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This page is dedicated to the cold and flu bugs

some of us have every year.

Any ideas you have will be appreciated and may

be added to this page.

Buy a cute little basket. Fill it with garlic bulbs.

Put it on a table near your bed.

The "Aromatherapy" which is mild since

they haven't been cut...will keep germs away.

When bulbs get dry...replace.

Boil 1/2 tsp cayenne (red pepper) and 1 Tblsp of

Chili powder in one cup of water.

The fumes will permeate your home and cause

mucus to loosen and you will cough it up and

feel much better.

Inhaling the fumes of Strong Horseradish will

also unplug sinusus....will also make your eyes water.

If you have lost your sense of smell..be careful with this.

Only one whiff at a time.

I drank a tea that cleared up a sore throat over night. It consisted of:

Goldenseal root....Burdock root.....Yellow dock root....Marshmallow root

Echinacea....Echinacea root.....Pleurisy root.... Angelica root and Wild Cherry bark.

Wow.....Plus it tasted good!

I believe this saying....

When I kept to the rule I didn't have

a cough...cold or flu for 5 years.

"Never let a bare foot touch a bare floor"

(It was easy for me as I have every room carpeted except

the bath...I would make sure I stepped on the small

rugs in that room...lol

Pneumonia.....tie three garlic bulbs on string and

Put around neck while sleeping...have bulbs over

chest area.

Saw palmetto is good for any sinus trouble.


.Chicken Soup and burnt toast will help you get over the flu.

One clove of garlic in water ....leave for one half hour..

Take out garlic...snuff water up nose to clear and

relieve sinus problems.

Aloe vera in nose ....makes eyes and nose water

but clears infections.

For a sore inside of nose....Use Internal Kloss's formula

On Q tip and put on sore...It will heal fast and

stop hurting immediately.

If you haven't made Kloss's Golden seal...Myrrh cayenne

formula yet.


Click link below to get Kloss's Formula


When you feel a sore throat coming on....Use two teaspoons

of Apple Cider Vinegar in 4 oz of water and Gargle.

The sooner the better!!

One day when I was on a shoot I began getting a terribly sore throat..... I went into a store and

Bought a bottle of ACV...then I bought some bottled water...Poured the

vinegar into it and gargled in my car. I had to swallow it..

but the sore throat never developed...It works!!!!

Carry a small bottle of vinegar...like an ounce in your bag or car. If someone sneezes on or near you....Immediately

put a drop or two on the top of your hand...(top of hand is clean)

and snuff it up your nose.

It will kill the germs you may have inhaled.

Keep a pair of new long wool socks in drawer for sore throats...cover throat with Kloss's external formula

put wool sock over it to drive formula into skin...and bring circulation to throat.

You will feel better soon.

Copy this page and print out a sheet to keep handy.

You may be too sick to sit at your computer and you

will wish you had a reminder of what to do.

To help sinusus drain..massage fingers and top of hand between knuckles and towards base.

Sore throat...Massage both Thumbs and Big toes.

Boil some of Kloss's forumla on stove in one cup of

hot water for lungs.

If you feel a throbbing pain on head or temple...rub Kloss's formula on it...It will stop in minutes.

It will not hurt your hair.

Some coughing is good for you as it is cleaning lungs..etc;

but if you can't sleep because of it...Rub Kloss's external formula all over chest...You will sleep for at least four hours without coughing.


(Gonna make that Formula yet????)


Kloss's internal formula will also stop tooth pain until you get to the dentist.

For any mouth sores or canker sores...swish Aloe vera

Juice or Gel in mouth.

(never buy any aloe that isn't cold processed)

Echinachea is good for Flu.

Echinachea salve is good for cold sores.

Hot lemonade makes you feel better when you have a cold.

Crying will help you get over colds and flu faster.

Massaging scalp with fingernails will make sinusus drain.



During this time of cold and flu season, yogurt helps to build up

healthy bacteria in the intestines. 3 cups a day is recommended to

assist in fighting viruses that are in the air now.



Basil has the property of clearing the head and a stuffy nose. Make a

little sachet of it and use it for headaches or sinus problems. In

Italy, a sprig of Basil is an emblem of love and fidelity.



Echinacea is used as a "blood purifier" - an agent to cleanse the body

of toxic materials. It is helpful in treating infections. Echinacea is a

natural antibiotic, helping restore normal body functions. It boosts the

immune system.

Garlic & Onions:


Garlic and onions have always been a popular remedy for colds, sore

throats, and congestion. Eat raw or very lightly steamed or sautéed.

Many people are allergic to tissues...

Shake one in the sunlight streaming in your home and you will see why. They have millions of particles flying in the air to further cause problems. Some people have chronic colds and never even suspect it is their tissues.

(Paper towels aren't soft on the nose...but have lots fewer

particles)....An old clean T Shirt cut up is the best answer to this problem in case you are allergic.

While on the subject....some women don't realize they are allergic to bathroom tissue...this may cause itch and sores and drainage from sores...to become a chronic problem.

(Unscented baby wipes are the answer)

Another important thing for women to know is about is:



Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a rare bacterial-caused illness occurring

mostly in menstruating women who are using high absorbency tampons.

for details click link below




Tissues used for colds should be flushed immediately down the toilet.

(to prevent spread of germs to others)

When flu season is in full swing...I eat out less...avoid crowds when possible...and make sure I get plenty of rest and more vitamin C ...A gram a day.


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