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From someone in chat

Did you ever hear of something called Noni?

Supposed to be a miracle fruit - a friend of mine,

severe asthmatic

has been taking it and hasn't be sick for a year...

she is usually in the hospital twice a year

- check it out...Noni

 Asthma Cranberry Drink:

Fill a stainless steel or ceramic or cast-iron pot half full of fresh washed cranberries. Fill the pot with pre filtered or distilled water. Simer it slowly on low heat. The water wil recede to the top level of the cranberries. Pour off the cooking water, strain the berries, and throw away the skins. Place the cranberry juice pulp in a labeled jar in the fridge. Use a teaspoon of two of the pulp in a cup of warm water to overcome and astma attack. A few sips of this elixir may help you restore normal breathing.

Curry is good for asthma


Try taking stinging nettle for allergies-worked for me.


Pollen Map


I use caffeine and omega 3 fish oil up to 6000mg day...powerful combo for asthma also a few other things.


A nasal wash is a cure all even is you just use warm water, with 1/4 teas per cup. (saline)

(she means salt)

You can use garlic water for snuffing up your nose for sinus

(put one clove in warm water for fifteen minutes and use)

You can use chili powder diluted in water for same.

I used both and it cured my sinus probs...It has been three years and they haven't come back.


This is Wild!!!


Asthma Testimony


I suffered with polymyalgia rheumatica, asthma and was overweight too. I

had severe spasms in my upper back and my breathing was impaired with

attacks of suffocation . I was weighing in at 200lbs. From Sept. 98 til

the end of Feb. 1999, I had no relief. I kept getting worse. The doctors

kept suspecting heart attack or stroke. All my medical tests returned

normal. My turn around came when, none of the traditional medicines were

working for me and I was calling for help and getting none. I was

desperate and had no hope. Then, my son came along with a book called

"Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss" with herbal information and I started to

remember some of the herbs I had taken as a child. It worked then, why

not now? I started purchasing herbal teas and using them. I had some

relief, but still had attacks, but, not as often anymore. I faithfully

drank my sassafras and red clover daily and others as needed. Then, my

son said I saw this book on fasting and bought it for myself, it's

called "The Miracle of Fasting" by Patricia and Paul C. Bragg, but, it

has information on rheumatism and muscles. I said okay, let me see...and

am I glad I did take a look at it. I started safe and healthy fasting

one day a week and continued to pursue an alternative to everything that

I was ever led to believe. When, I felt well enough, I went to the

health food store and tried everything suggested in these 2 books I now

had in my hands on holistic living.

I am living proof since last Feb. 1999 til now July 1999 that the

holistic way, works.

Attention Smokers!!!

Cleanse Lungs!

I am trying to quit smoking-does deep breathing really calm and help you?


Lung Therapy

Just follow these directions

This exercise will help clean your lungs out

Sit up very straight

We're going to do deep

breathing hard 20 times

Next.... hard throat clearing... 20 times

Then.... cough long and hard 20 times You should feel cleared when finished.

Get Herbal Help to Quit Smoking!!!



Ask for catalog and buy 1 ounce of lobelia and a 4 ounce dropper bottle (lobelia tincture to stop Smoking)

$22 for a 1 ounce bottle



Let's STOP Smoking!!!

go ot link below for help



Breathing Exercise 2


A very serious breathing exercise

first you inhale as much as you can, then exhale until you make noise(really) and

hold 8 seconds, then release... very simple


if you hold exercise positions on exhale it will burn fat in areas


my cranial sacral therapist noticed my lungs more opened

once again, inhale the fullest, exhale the fullest until make noise, hold for 8 seconds,

then relax

this breathing exercise makes you stronger

first time I did it I almost passed out....

Homeopathic combinations are also good for smoke withdrawal

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UPDATED On March 21, 2007

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