideas on how to solve them.

Vitamins ...Minerals and Herbs for Skin

Vitamins: A ...b-complex...B-2 ...B-6 ...B-12... B-1... Biotin choline ...folic acid ... Niacin... Pantothenic Acid... Paba... C E ...D... F... Bioflavonoids and K.

Minerals...Calcium...copper...Iron...Magnesium Potassium Sulpher Zinc Silicon..Manganese..sodium

Herbs: Oatstraw tea...Burdock...Aloe Vera and Comfrey

About 6 parts honey to 1 part nutmeg. Honey is a humectant it holds moisture to your skin and is very nourishing. Make sure you use a honey that has not been heated. You can obtain from your local health food store. Nutmeg (ground) removes dead skin. Regular from super market is oK. Mix the 2 together. Apply to face in a pressing motion. Leave on 20 min. Remove with warm water. Skin will be rosy and moist.

Spring Scrub

This is a good time of year to give your body a scrub to refresh those skin cells after the winter. Try the following scrub for soft, supple, fresh-looking skin. You will need:

2 tblsp Wheatgerm

1 cup of Oats, finely crushed

2 bananas, peeled

1/4 cup Lemon Juice

1 cup of plain Yogurt

3 tsp Almond oil (other oils may be substituted, such as

wheatgerm oil)

(Whole milk to thin the mixture if needed)

Either mix all of the ingredients together well, or put them in a blender and puree until it reaches a smooth consistency. You want to be able to spread it on your body without it all sticking in one place or being too runny. When the mixture is ready, take it into the shower with you, clean your body as usual, then turn off the water and apply this mixture to arms, legs, body, and even face. Use a circular massaging motion to rub it in and exfoliate the skin. Leave the mixture sit on your body for a few minutes. Then you can soak it off in the tub, or rinse it off thoroughly under the shower. Dry off briskly with a towel, and your skin should feel refreshed and new. The mixture can keep for several days in the refridgerator. Denise/Phuzy

I use melrose oil for skin problems....removes blemishes with no marks.

I spoke with a practicing hebologist/ reflexologist; and she suggested

to me that eczema is caused by toxins in your body. The first thing to

do she said is to clean out the toxins in your blood. A great way to do

this is to drink dandelion tea. It tastes exactly like coffee. By

cleaning out the toxins, the eczema would clear up. She thinks that

eczema is some what of an allergic reaction to the bad toxins in your



Another good thing to use is marigold (yes the flower that you plant),

you mush it up into a paste, mix it with lanolin and water and pack it

on to your effected area. You will also need a cloth to wrap the area in

when you pack the paste on. The paste is quite thick, and the flowers

will still be big and chunky.


4 parts Castor Oil-- 2 parts Peanut Oil---1 part Olive Oil rub in at night and in the Morn

This is an oil good for skin and pain.


Make tea of plantain... steep leaves 20 minutes

use as hair rinse after shampoo

strain of course

Also can be used for exzema and psoriasis.


Give yourself a facial and tighten pores.

Miracle Whip helps moisten dry skin when applied as a face mask. Wait

twenty minutes, then wash it off with warm water followed by cold water.


Remove dead skin.

Rub a dab of Miracle Whip into your skin and let it for dry a few

minutes. While the skin is moist massage with your fingertips. Dead skin

will rub off your feet, knees, elbows, or face.

Eat a handful of raisens every day to help skin.

Take a teaspoon of black strap molasses every day in 1/2 cup hot water to help skin.

If you have a nail fungus put vicks vapor rub or BenGay on it and it will clear ...This might work for acne too.

Take lots of Beta Carotene...this alone may cure acne

Take vitamin C

Drink lots of water.


New infomation added 11-10-99

Shark Cartilage helps Psoriasis.

Mild cases of Psoriasis may be helped by moderate sunlight or ultraviolet light.

Stress is a big factor in Psoriasis.

Also consider food allergies....deficiences of B complex vitamins .

Use Aroma Therapy: Berganot and Lavendar

Reflexology...Massage area with 2 drops calendula (marigold) oil and 1 drop of

lavendar oil in 2 Tblsp Olive oil.

Hydrotherapy..Apply hot water compress to area daily.

Jogging is very helpful because of sweating.

Do deep breathing exercises to Relax.

Reflexology..Massage these points regulary..every day.

Thyroid..adrenal..liver..diahphram ..kidneys.. intestines...all glands..I will send you Reflexology chart link to copy. Send e-mail asking for foot.link

Avacado oil is good..apply topically


Juice Therapy..apple and carrot..beet..cucumber and grape...NO CITRUS!!! Garlic is good for you too.

A syrup of blueberries was used by ancient Greek herbalists to control the flow of mother's milk. Use the extract for dry eczema. Paint the scales with the extract and cover them with gauze. Repeat this once a day until the excema is controllled.

Bees wax and petroleum jelly .

A mixture of a honey comb with 1/8 the honey left in it...melted over a low flame and then adding enough petroleum jelly to make a firm paste when cool...is the best ever for rough chaffed hands and dry lips.

A few drops of your own urine is said to stop herpes sores in a few applications.

See Soap page for an easy way to make soap...only ten minutes....You just use unscented glycerine soap which you melt and add the good things you want for your skin. Such as Jojoba oil...melrose oil....apricot oil....Emu oil... olive oil....lemon...honey...peppermint...thyme...etc; You can even addwhite sand to roughen it and remove dead skin.....!

Drop some castor oil on a cold sore as soon as it appears...keep applying...works fast to stop it. Mine sealed over almost

immediately and was gone in two days.

More hints for skin will be added as I find them...Kes

Update on 8-25-2003

Go see what is at this site....Great skin help!



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