UPDATED On March 24, 2007



I hear you screaming in the darkness

Without making one small sound

With waves of searing anger

Hovering all around...

When I reach out to touch you

As gently as I can

You instinctively reject me

To prove that you're a "Man"

So you carry all that sorrow

Justify yourself and hang

or trample deeds of kindness

Dark hate ..where smiles once sang

But I will not forget you

Nor accept that you are gone

A stranger stands before me

But the memory lives on..

So when you are asleep at night

Gently without strain....

I'll hold you in my mind and help

You wash away the pain.

by Kesti©





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UPDATED On March 24, 2007

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I have had over ONE MILLION visitors to this, My AOL Site in the last nine years.

The counter kept reverting back to zero, but I kept my own records each week.

I have now attached my two sites together under one counter starting at 2000.

This is March 15, 2007.

I hope I will not have any more trouble with counters. Sincerely, Kesti








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