Tribute To Peggy





She was our friend for many years

And now she is gone.

Holistic Health chat, will never be the same.

Peg was a friend to everyone.

Always had lots to say.

Lover of herbs.

Her bargains at sales

Her hobbies were many

The big old car she loved.

Babycat, her joy.

Peg loved life

Helped all those she could

Took care of her parents

She could win any fight.

Hard to change her mind

Once it was set.

She knew many things on

Many subjects.

Carried no grudges

She will greet us in heaven

Offering each a cup of Chamomile tea

...a quick smile

and will make us feel right at home.

I love you Peg and will miss you

Very much.





Peg spent many hours in Holistic Health chat....always willing to

help in any way she could for those with problems.

She cheered up many who were feeling down, she was kind to all.


~Our Slogan~



Pegs Profile


My name stands for Maine Herb Lady and I am a Master Herbalist

Location near Bangor ,Maine USA


Marital Status: I used to be married

Hobbies & Interests:my interests are herbs, Reiki, nature , learning about and collecting wolf things, genealogy and classic cars. I used to collect rocks and do grave rubbings

Please no religious mail!!!

May u have a :-) on ur face and peace and love in ur heart always

Personal Quote: Learn to laugh and be peaceful. Enjoy yourself but, harm no one or nothing. Do not judge anyone till you have walked in their shoes

i am seeking ancesters: Wheeler, Behrems, Jenks, Gen Winfield Scott,Kennedy,Rogers, Flagg, Larkham, Bromley, Potter


* Member Since: 10/26/98

* Updated: 8/18/06

* Visitors: 2905


Pegs Online Picture

Basic Facts


I have long blondish air and blue in a small town just outside of Bangor, Maine. I have 3 girls and 6 grands...3 of each and 3 greats a girl and 2 boys. I also have one strange grey cat...(babycat) I have a certificate in nutrition and am 2nd degree in Reiki .

(Babycat says Hello)


My Hobbies & Interests


I am very much into Herbs and alternative living, I make tinctures, salves etc...taking a course to become certfied as I want to teach others about herbs

I also enjoy car shows, grave rubbings, sunsets, my computer , my car, mint condition 1990 Chevey Caprice Classic Brougham, and I still love my Caddy Fleetwood, but its for sale. I like stock car races, classic car shows, talking on the cb, listening to the police scanner, my computer which is a great joy to me and I like music,hip hop included....I also love to play scrabble and cribbage.


My Online Life

Chatting in Holistic Health chat room.looking up sites, playing wavs in chat room, sending a daily thought and pictures to friends, playing some games.....learning from others...........

Peg started her own chat room when it became too rowdy in Holistic Health.

It is called:

Special Interests - Mainly Herbs

Some of her very good friends:


Mystic Wind 13








Services4Health (DonnaCarr)




Those asking to be added are as follows:



Please add me to the list of those who were dear friends of

Peggy. We both shared an interest in photography and exchanged

information and criticism

John Chorney-- Jony76

From Goatherbal

Please add me to the list....your web page is so her

picture that you have on there too....

Love, Goatie


I just found out about 'Gator" and I am sick about it. Thanks for the memorial about her.

You are always so thoughtful and kind, reminds me of the memorial you did for Taylor.

Love ya, Vic


Great job on the web page. I cried when I read it. Please add me to the list of friends Peg had. I will miss her and her love of nature and wolves.


Ann Marie (aka Plezantdreams)

If you would like your name added to this list of Peg's friends, write me at and I will add you to the list.



Farewell, Dear Peg, We will miss you

and keep you in our hearts forever!




"Peg at Home"

My last conversation with her:

Mehrblady: i was looking for a site

Kesti16: Find it?

Mehrblady: named JukeBox

Mehrblady: no

Mehrblady: has all kinds of cool music on it

Kesti16: hmmmm

Kesti16: I will look.

Mehrblady: from 50's on up

Mehrblady: thanks

Kesti16: Musicmatch Jukebox is a smarter way to play, manage,

discover and get music, burn and rip CDs, create playlists and enjoy music anywhere

Kesti16: that one?

Mehrblady: migh tbe

Mehrblady: has music from 50's on up

Kesti16: I will mail you the link

Mehrblady: ok

Kesti16: I mailed you the google links...Peg, Look them all over

Mehrblady: ok Kesti thanks



All of us send prayers for Pegs children, Grand children and Great Grands.

She was a Great Lady.

Our sympathy to all of you in this, your time of sorrow..












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