So many come into chat with hair problems

that I thought I would do a page on it.

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First I will tell you what I use on my hair.

Waleda Rosemary shampoo

No cream Rinse

I add one half teaspoon jojoba oil to 8 oz bottle

of shampoo and shake.

I rinse with lemon or rainwater.

My hair is long straight and blonde.

I use Loreal lightest natural blonde.

My hair is thick and split ends.

When shampooing I give myself a great scalp massage.

I brush my hair often.


Many come into chat with problems of losing hair.

I always recommend putting cold processed aloe vera gel or juice on

scalp in evening ...dry...before bed....then wash out in AM.

Do this for two weeks..

If you don't see new growth..the hair cells may be too damaged.

I would still keep doing it for two more just to make sure.

Usually it causes hair to grow and be thick and healthy.


I found a link for rosemary shampoo which is almost

2 dollars cheaper than what I have been it is

Weleda Rosemary shampoo<----Waleda main page

The real health of hair eyes and skin comes from

the inside.

The real health of hair eyes and skin comes from

the inside.

Vitamins A...D...and C....E...especially.

Drink lots of water.

Your thumbs and big toes....represent your head in

Massaging them when you are watching TV will help as well.

Once I read that to speed hair growth you should run one set of nails

rapidly over the other set of nails and then reverse.

I did it for a week and then kinda forgot about

The reason I never use a conditioner is that I feel it leaves a film on my scalp.

I feel like my head is suffocating.

It takes longer to comb out..but I think it is worth it.

Your scalp wants to breathe. I don't think anyone should wear caps or hats.

(maybe construction workers have to)




Too much selenium can cause hair loss.

I have heard of beer rinses....vinegar rinses..egg shampoos...and other things for your hair.

Maybe a rosemary rinse would be good.

(made with dried rosemary and water)

MSM is good for hair...I tried it and noticed my hair grew faster than usual.

Other hints for hair..

Someone in chat last night said she took kelp for her hair.

Others said they had used



To aid in hair growth, one needs to nourish the nervous system. The nerve endings get tight from stress and/or illness, due to the lack of the right vitamins which help the nerve endings deal with the stress of life. The circulation of blood and nutrition is cut off from the hair follicle, the nerve endings tighten and stop the growth and/or fall out.

Increasing the circulation to the head also helps in hair growth. Placing your head off the side of your bed, to mid shoulder, and massaging your head for about five minutes daily will help with the circulation from the out side in. Taking herbs which increase circulation from the inside out will also be helpful.i.e. ginger, gingko, cayenne, peppermint, cinnamon.

Hair is made up of a waste product of protein (keratin). There are gelatins on the market that can help with this. Also the functions of the liver need to be addressed, the essential amino acids made in the liver need to be supplied the other 8 through diet, to help the liver produce the essential 15. When the liver functions are slow due to diet, digestion, or medications it will not produce the amino acids your system needs to nourish the nervous system and supple the body what it needs to aid hair or cell growth.

B complex vitamins, C, E, Eveningprimrose oil, and amino acids.

ead massage is very important in aiding hair growth.

When i had trouble with my hair i used the only natural shampoo i could find and it comes from Aubrey..(Their shampoos etc; do not contain any chemicals such as sodium laurel sulfate (which is toxic)

Hot oil treatments have worked out great for me cause my hair was damaged. Also Hair Factors by Twin Labs is excellent. In my opinion Biotin which is in hair factors is the best to speed up hair growth and I use only natural conditioners just on the ends. A terrific natural product for dry hair is Burt Bees avocado butter treatment ...It is excellent for hair that has been damaged by blow drying,wind, color, or bleach.....RIANNA616

Go to Burt's bees and see their products.




Clear, smooth skin, healthy hair, strong nails~~silica is known for its use in achieving all of these and more. It also benefits bones, connective tissue, joints and capillaries.

Silica supplementation has been shown to help the body in numerous ways. Material supplied by Eidon, based in San Diego, CA, points out that silica has a variety of health and beauty care ([HBC) benefits. It has demonstrated an ability to help the body deal with dry skin and associated conditions, brittle nails, hair thinning, dandruff and burns (including sunburn). In addition to these benefits, the company says, silica may help the body in its internal defense of joint and cartilage inflammation and deterioration, bone support, cardiovascular support, vertigo, tooth and gum loss and provide gastrointestinal support and immune system enhancement. Since silica works from within, people taking it for its beauty effects also may experience these other benefits

Silica is effective for itching, rashes, abscesses, boils, acne, calluses, warts, eczema, corns, benign skin sores, insect bites and bed sores. Internally, he recommends it for hair loss, brittle nails, flabby skin, aging disorders and more.

Silica is available in a number of foods, such as wheat, oats and barley. However, it often is depleted from foods due to processing, making supplementation necessary.

THE BOOK...."Over 50 Looking 30!" by Nina Anderson and Howard Peiper also recognizes the benefits of silica for the skin. Silica derived from horsetail, in combination with herbs such as aloe vera and chamomile and bonded with electrolytes, readily enters the bloodstream and penetrates the cells of the body. "This initiates a healing response that benefits the entire organism,"

It is sold as a food supplement.

Silica is a mineral.


Hate to put this on the page...but we all need to be informed.

Shampoo to die for?????? Read this!!!

If any of you find a shampoo without Laural or any of it's cousins

Please let me know...Thanks...Kes

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