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More and more health hints are being discussed in Holistic health. I have more than 300

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For Melanoma...add afew drops of castor oil to bi-carbonate of soda to form a paste and

apply to area.

Looking at the color

Orange is good to look at for reproduction

Blue is good to look at for low thyroid

Greens + Is a very good food supplement

Breathing deeply for 10 min a day can lower your blood pressure.

Golden seal combined with alum root, taken internally, is an excellent remedy for bowel and bladder troubles. Use two parts of golden seal and one part of alum. This is a laxative. Good for piles , hemmorroids, and prostrate gland.When combined with equal parts of red clover bolossoms, yellow dock, and dandalion it has a wonderful effect on the gall bladder, liver, pancreas, spleen and kidneys. Combined with peach leaves, queen of the meadow, cleavers and corn silk, it is a reliable remedy for Bright's disease and diabetes.

Golden seal is excellent for the eyes. The following is a way the writer uses

it for the eyes: Steep a small teaspoonful of golden seal and one of boric acid in a pint of boiling water, stir throughly, let cool, and pour liquid off. Put a tablesppon of this liquid in a half cup of water. Bathe the eyes with this, using an eye cup, or drop it in with an eye dropper. If the eyes are granulated or there is a film over the eyes, add one teaspoonful of burnt alum powder. If you use it a little too strong, there is no harm

done; it will only smart a little.

To Un-clog Sinusus

Ocean is a Normal Saline Nasal Rinse (add a little Rosalina Oil to it & its great)

Salt water nasal douches with 2 drops Rosalina and Myrtle Essential Oil

Heel Pain

The heel pain that is present on first putting weight on

your feet might be due to plantar fasciitis. This pain

usually gets better with movement but returns again when

you sit or lie down for even a few minutes. Take Rhus Tox

30c twice a day for relief and wear only shoes with good

arch support. This condition rarely heals unless you avoid

going barefoot during the healing process.

- Dr. Victoria Snelling

Colitis can be manged by changing diet.

Peach kernal

Is a great stool moisturizer

Rosemary oil .... like peppermint oil is good for gastro intestinal problems

Vitamin C 2-8 grams, the asorbic acid causes diarrhea, relieves constipation

For Boils

Boil a piece of bread in milk, make a paste and put on it

That should bring right up to a head, then you have to drain it

but be careful with it

This is anold indian cure

I have also used it on spider bite and other things

Wheatgrass juice is good for colitis. Ann Wigmore cured hers with it.

The flaking and itching of the scalp can be due to eczema,

psoriasis or a simple fungal infection. Sulphur 30x twice a

day can relieve these symptoms. Use a gentle shampoo

without mint, menthol, eucalyptus or tea tree oil.


- Dr. Victoria Snelling

My sister had 8 miscarriages...After I gave her an opal necklace she got pregnant that month and carried it to term with no problems.

Some of my friends swear by having a Chihua hua dog eliminates their asthma

ATTENTION Homeopathic USERS!!!


You mustNOTrink coffee or use peppermint toothpast when taking Homeopathic (it destroys the value) Buy a non- mint toothpaste at a health food store and read labels carefully.

ARNICA..and ruta ..Homeopathic medicines

ARNICA is used for trauma and shock to the body..no matter how long ago..pain and bruising

RUTA ...is used for the shoulder/elbow/wrists..and knees..considered ball and socket joints.

Rhus tox (homeopathic) is like a miracle for curing poison ivy and poison oak.

Gall stones stop Gastro intesinal motility when the duct is blocked

With a gallstone attack do slippery elm enemas help.

Slippery elm bark powder is great for constipation.

1 tenth tsp of cayenne in glass of water for constipation

Children under the age of two should not be on a low-fat

diet. If your child seems overweight, check with your

pediatrician about the safety of eliminating some fat from

her diet. Toddlers need whole milk, regular cheeses, breads

and other fats in their early growth periods. Moreover,

it's wise to include nutritious fruits and vegetables as

snacks for your youngster. If they're introduced to

wholesome foods while they're young, children may grow up

making better food choices.

- Lynda Cleary

Bathing with chlorinated water can bring on asthma

The same organism that causes vaginal infections is

responsible for thrush infection in infants. White patches

can be present on the throat or tongue and you might notice

drooling or an offensive odor. Homeopathic Borax 30c given

twice a day for up to seven days can clear this condition.

See your healthcare practitioner if this infection persists

or occurs repeatedly.

- Dr. Victoria Snelling

Since I started drinking ginger tea on a regular basis my allergies have virtually disappeared

Best to detox liver in late PM 11pm - 2am (that is when liver most active)

Whole Lemon and Olive oil (with a little Lecithin & Ginger) for detox

Milk Thistle, can indirectly help your insulin be more "receptive"

Apply castor oil to your breasts to soothe and heal.

Fresh cabbage leaves work too.

For yeast infection douche with garlic and bottled water and acidopholus

Tea tree is good for bites, cuts and herpes.

Cubital tunnel affects your pinky and ring finger. You can test yourself by bending your elbow and tapping on the little tunnel area (otherwise known as the funny bone area). If you feel like a little electric shock going down your arm to the hand area, it's cubital tunnel. Causes numbness in the pinky and ring fingers and also muscle atrophy.

Fresh Almond Milk

1 cup of raw almonds

4 cups of cold water

Run in blender for 2-3 minutes.

a good cancer preventitive.

May also use filberts..sunflower seeds..sesame seeds...cashews...good rich drink.

Use Wild Yam to lose weight... natural steroid and estrogen

also good for men

A physical therapist at a helath club suggested deep breathing excercises for neck pain..

My friends mother had liver cancer. took milkthistle and they took her off the donor list.

Found a little blurb that can be added to the other info. sent to on Macular Degeneration.


Specific Supplements: Antioxidants~~~E, C

Lutein (which is present in the Macula)~~3 mg., 3x per day

Lutein is also present in spinach, kale, and especially

egg yolks

Swishing the vit E in the mouth is best..for healing gums.

My wife is now cancer free from drinking essiac



I started to eat 3 meals a day. Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

Dairy products that were low in fat. Brewers yeast (a wonderful

substance!!), Organiclly grown meats. Soy products. And, of course, she

introduced me to """herbs""". I was absolutley amazed at what a plant

that grew in her garden could do.

To rid myself of the acne, I began washing my face with cabbage water.

Before bed I rubbed my acne with garlic cloves. I also used Tea tree oil

that she mixed into distilled water with witch hazel and I hung my head

over a hot water bowl that had yarrow and elderflowers and lavender. I

took evening primrose oil, vit. c, and the complete B's and a daily

vitamin/mineral. It didn't take to long, was not to hard and I could not

even belive that I could live acne free. To this day, 10 years later, I

still have to look twice at my reflection and rub my hand over my face

and say..wow..thats my face.

Home Remedies

From the magazine Alternative Healing ... If you have heel spurs they

recommend vitamin C tablets crushed into a powder or Vitamin C Ascorbate

powder made into a paste with water and applied to heel spurs to help

relieve the pain. Often the pain is from severe tightening of the

tendon. The Vitamin C adds elastin and collagen that allow it to loosen.

The herb Hydrangea will dissolve any excess calcium deposits.

Sore throats and colds respond very well to natural remedies. Heat a

lemon in the oven until it splits. Squeeze 1 TBS of the juice out and

mix with honey and take the mixture once an hour.

When you need a throat cleanser/soother use Bayberry capsules. Open

4 capsules and steep them in a pint of hot water for 30 minutes. Gargle

with mixture when it is lukewarm. Bayberry can reduce the putrefactive

material that collects in our throat during colds and flu. It can also

be antiseptic.

.....Sage is another great herb for a cough. Also steep 4 capsules in a

pint of hot water and gargle when lukewarm. Sage is an astringent and

gets rid of loose phelmy throats. Also slightly antiseptic so it can

help with colds and flu. DO NOT USE IF NURSING. Sage will dry up

mother's milk.

And an old favorite we sometimes forget about when we have a sore throat

is Castor Oil packs. Put Castor oil on a moist wash cloth and apply to

the throat area with a warm water bottle for about 30 minutes for quick

relief of minor sore throat symptoms.

Impetigo is an infectious skin disease that is usually caused by

staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria. It is common among children

and may appear as a complication of an existing skin condition, such as

eczema or ichthyosis. Chronic impetigo in older persons is known as


Ear infections

Drink 8-10 glasses of pure water daily. Avoid wheat, dairy and rice.


Comfrey is a powerful healing agent in gastric and duodenal ulcers, hiatus hernia and ulcerative colitis. Its astringency will help hemmorrages whenever they occur. It has been used with benefit in cases of bronchitis and irritable cough, where it will soothe and reduce irritation whilst helping expectoration. Comfrey can be used externally to speed wound-healing and guard against scar tissue developing incorrectly. It is excellent in chronic varicose veins.


Take care with very deep wounds as the external application of Comfrey can lead to tissue forming

over the wound before it is healed deeper down,

possibly leading to abcesses.

(Just a thought but what if you added to emu oil to take to lower tissues?)

Part Used

Root and rhizome leaf

Preparation and dosage

Put 1-3 teaspoonfuls of the dried herb in a cup of water and let simmer for 10 - 15 minutes

this should be drunk 3 times a day


2-4ml of the tincture three times a day


For gastric ulcers and inflammations it combines well

with marshmallow and Meadowsweet

For chest and bronchial troubles use it with

Coltsfoot, white Horehound or Elecampane.

Oil of oregano and juice of oregano (tonic) Some start with just a drop a day in 8 oz.of water

Use two drops of oil of oregeno under tongue 3 x a day for sinus infection

Eunogenol is

supposed to be the strongest anti-oxident known to man

(better than grapeseed or pycnogenol)

Thought for the Day

People will forget what you said.

People will forget what you did...

But people will never forget

how you make them feel.

For Colitis

Omega 9 or collidal minerals

or a good enzyme

Also...coconut milk

The Palsey is gone!!!!!!

I had Hydrogen Peroxide IV and it went away in 12 days!

Niacin good for alchoholism.

Deodorant is ok..Anti-Perspirant is NOT!!!

Causes Cancer

Korean gensings will raise testosterone levels.

Good Links below:

A Must Read FOR women.


Take Skullcap for addictions.

A good chunka feta cheese is delicious in salads.

Sleep apnea is helped if you first change your life style and watch what you drink and eat.



MSM is an odorless, effective

source of dietary sulfur

for people with Fibromyalgia...arthritis, joint and ligament problems, lactic acid buildup....gastrointestinal disorders, and people who want to help their hair, nails and skin.


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