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 Take parsley capsules daily to keep allergies at bay.

Twin Labs 1000mg bromelien

Awesome for inflamation

take on an empty stomach ...it is incredible

Take essiac for cancer .

Apply a cator oil pack to the lower right quadrant.1 hour daily for 6 weeks to help problem intestines.

Feverfew for Migraines

Morning sickness is most common during the second and third

months of pregnancy, and not just in the morning.

Homeopathic Ipecac 30x suits symptoms that are worse when

lying down, includes watering of the mouth and may include

diarrhea or vomiting. Take Ipecac every hour until relief

is obtained.

- Dr. Victoria Snelling

Chinese mustard good for sinus

Remember ginger,honey and lemon tea is good for bronchials. Even a ginger compress on the chest will help, grate about half of a cup of ginger and put in cheese cloth and boil water and put the ginger in water then shut off squeeze the ginger ball then take a towel soaked in the water and place on chest, with another towel to wrap up in to keep the warmth to the chest. It helps to breathe in the aromas of eucalyptus,rosemary,lavendar, for sinus congestion. Hey dont forget your garlic, about 5 cloves chopped or whole at bedtime. But of coarse you know this being this is your forte of alternative healing methods, on your web page. I turn to wheatgrass juice first as it strengthens your immune system right off the bat!!! Take care, keep warm, and burn that fever out!!!! Shamanic Healing^^^^^^^^^^ is golden, think of that glow all around you and inside of you^^^^^


Hay fever in many areas of the country makes its appearance

in late summer and can continue until mid autumn. Sabadilla

30x suits symptoms including burning or red eyelids,

spasmodic sneezing and runny nose, watery eyes on going out

of doors, and itching or tickling sensation in the ears.

Follow label directions for the potency you find in your

local health food store or other retail outlet.

- Dr. Victoria Snelling

Kelp helps thyroid function

kelp is incredibly healing

Sea minerals turns gray hair back to normal color?




Onions are another wonder food, with many uses from medicinal to

nutritional. A piece of freshly cut onion brings quick relief to bee

stings or insect bites. The membrane between the layers of an onion can

be used as an antiseptic dressing for small cuts or burns. Hundreds of

years ago, Middle Eastern doctors even used onion applied to the scalp

for hair loss, although there is no scientific evidence to support this


Here are two ways to take onion internally, besides eating them, of

course. Take three parts of finely chopped raw onion, one part of honey

and six parts of white wine, and let this mixture sit for two days,

stirring occasionally. Strain and take two to four tablespoons a day. If

raw onion irritates your stomach, though, chop and cook three onions in

about a pint of water. Strain this mixture, add honey, and drink

throughout the day. The second method is easier on your stomach.

- Carla Joy

In homeopathy, longstanding constipation is seen as a

continual problem requiring treatment by a homeopathic

physician. For temporary or mild symptoms, Nux Vomica 30x

taken every few hours can relieve the unproductive urging

that can include chilliness, irritability or impatience.

- Dr. Victoria Snelling

Noni juice For burns

Also try placing a Fridge magnet on burns for quick relief.

Since MSM has become so popular..I thought you would enjoy this item on :


The body's supply of sulfur comes from sulfur-containing amino acids and

from the B vitamins - thiamine and biotin. The main sources are dairy

products, meats, nuts, legumes, and grains. Sulfur is involved in bone

growth, blood clotting, and muscle metabolism. It also helps to counte

ract toxic substances in the body by combining with them to form

harmless compounds.

The lists of plants following are two kinds: quantitative and

alphabetical. The quantitative list presents plants and plant products

containing significant amounts of the nutrient involved, in approximate

order from highest to lowest content for a given weight. Plants marked

with an asterisk (*) contain significantly more of the nutrient than do

the unmarked plants. Those marked with a double asterisk (**) contain

considerably more than those with a single asterisk. Unless otherwise

noted, all items are fresh and unprocessed. Dried fruits are often

included without their fresh equivalents because the dried versions

weigh considerably less and therefore contain more nutrients than the

same weight of fresh fruit.

1.Soybeans (dried), kidney beans (dried), peanuts, oats, Brazil nuts,

hazelnuts, peas (dried), parsley, lima beans (dried), wheat (whole),

Indian corn, almonds, watercress, black walnuts, English walnuts, rye (

whole), barley (whole), broccoli, chard, kale, barley (pearled), pecans,

rice (white), cauliflower, coconut (dried), figs (dried), onions,

cabbage, dates, turnips, turnip greens, peas (fresh), chestnuts,

asparagus, avocados.

2.Asafetida, cabbage, chervil, coltsfoot, dill, endive, fennel, garlic,

Irish moss, lance-leaf plantain, mullein, nasturtium (leaves), nettle (

young leaves), okra, onions, radishes, red Eyebright, restharrow, sage,

sesame seeds, shave grass, shepherd's purse, silverweed, sunflower

seeds, sweet flag, thyme.

Magnet Warning below


Bipolar Magnets for Those with Infections and Cancer People with cancer

or any sort of infection, like candida, fungi, viruses, or bacteria,

should avoid exposure to bipolar magnets. As we've mentioned, many

believe from their observations and clinical experiences that the south

pole accelerates the growth of cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, and

fungi. Not all practitioners and manufacturers agree, but until the

research proves otherwise, it is prudent to err on the side of caution,

and only use products with north-facing magnetic fields.

LOBELIA-- the miracle herb of this millinium cures asthma!

Chaste Berry for PMS


Cayene pepper ...Helps fibro.

Malic acid & magnesium at night works well for fibro as well.

For ODS try ginkgo biloba

Primrose is great for acne..worked for my daughter.

Ringing in ears is calcium deposits....you need to increase sodium intake to dissolve them.

Im using Holistic healing for my dogs skin allergy

.oils..and aloe vera

On Flea Bites

I've gotten hives on my ears down my neck and throat twice in the past two

months. They've gone, but my left ear is SO itchy, and the itchy is going

down my neck witouth any hives...and the skin on my ear has gotten quite

dry and rough...my right ear and neck is fine.>>

Have you check for fleas? I'm severly allergic to flea bites, and get turkey

platter size hives from them. And having pets has nothing to do with it --

for I've had years where I've had flea bites, but there are no fleas on the

dogs or in the house. My vet told me there are some fleas who prefer human

blood to animal blood, and some who are not that fussy. It initially took six

doctors and three months to get this diagnosed ... and it was the vet who

finally got it right. All the human doctors were way off the mark.

I up my vitamin B and garlic intake during the flea months -- especially when

I'm going to be working outside. A citronella/lavender oil mix on my skin

also helps repel them.

This is from Dian Dincin Buckman's Book ...'Herbal Medicine'


Blueberry or bilberry was used and praised by ancient herbalists for the control of diarrhea or praised by ancient herbalists for te control of diarrhea or dysentery and for urinary disorders. this berry has astringent and germicidal action within the system. I pick fresh wild or garden blueberries and prepare and extract by pouring a handful into a pint of inexpensive brandy. The berries release a great deal of tannin-whichis what controls the diarrhea. The dose is a tablespoon of the extract in a half glass of room-temperature water every two hours until the diarrhea stope.

A syrup of blueberries was used by ancient Greek herbalists to control the flow of mother's milk. Use the extract for dry eczema. Paint the scales with the extract and cover them with gauzw. Repeat this once a day until the excema is controllled. Some people with diabetes have claimed the have controlled the disease with extended use of blueberry leaf tea, so it may be worth adding to a diabetic diet.

Asthma Cranberry Drink:

Fill a stainless steel or ceramic or cast-iron pot half full of fresh washed cranberries. Fill the pot with pre filtered or distilled water. Simer it slowly on low heat. The water wil recede to the top level of the cranberries. Pour off the cooking water, strain the beries, and throw away the skins. Place the cranberry juice pulp in a labeled jar in th efridge. Use a teaspoon of two of hte pulp in a cup of warm water to overcome and astma attack. A few sips of this elixir may help you restore normal breathing.


Dill, which comes from the Saxon word meaning "to lull" actually has many tranquilizing abiities. For this purpose and To help overcome hardened bowel movements...simmer a teaspoon of the fruit..(seed) in a cup of boiling water, strain, and place the hot seed-in bread for eating...or use the strained tea

Soup recipe for helping lungs get rid of phlegm

20 cloves garlic mashed

3 yellow onions diced AND the skins

1 bottle horseradish

or fresh grated horseradish root 1/2 cup

about 1 inch of ginger grated

Simmer it for about 30 min

in 2 quarts water

remove all onion skins before eating

(yellow onion skins are very high in quercitin)

spoon soup into mouth

very slowly

its very strong.

A better Vitamin C?


Here are two lotions made without emulsifying wax.

Extra Rich Body Lotion


2 oz. Cocoa butter

2 T. Calendula-infused almond oil

1 T. Avocado oil

1 t. Wheat germ oil

10 drops Chamomile EO

10 drops Sandalwood EO



Gently melt cocoa butter with oils, then add the EOs. Whisk over ice

until cold, then pour into clean squeeze bottle.


Basic Lotion


1/4 c. Sweet almond oil

1/4 c. Stearic acid

1/2 c. Distilled water

1/4 c. Glycerine

1 t. Lecithin, liquid

1/2 t. Baking soda


Melt stearic acid with sesame oil. In another container, gently heat

the rest, then pour all into blender until emulsified.


I really suggest you all buy this remedy NOW to have on hand. It comes in little vials and I carry one with me all the time. (It seems I give more out than I keep). At the first sign of flu symptoms, open the lid of the remedy. Pour the pellets into the little stopper inside. Dump the pellets into your mouth, under your tongue if possible. Don't eat for 30 min. before or after taking the remedy. If you start to feel better, take no more. If you are not feeling better, repeat the dose in an hour or so.

Drink NO COFFEE of any kind as the coffee beans antidote the remedy. Friends, this remedy is a MIRACLE!! Let's have a healthy winter.

This remedy is for the aches, pains, chills type of flu. For the 24 hour virus, you would take Arsenicum 30C, probably not at GNC, although GNC DOES have the Oscillococcinum. All health food stores seem to carry Oscill. Be well!


"Colloidal silver" for infections..

and also "olive leaf oil" both these are supposed to be safer and more effective than antibiotics, for cold and virus type infections like strep

When i took MSM for a few months, my t-cells were higher than they had ever been since i was diagnosed that's a very good sign

Did you know that my temperature is more normal after taking Maca?

It helps the thyroid function better

Sleepwalking is more common in children between the ages of

five and ten, and yet can occur in adults and older

children. Homeopathic Kali Bromatum 30c can quickly solve

this problem when given once before bed for seven

consecutive nights. (If someone is sleepwalking, gently

guide him or her back to bed without attempting to wake

him. A gate at the top of stairs can give a parent peace of

mind regarding a sleepwalking child.)

The best source of MSM is Rich Distributing in Portland, OR. Very pure.

Diflucan is for yeast infections (candida)

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