A Candle for the Faithful

Each one of you

Who come each day

is a candle in the darkness.

Your prayers light the way,

for many who need

healing and care.

The Creator's blessing

May you also share.


Where your Treasure is...There will your heart be...Also.


Dear God


Thank you for this new day, its beauty, and its light.

Thank you for my chance to begin again.

Free me from the limitations of yesterday.

Today I may be reborn.

May I become more fully a reflection of your radiance.

Give me strength and compassion and courage and wisdom.

Show me the light in myself and others.

May I recognize the good that is available everywhere.

May I be, this day, and instrument of love and healing.

Lead me into gentler pastures.

Give me deep peace that I might serve you most deeply.





(She has attempted Suicide

She is filled with anger)

Please comfort her..Dear Lord

calm her and let her experience

Your glorious creation

and Love...Amen


(Severe case of Lupus

and Freiderich's Ataxia.

She is receiving VERY POOR care

from the state of Arizona.

Please pray for her health and for

the state of Arizona to find a more

humane way of treating the

low income families who are ill.



(Graduated college with honours

now has a brain disorder.

Chemically imbalanced)

Pray for normalization.




(Sharank's friend)

(Suffering from Severe





6 year old boy

Called the miracle boy

He has Congenital heart

Disease and has undergone FIVE open

heart surgeries in his short life...

Please remember him in your prayers.

See the CHD information page made because of him

by his Mother and her friend Nanci

If you have a child with CHD.

(very informative)





Asha Jaquilla Degree

Case Type: Endangered Missing

Date Missing: Feb. 14, 2000

Missing From: Shelby, N.C.

Age at Disappearance: 9 years old

Date of Birth: Aug. 5, 1990

Sex: Female

Height: 4'6"

Weight: 60 pounds

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Pray for her safe Return

To see her picture...click this link

Missing Child



Glensaint's Friend's Mom


(Is very ill

Needs our prayers)


(Cancer of the pancreas)



(Bone cancer in knee-

radiation treatments are scheduled)



(Had a stroke while in Mother's womb

May have learning difficulties

Pray for normalcy)


Faye Hattaway

(Devout christian woman

lives alone.

(diagnosed with cancer)

Has faith that your prayers

will help)



She is using alternative

treatments as they told her conventional

ones wouldn't help. In october she had

bronchitis that lasted two weeks.

Feb 9th someone stole her car!

The car was found totalled.

March 9th she underwent surger

for ruptured discs in her back.)

Pleas Pray for her total recovery.


(Lost her Mother recently

Faye (above) is her friend

She needs prayers to enable

her to deal with her sadness

and depression)


Jacquelyn is now caring for

her friend Faye until she

recovers. Pray for her strength.




(Wisdom teeth out

on Maarch 7th)




(Financial Assistance)




(distraut teenager

athiest...needs help)




(Father of MyPink2lips)

Retirement soon

Lots of grief issues




Sheila's Mom

(Shoulder has painful





(Has had severe stroke.

Needs care)


(Severe arthritis...Hips..knees

chest and feet...needs

operation on broken bone

in foot that won't mend.

She cares for her Dad's friend

above...who has no

one else to help him...can't take time

away from him for operation.

Pray for strength and healing

for this wonderful woman)




Hi brother in law was diagnosed

with cirosis of the liver . They gave

him one day to five yrs. to live.

He is only in his early sixties.

Sister is mentally ill.

Not one day since he married her did he ever complain.

She does not get rowdy -

but depressed alot and can talk alot.

Please pray for them .




(Needs a job and has

been having a difficult

time trying to get one)




Betty Perez

A spot was found on her lung

Tests being given.

They will wait to see if there

are any changes in size.



Just diagnosed with cancer.

Remember her in your prayers

that she may be healed.



Suffered severe spinal injury

in car accident..in January 2000....Now see's

no reason to live as he was

in Martial arts...and can't imagine

life without his abilities.

Terribly depressed.

Please pray that someone in the

Martial arts field may

convince him otherwise.

Pray for his healing as well.



Client of Nelmeg

Very bad multiple sclerosis

He needs prayers

and a miracle.


(Regular Holistic member)

She is experiencing very severe

flare-up of Fibromyalgia and Sjogren's syndrome

She writes: Please keep me in your prayers

that I may get through this latest battle with these

very debilitating illness.

God bless!



(20 Year old

Born with Cardia

arrythmia problem.

Had one procedure done

and has to have

another soon... then will

probably will

be pacer dependent)

Please pray for successful surgery.


(Bladder Cancer

Looking for healing


Please pray for him.


Merlot Queen

(She has atrial fibrillation..Heart enlarging

leaking valve worsening..needs surgery in

two weeks...Please Pray for a successful

operation and full recovery)




Merlot will have surgery next week.



Holistic Chat member

Beetle is home from the hospital

She would like some e-mails at:


Thank you God for helping her.


(Breast cancer...taking


little babies ages(2&4) at home.

Pray for her full recovery)



(Holistic Health chat member)

(She is just out of the hospital.

Her lungs collapsed.

She recently lost her Grandbaby

as well. Please pray for her recovery

and strength to see her

through this loss)



(From NC ...friend of Whitelace

Pray that his residuals

will clear away and he will be able

to stand straight and walk again.

Please help him Father)

Dan Samonich

Susbln's friend

42 years old

suffered heart attack on 4-11-2000

Please pray for his recovery.



(SC Hawkwomans nephew)

10 yrs old...in hospital. \

White blood count extremely high---38,000

an rising. Blood sugar is 40.

Complains of Stomach pain, and shaking.

Please pray for his quick recovery.




49Years old

She has an oral tumor--cancer

and is facing surgery..

Pray for her total recovery.


(Remmy..holistic chat member)

She has just returned from the hospital because of

staph infection in her finger to the bone.

The doctors were thinking of amputating it.

They say she will probably lose the use of it.

Please pray for full recovery and full use of her finger.

Help her dear Lord...In Jesus name..Amen.


(regular Holistic chat member)

He has recently lost a friend ...

Christie Coombs

to suicide.

His brother

Doug Botum

has been diagnosed with terminal

Brain...lung..and lymphatic cancer.

His best friend

Mike Carter

just sustained a brain

injury that may be permanent.

Please Pray for all of them.

(McB is always helping others in chat

and in his business)


It is with sadness in my heart that I have to

Report that McBrunl just recently lost

his Mother. You are in our prayers Mike.


Barbara Dawson

(Burds Morher in Law)

She has an abcess in her stomach

and is facing surgery.

Pray for a successful surgery and a

total recovery.

Hear our prayers...dear God.


35years old

Author of childrens book

Survived an Auto Accident

on June 15, 1999

She was in coma for 10 weeks

The accident occured 1 mile

from home. She is still

suffering from head injury

Please pray for her complete recovery.



Leukemia and Tumor

Please pray for full recovery.





(Cre's daughter)

Has recovered nicely from her

broken ankle...Thank you to

all who said prayers..



requests prayers for

Pat Hanson

60 years old

terminal cancer..

Doctors say there is no hope for her

Pat just lost her husband in

September to cancer

6 children 15 grandchildren

Please pray that she will

Recover in spite of what the Doctors say.

Her family needs her.


Age 48

(Stepchromiters friend)

Brain and Lung Cancer

Please Pray for him and his family.



32 year old female

Has CFS/Fibromyalgia

diabetes -hypothroidism

polycystic ovarian syndrome

IBS severe

lesions on the brain

Severe Depression

Uncontrollable appetite

Please pray for her.

Hear our Prayers ..Dear God.

Paul and Josh

Both seriously hurt in

Car collision

Head injuries...one not expected to live

Father...please help these two young men...

In Jesus name.


Both of them Lived...Josh is fine and

Paul is making great progress..

Keep Paul in your prayers.

Thank You God!!!!!



(regular Holistic chat member)

He is now hospitalized in Raleigh NC.

neurological problem...

( may be brain tumor)

Dear Father help him recover.


It was a chemical imbalance.

Thanks for all the prayers





Her niece has cancer

Age: early 30"s

4 morphine shots a day plus pills

She has numerous tumors

(one blocking her intestine)

Please pray for her.














(Pjs's daughter)

Nikki has been training for a walkathon

For children with Leukemia and has passed out twice.

The doctors suspect heart

problems as a result of her asthma

and are running tests..

Pray that she will come out of this with a good report.

Dear God...please bless this dear one who is

still mourning the loss of her baby.....Taylor.

In Jesus Name we ask....Amen.


NIKKI IS OK and Is expecting a baby

In the spring!!!



(Pjs youngest Daughter)

She was diagnosed with skin cancer

and just passed her tests and they found no new


Thank you for this God...We contiinue to ask for

this disease to go out of her body and not return.

In Jesus name...Amen


(Longhairwoman's Husband)

He is sick to tummy and wont eat or drink.

Dear Lord...please help him.

He thinks he is going to die.

In Jesus name we pray...Amen.



This woman is very ill..she is

very swollen and had heart failure on


Pray that she will recover if possible

and if not..to have a painless

voyage to a better place.

In Jesus name we ask this...Amen.


(Soapmstr's friend)

Tammy is in surgery today 10-19-2000 for

Thyroid cancer. She has three children

under the age of five . Pray for a successful

operation and healing for this wonderful woman.

Hear our prayers...Dear Jesus....Amen


Tammy is ok...it wasn't cancerous..we give thanks.




Pamela514'S Dad

He was air lifted to the hospital on her wedding day

which was oct 14.

He has a staph infection, seizures,

enlarged liver, and pneumonia.

Please help him to recover.

Thank you God.



Snhemi's Father

He is going thru Chemo and radiation therapy

for lung cancer.

He needs our prayers.

We pray Thou will bring

healing to him Dear Father...

In Jesus name we ask...Amen.



Please hold her in your prayers as she lost her

Mother last night ...November 12, 2000.

Help her through this time of loss dear Father.

In Jesus Name....Amen




Anne has Lupus and it is

causing her much pain.

Dear Father...

Please help her to be well and find

what will relieve her of pain and illness.

We ask this in the name of Jesus...Amen.

Merlot Queens Sister


Recently diagnosed with

Alzheimer's Disease.

Please send strength and patience to

her family dear Lord..and help

her to recover.


Two year old boy had a

huge tumor on his brain..Operation

could only remove part of it.

He is now undergoing chemo.

Dear God...please help this tiny boy

and his parents thru this time

of pain and anxiety. Let the

Chemo kill and dissolve the entire


So he may recover fully.

We ask this in Jesus name....Amen.



A good friend of MrsMoTed needs prayers

for a brain stem problem from an injury received

at work a year ago.

She has recently found a team of surgeons

that think they can help her. They are now working

to get her off all meds so they can operate and hopefully

relieve the pressure on her brain.

She has a husband ...a son who is 22

and a three year

old daughter named Gabi.

Mrsmoted says she is a wonderful

generous person and calls her an "angel" friend.

We ask for a successful operation

and healing for this good person...

in Jesus name. Amen


Jamie McP

Has swollen ankle from accident that

doesn't seem to respond to treatment.

The swelling goes down..and then comes back.

Help him to find what will help him

to have total recovery from this.

In Jesus Name...Amen.

Robert James

Pre-mature baby... .is .not breathing on his own.

Please Dear God...help this tiny treasure

to find the strength to recover and survive.

In Jesus Name....Amen






``I hold that the perfection of form

and beauty is contained in the sum

of all men.''




At my latest count

we have had over


Prayers answered since

January 20, 2000.

(I am sure there are many more who have been healed

but they haven't written

to me to tell me the good news....Kes)


or more


have been posted.



Please always remember

that the person who requests the prayer

also too needs them...for they are the ones

going thru the pain of their

loved ones health as well.



When in sorrow, ...........................call John 14.

When men fail you, ........................call Psalm 27.

If you want to be fruitful, ...............call John 15.

When you have sinned, .....................call Psalm 51.

When you worry, ...........................call Matthew 6:19-34.

When you are in danger, ...................call Psalm 91.

When God seems far away, ..................call Psalm 139.

When your faith needs stirring, ...........call Hebrews 11.

When you are lonely and fearful, ..........call Psalm 23.

When you grow bitter and critical, ....callICorinthians13.

For Paul's secret to happiness,............call Colossians 3:12-17.

For understanding of Christianity, ........call II Corinthians 5:15-19.

When you feel down and out, .............call Romans 8:31.

When you want peace and rest, .............call Matthew 11:25-30.

When the world seems bigger than God, ...........call Psalm 90.

When you want Christian assurance, ........call Romans 8:1-30.

When you leave home for labor or travel, ..........call Psalm 121.

When your prayers grow narrow or selfish, .......call Psalm 67.

For a great invention/opportunity, ........call Isaiah 55.

When you want courage for a task, .........call Joshua 1.

For how to get along with fellow men, .........call Romans 12.

When you think of investments and returns,.........call Mark 10.

>If you are depressed, .....................call Psalm 27.

If your pocketbook is empty, ..............call Psalm 37.

If you are losing confidence in people, ...call I Corinthians 13.

If people seem unkind, ....................call John 15.

If discouraged about your work, ...........call Psalm 126.

If you find the world growing small and yourself great..call Psalm 19.

For dealing with fear, .................... call Psalm 34:7.

For security, ............................. call Psalm 121:3.

For assurance, ............................ call Mark 8:35.

For reassurance, .......................... call Psalm 145:18.

Emergency numbers may be dialed direct. No operator assistance is

necessary. All lines to Heaven are open 24 hours a day! Feed your Faith,

and doubt will starve to death! Pass it on !!!





Three Qualities Of A Faith-Filled Life


Transformation... Life has the potential for endless change

and growth... and faith and hope are always available to guide

you. Remember that life has its cycles just like the seasons,

that success is planted like a seed in every failure, and that

within every ending is a new beginning.


Sacrifice... Achieving your greatest dreams and highest

ideals may call upon you to sacrifice your time, your talents,

and sometimes even your way of looking at the world.

Weigh these sacrifices carefully; if the reward is worth the

effort, go after it wholeheartedly. However it turns out, never

regret the investments you make in your dreams. Something

good will always come of them.


And most of all...


Love... Have love not only for others, but for yourself

as well. As a gift, compassion is one of the best and most

widely needed in the world. Remember that love has the

power to create and sustain life, dreams, and happiness;

it forgives everything and remembers nothing except

the best; and it lasts forever.

~Edmund O'Neill


Those we have lost ...but keep in our hearts

Taylor Nikol to Leukemia

Herb to Cancer

Stanley Sneed to MD



FARFALENA...breast cancer..negative

Cre's Mom..catarac surgery

Amberly Ann Broussard missing teen..found

and safe.

Chigona's...Health improved and finances improved.

Chloebug...serious surgery was successful.

Dale PerkaMoosia ..displaced shoulder..healed.

GJARVO.Shirley's cousin -ski-do accident.critical has recovered.

Hot4herbs -hospital pneumonia...recovered.

Jordan Michael Marker..Meningitis..recovered.

LeRoyDickens -fell from horse..coma....recovered.

LOUBEL48 -Brain Tumor..feels well now.

Mehrblady ...torn rotor cuff..feels much better.

Peg, Mehrblady died after an operation on her hip in March

2007...I made a tribute page for her at:


R.Hill..needed new heart...one was found ..successful operation.

Rylee Jo (Seven months..incessant crying..she was hungry.

Todds..Mom..leg amputated..she pulled through.

JamMcP (Severe Depression Financial Problems Dental Problems....all solved.

Vflexs's daughter bad case of flu..now in good health.

Laura McPar...wanted better Job.position..

found her Dad..after 17 years..He was happy to see her.

Xoticscorp fell and twisted leg...Healed.


Maria and Danny..financial problems solved

SHIELA---recovered from illness..thyroid tested normal


(TrinkaWoman's daughter)

Has made a full recovery and Trinka gives thanks to you

Dear God for all.

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UPDATED On March 25, 2007




I have had over ONE MILLION visitors to this, My AOL Site in the last nine years.

The counter kept reverting back to zero, but I kept my own records each week.

I have now attached my two sites together under one counter starting at 2000.

This is March 15, 2007.

I hope I will not have any more trouble with counters. Sincerely, Kesti








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