God has called this Angel home

Our tears of sadness fall

Her life so short..was meant to be

She truly touched us all.

She faced each day

And fought the fight

She smiled and made us see

That faith and love

Can give you strength

Through all adversity..

It is so hard

accepting this...God's Plan

For mortals ...stay

But I think baby Taylor knew

and showed us all the way.

For none shall know

What day will bring

Or Night.. what soon will fall

Prepare each day as if you know

You soon may hear God's call...

Filled with pain and grief...I will

Release her tiny hand...

With thanks to God

For her brief stay..

And try to understand....

by Kesti



Goodbye Angel Baby.

You are loved.











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UPDATED On March 24, 2007



I have had over ONE MILLION visitors to this, My AOL Site in the last nine years.

The counter kept reverting back to zero, but I kept my own records each week.

I have now attached my two sites together under one counter starting at 2000.

This is March 15, 2007.

I hope I will not have any more trouble with counters. Sincerely, Kesti








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