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CITRICIDAL is so effective agains colds and flu, I was astonished.

Baldness - Horsetail and Capsicum are used, as well as Jojoba oil, Kelp,

and Alfalfa.

Sage is said to restore natural hair color.

I heard that IP6 could keep cancer tumors in check

IP 6 a combination of an extract from rice with inositol.

I heard that MSM helps with cancer too.

Noni is anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and strengthens immune system.

Gargle with thuja (homeopathic) but do not swallow it

Tastes gross but sure works on strep and sore throats.

Gargle with 2 drops oregano oil in 4 oz water for strep throat

Rub Colliadal silver on back for pain.

MSM will help 2000mg twice per day for back pain.

Read the book "The Art of Loving" by Erich Fromme



Cocoa butter is one of the best herb oils for its vitamin E content....for use on scars it doesn't break down and keeps skin soft and supple and its an exceptionally great massage oil as well.

How to use essence

Put some in your non-dominant hand and mix 3 times in a clockwise motion with your dominant hand- cup and hold over eyes and nose and just INHALE slowly

(The "magic" of 3's - increases frequency)

When I was pregnant with one of my boys, I took tums which is calcium

carbonate and he was the healthiest child I had. I have a book called

"Nature's 12 Magic Healers: The amazing Secrets of Cell Salts" written

by Lionel Rolfe and Nigey Lennon. This book also tells about one of the

Calcium's that help with pregnancy. The cell salts are Calcium

Phosphate, Calcium Fluoride and Calcium Sulphate.


Golden seal , myrrh, emu oil on it combo for blisters...they will be gone the next day.

Her liver failure was due to heavy dosages of pain

meds for her arthritis.


My son was getting strep about three times a year until i put him on echinacea tablets.

A paste of Goldenseal..myrrh and Emu oil

was used on chicken that was being pecked real bad...in two days she was growing feathers


If you kept the body at a perfect 7.4 pH each day then you would easily live to 120 years old.

Dr. Robert Frey in manhattan is one of the elite holistic doctors of our time.

He recommends eating a diet of 80% alkaline and 20% acid.

Eat raw vegatables, flax seed capsules and misc. proteins

Use Thorne Research vitamins.

You can buy a home pH test that you can get at any aquarium center

Grapefruit seed extract nasel spray is great for sinus.


Curcumin (turmeric) is a good antiinflammatory


Put a book under one leg when you are sitting... that seems to straighten spine It helped my pain.

TMJ can also be related to a Tetanus residue in body (from either tetanus or a tetanus shot)

But if you do get a vaccine, use Homeopathic Thuja 6x for 1 week after.

Keep aspirin away from inside mouth flesh..it will eat a hole in it.

They use aspirin in preparations for corn removal.

Try Garlic for corns.

A paste of Vitamin C and water over spur will dissolve it...

Also use magnets for spurs.

JAMA also published an article that tonsils contain t-cells that are absent in HIV patients. 70% of HIV patients...had NO tonsils...


Castor oil is good for healing cuts..etc; it healed an ingrown townail in only two days.

Eating cucumbers proves to be a great diuretic

YES!!!! the ULTRA-FAST CAT SCAN is being used down here (Miami) by all the alternative doctors to look for calcium deposits in the vessels. The only problem is---what are the doctors doing to recommend if they find calcium deposits? Many allopathic ones will want to go in and scrape it out in open heart surgery no doubt. Most of the alternative docs will recommend higher intake of MAGNESIUM!!!!

Soothing silk is the onjly lotion i know of that helped my dad's shingles

you can apply it right over theblisters ...it has aloe in it ...msm and all natural stuff.


What about when the shingles gets into the eye .. and causes high pressure, & pain?

I have heard of aloe vera curing shingles....and you can put aloe in your eyes.

You can buy soothing silk from soothingsilk.com...... my friend used it for her dads bedsores and it helped them.




***Secrets of a Thin & Healthy Body***

page 116 ...skin mushroom is absorbed (part of it) the rest passes

through the small intestine in a sticky, gelatinous state,

molding itself into the folds and curves of the intestine

as it passes through the small intestine, it

pickes up the little hairs an germs, and carries them out in

he stools, thereby unblocking the pores

the skin mushroom is the only food that has this ability, so it is a very important part

of our diet (skin mushroom)

Calendula (marigold) is excellent tincture for gums.


Oat straw for itch and skin

...just topical applications, allowing the

administration of oat straw with baths will reduce inflammation and



Vitamin E... the absolute best, gold standard E is natural sesame E by Progressive Labs that is all anyone should take no substututions


Reflexology point

To rule out heart problems... press down under little finger on top pad of hand

if it is tender as in "ouch point"...it is possible that the heart needs help.

Colloidal silver. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungus, anti-virus and much more! You can use it on burns, bites, rashes and even drink it. You can also make your own - it's easy and I do and I love it.

Check out: http://www.all-natural.com/silver-1.html

it's a healthy choice.

I have seen skullcap tea work wonders for sleepless people.

Reflexology tip: pinch top lip for Stomach or menstrual cramps.

Help for Gas

Place to press is center on palm of hand for gas and stomach ... press in whole area and roll flesh underneath...hold to count of 5 then roll flesh...this also works on reflex point in center of both feet.

Honey will help settle stomach.

On left side of pelvis 4 inches from navel

press gently...will move blocked gas...will relieve gas pain..works on babies with colic as well.

A Chiro taught me that

Overall stress relief in reflexology points for those that want it are top of thumb, web between index and thumb and below center of top pad hold in for count of 5 then roll flesh underneath.

Now be gentle to yourself when doing it.

Pygnogenol for psoriasis...its the same as pine needles.

Cure for herpes

Bee propolis tincture from herb farm is the best

3/4 of a droperful 3x aday


Fenugreek and thyme will loosen up the mucus so you can get it out.


"Diabetes is not a disease, it's a lack of dietary Chromium"

Aloe prevents serious diabetic complications.

After the surgery...use magnetic mattress.


For Kidney problems.make a tea of fennel, chamomile and Red clover equal amounts

and have her drink it all night and day and a lot of distilled water...this

will pull the toxins right out.

There is a good supplement called Tannalbit that helps to kill candida overgrowth


Grapefruit seed extract

great for cold sores, and herpes to

and candadia .....ear infections and acne too.

I had very thick hair and all of a sudden I started losing some of it I was told to use kelp after meals and zinc

Now one month later it is thicker

Fennel ...Flea repellant for Dogs and Cats....

For Back Pain....Use St. John's wort topically

and have someone push up on muscles on upper back

and down on muscles on lower back (at same time)

I hurt my back a little lifting my client as she began to slide next to the bed as we were getting in...sigh...luckily it was just my hip and a few back muscles lightly...Not a major back throwout...

What I did learn though...is that when I took a very low dose of melatonin two nights in a row to sleep...I woke up feeling better and seemed to heal faster!!


"Come out with me

and let us share summer that blossoms everywhere,

offering us the loveliness of flowers in their brightest dress."



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