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Sleep can be elusive at times...this page has some

hints about sleeping that have helped others.

The smell of lavender in the room helps you relax.

Rescue remedy will help you relax.

Soft music...tapes of running water or ocean waves may help.

Foods that will make you sleepy are Onions...Turkey...warm milk...

nutmeg fumes....

Hot milk with rose petal jam is a nice way to make you sleepy.

Repeating anything with four quarter time as

'The Night Before Christmas'

poem will help.

Trying to think of things like cars or flowers for

all of the letters in the alphabet will bore you to sleep.

Not worrying about insomnia is the best cure for it.

I get up and do some work I don't like and that makes me tired.

Don't exercise before bedtime...

If driving takes your mind off of problems running thru

your head..go for a short drive.

Say this backwards a few times..

Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

It will exhaust your brain.

Massaging your feet may help.

Soaking feet in vinegar water may help.



Better Sleep


The Sleep Site..<---very good


Some suggestions to encourage restful sleep: From Basic...(holistic chat regular)

l. Keep a small notepad and pen by your bed. If your mind is too active to sleep, jot down your thoughts and promise yourself to deal with them tomorrow.

2. Pray before sleeping. Give all your praises and your worries to the Almighty and take them off YOUR shoulders.

3. Remember to stay away from caffine after dinner...or even mid afternoon , if necessary. Many things contain it that you might not think of. Read labels. (Mountain Dew contains caffine!)

4. Meditate. Think of sending love by surrounding your loved ones with a big pink puffy cloud....surround the people of the earth with it, also.

5. Know that you are cared about by many of your dear chat friends. They are sending that cloud of love to you, also.

6. Do not worry if you don't sleep for eight hours. As long as you are rested when you awaken, you are getting enough sleep. Some people, especially as they get older, require less sleep.

7. Be sure to check out any medications that you may be taking with your doctor or pharmacist. Sometimes, they can be the culprit.

8.Take a hot bath to help you relax before bed. Make this a part of a regular sleep routine.

9. Several homeopathic remedies are useful for occasional sleep disturbances. Check with a homeopathic doctor or practitioner.

10. Homeopathic Chamomilla is suggested by Dana Ullman for teething infants , irritable adults, adults addicted to sedatives or who are suffering from physical pain. It is always best to check with a homeopathic doctor or practitioner about its use.

I have seen skullcap tea work wonders for sleepless people. from Foggschool

(Foggs is a regular holistic chat member)

From Rachel...regular holistic chat member

You asked for sleep ideas. I've got one. I've tried

many different herbal remedies such as chamomile tea,

valerian, Kava etc. Well, the one I take has a combination

of calming herbs in it as well as enzymes to help a person

to absorb them better. It contains valerian root, hops flowers,

chamomile flowers, passionflower, blue vervain, Lipase,

Cellulase, Amylase and Protease. I think that the enzymes

in it make a big difference! The name of the product is called

Thera-Zyme CLM Nervous System Support Formula . It is

distributed by Enzyme Formulations, Inc., of Madison, WI 57319.

I get mine from my accupuncturist. It is not sold in stores and I'm

not sure if you can order it yourself or you have to get it through

a professional. But it is the only thing natural that has helped me

with my insomnia. It is also used for nervousness. So you can

use it during the day time too. Ironically, during the day it doesn't

make me tired if I take it, yet it does help me to relax. : )


Hi Kesti....good to see the Sleep page up. Much needed. Here's a recipe i got from Soapmstr, and although i havent tried it yet (the Valerian worked wonders and left me with no need to try anything else) it looks like it will work also.

1 tablespoon catnip

1/2 teaspoon skullcap

1 teaspoon St. John's Wort

Make tea (infusion) and drink. Now, as St. John's has so many cautions to it, I wonder if the skullcap and catnip will do the job without St. John's.


Peace, Trinka

(Trinkawoman is a holistic chat regular)

Only one addition to the sleep page, start by relaxing your feet, then your legs and so on till you get the whole body relaxed. Do this while breathing deeply and evenly. This gets a start on relaxing enough that you can sleep. I still favor the warm milk for tthe tryptophan. No warm milk, or lactose intolerence, try melatonin. See ya later, Coop

(Coop /LunaShakti is a regular holistic chat regular)

From Chersware

(Holistic chat member)

I have had a few sleepless nights and it can be from many causes. If your mind is racing with thoughts because your thinking about what you need to get done tommarrow or didnt get done today, the brain can actually miss its sleep cycle and make you "overtired" or feel like a zombie. I found that melatonin works great in those cases with a very low dose...most pills on the market can even be cut in half or quartered and use the lowest dose possible to get the needed effect. That way if you need to take it another night you can still use it without a buildup of chemicals which make you real alert and refreshed in the morning, but when you have too much, anything that wakes you up even be it 3am, your going to feel like you need to start your day and more melatonin wont help but make the problem worse.

Some say dont take melatonin with antidepressants as they can work against each other. but after doing a bit of digging I found that a low dose is acceptable and even beneficial, but you have to avoid the trap of taking something that will work against your antidepressant or change its effects...Once I took Prozac and used melatonin in the higher dose, and once it worked okay..and the next time ..I was nervous and agitated...So found a very low dose product combined with B6 and calcium and magnesium that all help promote good sleep..

You can have multiple reasons for not having good sleep...I found out that a combination sometimes is needed instead of one solution. For example, when my fibromyalsia was flaring up and I was in spasms and pain, I had to relieve pain, support the leg and back muscles in bed with extra pillows and make sure I exercized so that even though I had pain, I was not wide awake from getting less exercize that my body required. I kept a good book, or sometimes a somewhat boreing one to break the obsessive thoughts of "things to do" or "past terrible wrongs". Getting ready for tommarrow should be done prior to hitting the pillow, and you sometimes literally have to ignore the past, or shelve it, so to speak...Not forget it entirely, but bedtime isnt the time for regret.

I also found that sometimes outside noise can ruin sleep so I once put a one gallon fish tank with a bubbler and night light...It had a fake fish in it and some plants...It focused me in the room and not to sounds outside and I slept much better..I found them at the pet dept. Some people use a sound machine for that purpose that produces sounds of birds, rain..etc..but I found it not to be as usefull for bed time sleep as the fish tank....whatever works...

Lastly...If you dont get enough sleep, your body cant produce the chemicals that repair the microtears in the muscle tissue, and therefore your cycle begins to deterioriate and sleep becomes less possible.. Im also believing the old saying "Not getting enough sleep can literally stunt your growth"..

Im not sure how magnets help with sleep, but I have heard some people rave about how well they worked...I personally believe that anything you do that will help sleep is great, but believe partly it works as your more focused on the magnet sheet and not about your personal problems for awhile.

Also not being warm enough while sleeping can cause shivering and if you have arthritis or muscle pain can make you feel even worse.. I have at times worn an old fashioned bed cap and worn it and it made a difference too...

I would be interested in what other persons said they did to get results...Other than sleeping tablets...as your body doesnt get the proper deep sleep pattern and therefore, you might sleep but not repaired...so its only a temporary solution.

A BIG thanks to all who sent their ideas.... :) Kesti


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