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Watermelon seed tea is said to be good for arthritis

Also for arthritis (SAMe)


I have something that is holistic that is used for arthritis

you will have to buy an avacado take out the pit...cut it up...

place in a bottle of rubbing alcohol...put in sun... shake for 30 days...and then rub on joints,,, it really works .

Aloe Vera for arthritis...


I think Rescue Remedy would help you deal with the pain.

Bones...need the following




Herbs...Comfrey...Poke Root...Kale....Boneset

Kloss has a formula that works for Arthritis...Buy his book..

"Back to Eden" by Jethro Kloss...(original copy)

It is a mix of golden seal...Mhyrr and cayenne....

It is good for all pain and healing.

To see his formula...go to this link: http://kesti16.com/KestiKard/OE.HTM

Also see my formula for Green magic on one of my pages...made from Mint..comfrey and plantain....Kesti

Green magic formula can be seen on this page:


More Infomation I have found:


Our claim that arthritis is caused by parasites is well founded through

many years of research. More information on this research can be found

in the book "The Cure for All Diseases" by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D.,

N.D. For more information on this and other books plus other herbal

cures please visit the CureCancer.com website.

According to research parasites are the actual cause to all diseases,

including arthritis. The genetic and non-genetic causes that most

doctors claim to be real are actually only contributing factors. Even

though a healthy body is able to rid itself of many parasites

automatically, certain conditions will allow these parasites to start

their destructive processes anyway. These conditions give the parasites

a chance - the conditions do not cause the disease - the parasites do.



These products cause parasite eggs to hatch at an alarming rate. Without

them a healthy body normally flushes out the eggs before they hatch.

In almost every instance commercial supplies of the following products

contain a "propyl" ingredient:

* Shampoo, including health brands (look for any ingredient starting with


* Hair spray and mousse

* Cold cereals

* Cosmetics

* Store-bought bottled water

* Store-bought fruit juice

* Rubbing alcohol

* Mouth wash

* Shaving supplies

* Carbonated beverages

* Decaffinated coffee

* White sugar

* Some artificial flavorings

* Throw out all aluminum products.

For a complete list of these products and explanation of tests performed

read the book The Cure for All Cancers by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D.,



Cat's Claw, also referred to as "Una de gato", is the new North American

leader in important medicinal plants and comes from the South American

Peruvian Rainforest. Six oxindole alkaloids have been isolated in the

inner bark of the plant and have been proven to provide a general boost

to the immune system. Other alkaloids and phytochemicals (glycosides)

present in Cat's Claw have been isolated and tested and are shown to

provide pronounced natural anti-inflammatory benefits. As a true

adaptogen with almost unlimited therapeutic applications, Cat's Claw has

been called by experts as a "World Class Herb: a "Miracle Herb" and a

"Sacred Herb of the Rainforest." Health care providers are now using it

successfully with their arthritic patients for its anti-inflammatory and

immune-stimulating properties. The alkaloid content of the Cat's Claw

plant varies depending on quality. It ranges from 0.1% to 1.0% total

alkaloids. Most Cat's Claw products contain as little as only 1 to 5 mg

of alkaloids, which are actually bound to tannins. In Cats Claw bark,

the alkaloids and tannins actually form a complex, which is not

bioavailable without an acid to break it apart. The alkaloids contained

in Life Plus CATAGESIC have been standardized, utilizing a proprietary

process to not only contain 4% oxindole alkaloids but also break apart

the alkaloid-tannin complex. Very importantly, this makes the alkaloids

100% bioavailable. Consequently, a full 8 mg of pure bioavailable

oxindole alkaloids is contained in each CATAGESIC tablet. This is up to

eight times more than other Cats Claw capsules sold today!



Siberian ginseng for arthritis

In the book Alternative Medicine The Definitive Guide....compiled by the Burton Goldberg Group

(You can buy the soft cover for $39.00 at Sam's club) Over one thousand pages...they cover all alternative health problems and on arthritis alone...here are the sub listings for it.

I can't copy all of the information so I will just give you their list and you can decide if you want to invest in this marvelous book.


Ayurvedic medicine and...

Accupuncture and ...

Aromatherapy and...

Body work and...

Causes of...

Cell therapy and...

Chiropractic and...

Colon therapy and...

Dental amalgams and ..

detoxification therapy and...

diet and untrition and ...

Enviromental medicine and...

fasting and...

Gout and...

Herbal medicine and ...

Homeopathy and...

Juice therapy and...

Neural therapy and...

Nutritional supplements and...


Osteopathy and

Oxygen therapy and

qigong and...

Reconstructive therapy and...


Sea cucumber

Shark cartilage



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