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Scan of one workout Styrofoam ball.




UPDATE on 4-22-2007


(I saw this on TV...I changed the one minute to the count of 200)

Lie on the floor on your tummy...... then you raise up, resting on your forearms...turn your toes in like bracing yourself (push with toes against floor)and raise your body holding your belly button tight  in like you want to touch your spine with it...(your back should be flat like a plank)  for the count of 200.   That is the same as doing 1,000 crunchies.  

(legs won't be touching floor)

I have only done this five times so far and I can really feel the difference already!



This is quite a different workout and massage from what you probably

have been experiencing. It feels great and is FUN!!!

First you must purchase three inexpensive heavy styrofoam balls.

I paid 2 dollars each for mine. These are the kind that look like a

soccor ball and are very hard to squeeze...They are 23 inches in

circumference....(take a tape measure with you to the store)

you will be lucky to indent them with your thumbs with great pressure.

(They will give way somewhat if you sit on them...however)

If you like also buy an air filled play ball...44 inches in circumference.

After you have your balls...here is what you do.

Pick a time when you are watching TV or listening to music.

Use the small balls under your legs and relax the weight of your legs onto the ball surface.

as you move your legs over the balls the weight of your leg will give you just the right massage. You can lie on your side or back and put the ball between your knees and squeeze it or under the side of your leg towards the floor

and let the weight of your leg help you get a firmer massage.


You will feel a definite pull over your intestinal area..as well as your inner and outer thighs.

While lying on your back...with the base of your palms...squeeze one of the balls as hard as you can...this will really firm up your bust.

If your back is sore...place a ball behind your back in a chair and push gently against it...roll it around until you find the spot that hurts...it will help releive the pain.

As you get better and better at using the balls...you will find that it feels like Rolfing but with you in control. Sore spots will hurt for awhile...but you can stop at will.

With the big play ball...rest one or both calfs on it and kick your foot or feet..Or rotate if that is more comfortable for you.

When you are in chat ...keep one small ball between your knees and squeeze it

often. Put the ball behind you in the chair and lean into it.

Think up new ways to enjoy using this method to tone up your body.

You will soon find you are walking with more bounce in your step and your tummy muscles will be firm . One of my friends said she has had no problems with constipation since we started these exercises six weeks ago. Another has said his back problems are gone..

Most back problems have the release point in the groin ...buttocks...thighs or calves.

The balls will help you find where they are hiding. These exercises are so much fun

that I have to set a timer to remind me to stop.

If you are doing these exercises correctly you will be stiff and sore for the first two weeks.

If you want to get a HUGE exercise ball here is a link to find one:

Swiss Exercise Ball



I recently bought a huge exercise ball 75 size at the following link'


Ball Dynamics International


Get one if you want to have some REAL FUN!!!


More Balls at:

FITBALL - fitballs, fit ball w/pump, fitball vi




If you think up any good moves with your exercise

balls please write and let me know so I can add them to this page..

Why suffer a workout that you dread when you can accomplish your goals and have fun doing it?

Hugs to all of my friends and readers.

((((((((((((((((((YOU GUYZZZ)))))))))))))))




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UPDATED On March 23, 2007

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