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Disclaimer: All information on this page has been gathered from articles..books..personal experience or testimonials of others. I am not personally recommending use of any of the ideas presented here...It is for your information only. Information contained here may be subject to

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This page is filled with ideas on a lot of hints that I find interesting...I hope you do too.


Household hint: If something is irritating you every day...stop and figure out a way to fix it.

Over a lifetime that can add up to a large amount of less stress.

Wax sticky drawers...windows and sliding doors with a candle.

Keep things that you use often like scissors in many places so you will have ready access.

When you pack a box of stuff away...Always take the time to put labels and the date on them...

This will save you so much time when you are hunting for something...You cannot remember what is in them for more than a month.

Take time to Call your Mom and tell her you just wanted to say Hi cuz you were thinking of her.

Always bring things to amuse small children on a long car ride.

Always keep a box of unscented Huggies wipes in the car...they are good for many many things.

Pack some silverware..napkins...pop in a picnic basket...then find a nice park near a restuarant in a small town and get some good home made take out food. Go to the park and have a picnic. My friend and I do that all of the time and it is such fun....Privacy...good food...no mess!

Keep a scissors and some scotch tape in your glove box...Plus some sticky labels.

You will find uses for them....beleive me.

Take fans apart and clean the blades every two months.

A nylon net sponge with a handle makes the best toilet bowl cleaner you will ever use plus it looks pretty too.

Open windows and doors for five minutes every day...Fresh air is healthy and in winter heats faster and saves you money.

Use a magnetized erasable board on fridge to keep a handy running shopping list

Paper shredders are very inexpensive and will insure your privacy .

Use baking soda and a broom to clean tub after a bath...only takes seconds...is much faster an easier...plus it insures you will always have a clean broom.

Take the time to copy all of your serial numbers for all of your big price items and programs.. keep them in a safe as well as on a CD ...

floppy or zip.


When using fresh tomatoes for chili or sauce...dip them in boiling water and then cold..the skin will peel right off.


A heaping tablespoon of Chili Powder boiled in a cup of water on the stove will fill the air with aroma that will clear your sinusus.

Buy a few feet of red plastic warning tape and keep in your trunk in case of emergencies...to attract attention of motorists...

If you have high blood pressure don't eat licorice.

When you are angry..walk around the block before you argue with someone.

Baking powder is baking soda..cream of tartar and cornstarch combined.

Keep aspirin in your purse and car in case you need blood thinned because of chest pain when you get older. May save your life. Baby aspirin would be easier to take if you didn't have any water.

Aluminum is said to be the cheif cause of althzeimers...it is in deodorant...pans..pop cans...etc; use alternatives.

Do not take a cart that has a wheel problem...shopping is stressful enough.

When making cookies...don't be worried about adding extra favorite nuts..dried fruit...baking chips etc; the recipe will take changing amounts of added goodies...Look what they put in those Fruit cakes!!! LOL ..I hate fruit cakes but wanted to make my point.

I am always changing recipes around to suit my tastes...never had to throw away anything yet...


Put a small cute basket of garlic

bulbs on your bedside table. This will ward off colds and flu. I have had one

on my table for over four years...no colds or flu.

Change garlic as it becomes hollow.


Use ginkgo for


Uses for Aloe Vera


Ingrown toe nail pain

Mange in dogs

Hair growth


Eyelash growth

Hair wave set

Remove plaque

Mouth sores

insect stings

Denture sores



Stops root canal pain

Stops pressure pain after fillings

Fever blisters and cold sores...speeds cycle


infected Dog ears

Abcessed tooth






Blistered cracked lips


scar removal

shrinks varicose veins

vaginal sores

migraine headaches

athletes foot

Poison oak and ivy



corns and callouses

makes slivers slide out easily

Scalp cleanser


cracked skin

Bed sores

Shaving irritation


nettle burn


teething lotion

swallow gel for coughs

skin cancer




bleeding ulcers


pierced ears


yeast infections



bad breath


chicken pox (inside mouth too)

Dogs nose cracked and infected

Stomach pains..rub on externally

fungus infectons

leg cramps


muscle soreness

eyelids for cataracs

around eyes..reduces puffiness

Arthritis pain

diminishes brown spots

runners before race..apply...no cramps

tired legs

bug repellent

pinched nerve in neck

face cream

earache few drops in each ear...ten min each and empty it out




leg pains

ovary pain

heart palpitations

hair growth


bed wetting

blood purifier

stomach ulcers

high blood pressure


gall stones

nervous conditions

Kidney and bladder infections






boils and abcesses


female problems


plants...spray them with it

weight reduction

hardening arteries...helps them

animal treatments


back pains

leg pains

I know that is an impressive list. I sold Aloe for several years..went to all of the distributor meetings...People who had personal experiences would stand up and tell about what it did for them...I wrote them all down...hence...the list.

You can make your own Household cleaner that I find is the best cleaner and I think I have tried them all!!

Yes....even the terribly expensive ones on those infomercials.

I always go back to this one.

Pennies per gallon.

Take an empty plastic or glass gallon jug.

Pour in one pint of rubbing alcohol.

Add 1/4 cup Sudsy ammonia.

Fill the rest of the jug with water.

Shake and use.

Windows..tile...ovens ...floors...walls...counter tops...mirrors; etc.

You can add 1/3 cup of baking soda to

add more cleaning power

Or just apply a little to what you are cleaning.

Then spray with cleaner.

Cut up garic and cover with vinegar for one day

Then pour off vinegar and cover with olive oil.

Vinegar kills any bacteria on garlic cloves.

Spray inside of measuring cup with Pam if you are measuring honey or mollasses..it will come out easily.

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