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This page is dedicated to Devin....a very wonderful young man.

Recently I heard on TV that homework does not increase scores in tests in our schools.

It made me decide to finally make this page and offer my thoughts on Homework, school progress and crime in our schools.

I never liked school, so perhaps I can tell you how many children probably feel about it.

I was assigned lots of homework at the end of each class. Some nights I would have to stay up very late doing it and was tired the next morning. Homework made me dislike school even more.


Children, especially young children, are taken from a life of freedom and put into a confined area, with rules on paying attention, talking, bells going off. lining up, going to the bathroom, etc;

They want to be on the move, enjoying their young energetic bodies by running, playing, discovering, in the fresh air.

To add to the problem, most schools do not even have PE or recess anymore.

It seems to me they are preparing for prison life, rather than

life with our promised choices and freedom.

If a child isn't excited about learning in his early school years, the system has failed him!

That leads me to my attitudes about what happens in school.

How obsolete are our methods of teaching?

Since the dawn of computers, most information can be obtained in seconds.

The basics, reading, writing, and math are of course needed as well as computer skills.

I would like our schools to spend much more time creating methods of teaching that would make children run to school each morning to see what is new. They need to know so much about life. They need to feel important. Yes, each and every one of them needs that. Children carry many loads that aren't visible and their problems are immense to them. Once they get behind, and are ridiculed instead of praised, they are on a road to academic failure. This isn't fair at all.

It is important for a child to go home feeling that learning is necessary to his future success. Grade school should be the place where children get a thirst for learning that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Our schools need much more hands on teaching. Much more emphasis on everyday problems they will face as adults.

Both sexes need to learn how to manage money, save money, do home chores, yard chores, make reservations, invest money, nutrition, exercise, alternative health, to drive safely, think for themselves. They need to learn how to be leaders, not followers.

They need to learn compassion, how to get along with others,

preserving our planet, to name a few.

Don't tell me that parents need to teach these qualities, as it just isn't happening.

(they are too busy trying to get them to do their homework)

All of the things they need to learn can be made fun and interesting. The more innovative a teacher is, the more valuable she will be to the mental and physical health of our children.

If you give the children the tools to learn, a great trust in themselves, excitement will keep them learning the rest of their lives.

When school is interesting in a variety of ways, no time will be needed for punishment,

homework, and maybe after this is a given in our schools, there will be no more bullying, shootings, killings or suicides.

Our children are our future. Each one is precious. None should be made to feel ashamed, overburdened or smothered with problems they are unable to handle.

I think our teachers are overburdened too, with rules and score expectations that take away time from their creativity and

their own feelings of pride that they deserve from such an important profession. They need higher wages and much more appreciation for their efforts.


 Future News Bulletin

Analysts have recently connected the dots to discover that the recent extremely high obese rate in school children coincided with the installation of Soda pop machines in schools about the same time that recess and PE was pulled from the school's agendas.. Another factor at that time was the increased homework load that caused children to spend several more hours in the evenings sitting and doing school work in a failed attempt to raise test scores.

The study began when huge bills began coming in for the reenforcement of all bleachers in schools across the country.

A unified sigh was heard by the owners of all fast food restaurants when a lot of the blame for the obese trend was removed from their shoulders.

Things Teachers can do:

Stop giving homework!

How many adults would like to work at their job for eight hours and then come home to several hours of the same type of work?

(yes, I am sure most teachers do just that, and I am just as sure that it isn't fair, but

since homework isn't doing what it should, (and I am sure a lot of time is spent

correcting homework papers), why not try something else?

The average family has many things to do after a day at work and school.

Everyone is tired and hungry. They have errands and chores, pets, getting set up for

the next day, they need recreation and time to just plain relax.

They need time to be together and talk about their day without having the

disruptive nightly "homework" controversy.

(I hope you are not upset with me, so you won't read my small contribution of ideas below)

Children will WANT to learn when you pique their interest in hundreds of different subjects.

When they connect, they will go onlne or to the library to delve on their own with the

same excitement as if it were a new Harry Potter book just released!

Put a new quote on board each day. Encourage children to bring quotes they love.

"Count that day lost, whose low descending sun, views from thy hand, no worthy action done."

"A penny saved, is a penny earned"

Bring an item a day to school to pass around. Any kitchen tool, any antique item, any garden tool or garage tool..

Explain how everything works.

How many children have seen a hand crank egg beater?

Cameras are a fun thing. Lots to show with a camera.

Set up a studio and let them take turns doing portraits.

Invite Firemen, Police, Karate experts, Gun safety experts, Lawyers, Naturalists, Veterinarians, Pilots, Constructiion Workers, any occupations that you can get representatives to come and speak to the children about careers, or interesting things.

You should tell them about the teaching profession and encourage them to become teachers.

Each day children should be asked what they are feeling or thinking about on any subject. They should also be asked if they have anything interesting to share with the class.

Anything to make sure children aren't introverted, afraid to speak out, and become filled with inner resentment that leads to explosive behavior later in puberty, teen years or adulthood.

When you introduce a new required reading to the class, be excited about it, give a brief synopsis and reasons they should learn what is inside of it and how it will help them. Teachers should email interesting web sites to their students that are not required but a shared option. Children should be encouraged to email their teachers with any problems they don't have the courage or time to share in class.

Math problems should be written using examples they can use in their everyday life.

Early math should be made exciting for young children, by using names of modern cartoon characters to give them mind pictures

that are entertaining as they learn.

If you know of a TV presentation that is a wonderful program they would benefit from watching, that would be what I consider a great assignment. They could write or tell what they found most interesting the next school day after the program.

I have seen so many great programs on PBS.

Children love learning about animals.

This is a good way to teach them how to learn about family behavior in the animal kingdom.

Children should be taught how to register to vote and how important voting is to their future.

Perhaps credits could be earned to spend at a yearly event

with donations from merchants and supportive community donors.

This could represent the good feeling of getting paid for effort accomplished.


Things Children need to know.

It is up to the parents and teachers to decide on what age they should learn the following.

Tips on keeping their room clean. (always put things back where you found them)

Proper way to cut finger and toe nails.

How to write a check.

How to balance a checking account statement.

View a picture of a healthy lung and a lung of a smoker.


The cost of supporting a child from birth through college.

How to use a garlic press.

How much time you should spend in the sun per day.

Why exercise is important.

Why hand washing is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy.

Why your car insurance will increase in huge amounts if you

speed or break driving rules.

Begin learning road signs as a game at an early age.

You should unplug a toaster when not in use to prevent a possible fire.

Never touch an electric appliance and a sink or faucet at the same time.

Never have electronic items near bath tub.

Drill a small hole before you hammer a nail or screw a screw into wood.

Always check your gas oven to make sure it lit from the pilot before you walk away.

Always look back before you leave restaurants or autos to make sure you didn't leave your cell phone, etc; Make it a habit.

Always keep Mayo, baby food jars, etc; in refrigerator after opening.

Wash and dry shovel and all garden tools after using.

(They will stay sharp and be ready for the next time you need them)

Wipe scissors after each use in the kitchen.

Keep bird seed for feeder in a tightly covered container in garage or the seed will attract rodents.

Everything you see in a mirror is reversed.

Tipping your keyboard upside down once a month ,will usually keep keys from sticking.

Clean filter and empty container often in vacuum cleaner to preserve life of machine.

Tomatoes will ripen inside the home, if left in a sunny area.

Avoid doing things that will make you feel bad about yourself.

Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Never purchase things just to impress others.

Always play fair and you will sleep well at night.

Back up your computer files often.

Drink more water than any other beverage.

Never tail gate, rear end collisions are usually blamed on the driver in back.

Most of the vitamins in fruits and vegetables are in the skin of same.

Fact: Ants never sleep!

Most children know a lot of misinformation about sex before they aare nine.

The school must have early programs to make sure they learn the truth.

Babies shouldn't be rearing babies and neither should the baby's Grandmother.

Educate all children and provide them with what they need to protect themselves.

Make sure you are rested and calm before hanging curtains, drapes, shades or any window treatments.

Keep gutters on home free of leaves and debris.

Change oil and filters in automobiles every two thousand miles if you want your car to perform at its top efficiency and last a long time.

Learn all you can about saving our planet and do your part. Every tiny bit helps. Recycle.

I am placing this at the bottom of this list, in the hope that it will stay with you. 99% of your friends, relatives and co-workers will not tell you. Many people just hate the smell of strong

fragrances. (both male and females abuse fragrance) One drop on each wrist is more than enough. As you move your hands, the fragrance will surround you.

When you over do it, people who like you and love you, will just mysteriously move

away from you at home, work, school, etc; and you will never have a clue as to why.

I am your friend. I am telling you now!

Clean is the best smell there is.

Skunks spray for protection only.

Go easy!

Attention Students

The above list is just some of my ideas.

Ask adults that you know and trust to name

ten things they feel are important to know

about life and work, to help you with your future.

The best personal advice I would like to give to you follows:

Know that you are one of a kind, special in every way.

You have gifts to contribute to the world.

Find and enjoy your happiness from the ELIXIR of LIFE.

Never become dependent on drugs, alcohol, or anthing that can take away

the joy you deserve to have during your stay on this planet.


Know you are loved and love thyself.



Hugs from me....Kesti

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