UPDATED On March 25, 2007


This was popular a long time ago..from what my Mom tells me...

I found a paper yellowed with age and crumbling

in a box of recipes I bought at an Estate sale last summer...it was

this diet....thought you might enjoy seeing it....Kes


Grapefruit Diet

Lose 10# per week

Breakfast..Same everyday except Monday..when you eat 3 eggs.

Breakfast 1-2 eggs...coffee or tea...Grapefruit.

(If you try this diet...I would hope you would drink only herbal tea)


Monday: Breakfast..See above

Lunch...3 eggs and combination salad

1 pc dry toast and grapefruit.

Dinner: Steak..tomatos..lettuce..celery..olives cucumbers..coffee or tea


Lunch...3 eggs and combination salad

1 pc dry toast and grapefruit.

Dinner: Steak..tomatos..lettuce..celery..olives cucumbers..coffee or tea

Wednesday: :Breakfast..See above

Lunch: 1-2 eggs..tomatoes..spinach..coffee or tea

Dinner: 2 lamb chops..celery tomatoes cucumbers tea or coffee.

Thursday: Breakfast...See above

Lunch: Combination salad..grapefruit...coffee

Dinner: Eggs..cottage ..spinach and dry toast

Friday: Breakfast...See above

Lunch: Eggs spinach and coffee

Dinner: Fish..combination salad..dry toast and coffee.

Saturday: Breakfast...See above

Lunch: Fruit salad...nothing else

Dinner: Steak..tomatoes..lettuce..celery..olives cucumbers..coffee or tea

Sunday: Breakfast....see above

Lunch: Cold chicken..tomatoes...grapefruit

Dinner: Vegetable soup...chicken..tomatoes...cucumbers...coffee

cooked cabbage..celery and grapefruit.


No oil on salads

tea or black coffee only

Never fry meat

No eating between meals

Use little salt

Don't drink much liqued

Don't add or subtract from diet

Lose ten pounds per week



You might want to read the following if you choose this diet

and are on meds...




If you like grapefruit or grapefruit juice for breakfast,

you might need to be aware of a potential medical risk to

yourself. Grapefruit has a compound called Naringin that

turns off an enzyme in your small intestine that helps

metabolize specific drugs, such as calcium channel blockers

used for high blood pressure and some heart problems,

Seldane, which is taken for allergies, and Halcion (an

anti-anxiety drug). Eating grapefruit or drinking

grapefruit juice at the same time you take these

medications could greatly increase the effect of these

drugs. Most pharmacies give this information to theirk

patients, but you should talk to your physician or

pharmacist to be sure. You'll probably still be able to

enjoy your grapefruit, but not along with your medication.


- Lynda Cleary


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UPDATED On March 25, 2007

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