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Massage the top of hand deep going back from between fingers to wrist.

also, below and above the elbow and 2 points on neck and one on shoulder.

Soak Hand in Kloss's Formula

Buy the Book..."Back to Eden" by Jethro Kloss (original version)

The formula has Golden Seal...Myrrh and Cayenne in it.

This formula is good for so many things it is

Worth taking the time to make it.

This is the book on herbals that I love.

I have dozens of Herbal books.




If You Have Any Of These Symptoms You May Be Suffering From Carpal Tunnel



* Pain, Tingling Or Numbness in the thumb, Index, Middle or Ring Fingers.


* Tingling Or Numbness Of Your Entire Hand.


* Pain That Shoots From Your Hands Up The Arm As Far As The Shoulder.


* A Swollen Or Tightness Feeling In Your Hands Or Wrists.


Sometimes You May Also Notice That:


* One Or More Of The Above Symptoms Are Worse At Night Or When You First

Get Up In the Morning.


* Your Hands Or Lower Arms Feel Weak In the Morning.


* You May Drop Objects More Than Usual.


* You May Have Trouble Pinching Or Grasping Onto Objects.


* You May Have Trouble Performing Detail Tasks Such As Writing or Tying

Your Shoes.


* You May Have Trouble Performing Tasks That Require Strength Such As

Opening a Sealed Jar Or Using a Screw Driver.

I have one suggestion for Carpal Tunnel which I find works great


with my patients


as you stated, over use of the flexors contributes to it


therefore, it is important to regularly stretch the extensors of the fingers, and


especially the THUMBS... Atrophy of the abductor pollicus longus (the thumb extensor) can contribute to the collapse.

(extending the thumbs is especially important for body workers)


Health And Lifestyle: People Who Suffer With Thyroid Diseases, Amyloidosis,

Rheumatoid Arthritis, And Diabetes Are More Prone To Others To Develop

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. People Who Experience Hormonal Changes Relating To

Pregnancy, Menopause and The Use Of Birth Control Pills Also Are More Prone

To Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Job Stress Also Has Been Linked To An Increased

Likelihood Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. As Well As, There Is A More Frequency

Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome In Alcoholics.


Repetitive Motion: This Is The Most Common Cause Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

It Has Been Mostly Attributed To The Workplace. But, Let Also Not Count Out

Hobbies As Well. Repetitive Motions Are Found Throughout The Workplace.

Everything From Typing On Your Keyboard To Using Vibrating Hand Tools Or

Instruments Of Some Kind. Everything From Typing At Work To Knitting At Home

Has Some Repetitive Motion. When You Flex Your Hand Or Fingers The Flexor

Tendons Rub Against The Walls Of The Carpal Tunnel. If You Allow Your Hand

Time To Recover This Rubbing Will, Most Likely, Not Lead To Some Kind Of

Irritation. The Amount Of Recovery Time Needed Varies From Person To Person.

From Seconds To Hours. When You Do Not Let Your Hand Or Wrist Recover From

The Flexing Or The Work It Was Doing and Start The Flexing And Working All

Over Again That's When Carpal Tunnel Can Originate.

As Time Goes On And Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Progresses Use Of The Hand

And The Thumb Become More Difficult. Tasks That Require Thumb Or Hand

Strength Or Minute Precise Movements Get More And More Fatiguing As The

Progression Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Continues. As Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Advances Numbness And Pain Is A Pronounced Result. The Pain Can Radiate Up

The Arm To The Shoulder And Sometimes As Far As the Neck. Additionally

Numbness Usually Strikes In The Hands And Sometimes the Wrist. On A Daily


Most Individuals Wake To Find That Their First Three Digits On Their

Hands Have a "Pins And Needles" Feeling In Them. They Tingle. They Don't

Have Normal Feeling Or Reaction For A Slight Time Period.


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