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UPDATED On March 20, 2007

 SAMe for fibromyalgia.

Drink Lots of Water

Use Magnets



Lots of good info on Fibro at above link

I started apple cider vinegar and honey for fibromyalgia seems to be helping me.

( 1 tablespoon of each in 8 ounces of water once a day)

MSM for Fibro

http://kesti16.com/Kesti Page/MSM.HTM

Fibromyalgia is a form of muscular rheumatism characterized by tenderness,

soreness, pain and muscle spasms. Fibro - means fiber; my - means muscle;

algia - means pain. Meaning pain in the nonskeletal part of the



There are 44 related diseases (related in the sense that patients with

Fibromyalgia have a higher percentage of being diagnosed with them.


1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

2. Irritable Bladder (Urethral Syndrome)

3. Raynaud's disease

4. Cognitive Problems

5. Hearing Problems

6. Hypoglycemia

7. Mitral Valve Prolapse

8. Premenstrual Syndrome

9. Reflux

10. Hypothyroidism

11. Chronic Fatigue S

MSM is an odorless, effective

bioavailable source of dietary sulfur. Sulfur plays a major role in the maintenance of

important body functions. It is an essential dietary component responsible for

maintaining the development of the body's protein by forming flexible disulfide bonds

between certain amino acids and in maintaining the strength of connective tissue. The

formation of Keratin for hair and nail growth is dependent on MSM. It is also necessary

for the catalytic functions of many enzymes.


As a dietary supplement, MSM is

recommended for neutralizing and eliminating toxins as well as alleviating conditions of

environmental and food allergies, pain from inflammatory disorders, gastrointestinal

ailments and infection.

http://kesti16.com/Kesti Page/MSM.HTM

I have been reading the latest info on Fibro that I can find...I guess my hips started bothering me again but that was all the walking Ive been doing suddenly.

"Deficiencies in B vitamins especially B6 are suspected of causing swelling of the nerves....Some experts believe that the ability to absorb nutrients is greatly compromised in persons with fibromyalsia..." swelling of the nerves resulting in pain and numbness.. (Recommended B6 alone 100mg per day - half in morning and half in evening...after two weeks switch to a B - 100s complex and take once a day...) This really helped me greatly!!

Researchers have found that one of the characteristics that distinguishes people with fibromyalsia is the presence of elevated levels of substance P in the cerebral spinal fluid of fibromyalgics.....This chemical messanger is a chemical messenger that notifies the brain when a pain-causing stimulus occurs.

It is not clear whether people with fibro have more pain because they produce more of substance P or that they have more substance P because their nerves transmit more pain..

Incidentally, if you smoke tobacco, you should know that fibromyalgics who smoke are found to have even higher levels of substance P than those who do not, probably making their perception of pain even greater..

Fibromyalgia pain can mimic gallbladder pain...herniated disc pain...rheumatoid arthritis, and even bursitis or TMJ pain.

Deep restfull sleep is your best ally in fighting the effects of fibromyalgia pain.

Do everything you can to improve the quality of your sleep...

Some common pain-relieving drugs may interfere with your sleep. A recent study found that aspirin and ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) disrupted sleep by increasing the number of awakening and the time spent in alpha-level sleep. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) was also tried and didnt seem to have any effect..

NSAIDs that reduce inflammation are are often prescribed for authritis have been found to be of little help with the pain of fibromyalsia..which is no suprise

since there is no inflammatory component to FM, so taking them near bedtime is probably best avoided.

Caffiene and sugar can also make sleep elusive and unsatisfying. If you have any trouble sleeping you should give up caffeiene completely...coffee and cola drinks are the worst offenders. Caffiene is a potent stimulant and it increases the tendency of muscles to go into spasm..Remove gradually from diet..

Dont worry about how youre going to get going in the morning. Youll do just fine without caffeine, if you get off of it slowly..If you cant get up in the morning, it isnt because of a caffiene deficiency, anyway..You need to work on your sleep problems..

Lack of sleep compromises your immune system When you are starved for sleep, your vulnerable to the invasion of your body to illness.. There is compelling eveidence that sleep deprivation can also cause a significant amount of fibromyalgia pain..

There is reason to believe that lack of delta sleep, leading to growth hormone deficiency, is at the heart of many of our problems as fibromyalgics..While the pituitary gland secrets growth hormone (somatotropin) around the clock, the largest spuirt of growth hormone secretion - as much as 80% occurs during delta sleep.

Most people with fibromyalgia get little, if any, delta sleep. Sleep studies show that in 90 percent of cases, alpha waves intrude as soon as delta sleep is reached. This explains why fibromyalgis are such light sleepers, and why we can come fully alert if anyone comes inhe room.

Growth hormone stimulates growth in children and adolescents, but it is important in adults as well..It is necessary for muscle health. As you move abotu during your waking hours,microscopic tears occur in your muscles. Growth hormone has a role in repairing your muscles. People with fibromyalsia

tend to have muscles that are tighter and less flexible than those of most people, so we can infer that out muscles would be more subject to microtrauma..If we get our share of tiny muscle tears and less than our share of somatotropin, the result is constant muscle ache and pain that is characteristic of fibromyalsia..

Also lactic acid and other substances buid up in the muscles during exertion.Growth hormone helps in the process that carries these substances away from the muscles so that they can be excreted from the body...(B vitamins help with this also)

A study has shown that many fibromyalgis can benefot from taking growth hormone, but so far the substance is prohibitively expensive. Also warning.

Excess of growth hormone can cause acromegaly, a serious, disfiguring, and potentially fatal disease.

Anyone who is sleep deprived is subject to the muscle soreness associated with the lack of growth hormone. 1975 Harvey Moldofsky, MD University of Toronto.

Canada, induced the symptoms of fibromyalgia in healthy students by depriving them of deep sleep for three nights in a row..These students recovered promptly from their symptoms after a good nights sleep...Significantly, some students, all of the athletes, were able to avoid the FM syndrome. This is why professionals who know abut fibromyalgia urge their patients to engage in physical exercise as part of their treatment regimen.

Deep level sleep is also important for the production of antibodies, the chemical substance that neturalize or destroy the causes of most common infections.

Fibromyalgia/CFIDS posted by David L. Smith on December

13, 1997 at 10:51 PM

Home Page:

Upon my return from the Olympics, in 1996, where I served as the

Physical Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer for the US Boxing Team

I began using Emu Oil and Mega Pain, another Emu Oil product, on my

soft tissue and joint pain patients with a tremendous amount of

consistent results. When Dr. Steve Borowsky, the Director of the

SurgiCenter Pain Unit, here in Phoenix, called me to ask me if he could

use the products with some of his Fibromyalgia patients for a few

months, he also informed me that they had tried a number of topical

applications for the last few years with minimal success and that he

would like to use the products for 3-4 months before rendering a

decision. I have been so impressed with how the products reduced the

pain that my wife had been having with her Osteoarthritis and with how

well the members of the Phoenix Fire Department responded to the many

uses of our Emu Oil products that we have now shifted our distribution

center to here in Phoenix. The bottom line in all of our trials is that

Dr. Borowsky has given his and the Center's endorsement on the use of

our Emu Oil products with Fibromyalgia patients and many of them call to

lend us their comments and their history of various treatments with

minimal relief until they began using the products consistently. There

is enough bad news in this world of ours and when these people tell you

about the relief that they are experiencing - it makes the day!



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