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A kidney stone is very painful..you can feel it throbbing at the spot where it is stuck. Sometimes lying down will make it float back into the bladder...A stone will make you feel sick and you may have bloody urine..fever..and the urge to urinate but not much is there.

Drink Rosemary tea.

Drink lots of water..flush your system often.

Cut back on salt

Stones are made up of calcium mostly

Exercise is essential to put calcium in bones where it belongs not settling in your kidneys.

No more than 6 oz of protein a day from any fish or meat.

Magnesium (500mg-1000 per day) and B6(25-50mg per day) will help reduce risk.

Don't eat food high in oxolates


Drink fresh lemon juice if you have stones.

Cranberry...Cherry..and apple juice are good as well.

Some herbs that are good..Goldenrod..yarrow..rose hips..plantain...horsetail...nettle..rosemary.

Try to catch urine so you will know when it passes..It may feel like a baseball but it is quite tiny...usually. If it won't go thru..the pain will make you call the doctor.

If you have experienced cystitis...you know how awful it makes you feel.



This was found in a magazine... the article said that those who used this soup ....never had cystitis again.

My sister tried it six years ago and she has never had cystitis since.

Before that she had had it often.

(She only drank the soup liqued for three days)


'Soup Recipe'

Take a handful of hulled barley..

1 sprig of parsley

one medium potato unpeeled..(thoroughly washed)

two small onions Unpeeled but (thoroughly washed)

3 cups cold water.

Bring to a boil and then let simmer for ONLY 5 minutes! (very important)

Strain. Drink entire amount of liquid before dinner. Throw the veggies away..make fresh the next day.... Continue for two weeks.


From a chat member:


My Naturopath told me to have Wild Yam Extract handy

next time I feel kidney stone pain. She said to take two

dropperfuls (in water?) and it will relax the area (muscles?)

and allow the kidney stone to pass. I wish I could give you

more detailed information, but I don't remember the physiological

terms that she used...but I bought the Wild Yam

Extract just in case.




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